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    3 years, 440 cycles & 50% (fair) health

    Rechargeable batteries don't last forever but you should get good usage for approximately 3 years. My 15" Pro (circa early 2008) has been used almost every day since I got it, both on and off charge and has given me many hours on battery up until the past few months so I think I have finally exhausted it. For the first couple of years the battery would last 3-5 hours depending upon use, now I'm lucky to get over an hour out of a single charge. So I need to replace the battery but I'm reluctant to pay £100 - does it really need to cost this much ?

    iStatPro is a pretty widget for measuring battery health.

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    577 cycles and 41% health

    Getting prepared to replace..but i think lifespan has alot to do with Charging (i charge fully then allow to drain then repeat) also keeping temperature down (have used a fan since new)

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    Terrible Battery

    Like all other comments, I should also say that the battery for this machine is aweful. I have my second battery totally dead and don't really know whether I have waste money on buying yet another battery which is likely to die in a few months.

    Has apple considered to improve this product?

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    102 Cycles

    Hi, that's my second battery and It's getting worst.. it's 40 % of battery health left after 102 cycles.

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    Not the best battery

    I got my Macbook Pro 15" 2,33 GHz in late 2006 and since then had to replace my battery after two years and now it seems the second battery has given up too. I had expected a higher level of performance.

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    Rubbish battery

    I got my 15" MacBook Pro in 2007. Since then I had to replace the battery THREE times. After only 50 cycles the life time of the battery reduced dramatically. At some point there was not even any warning before the system shut down.
    Now I have to go to Apple store again and change the battery for the FORTH time as I have same problem with it. I don't know if this is a problem with the battery or with the hardware in the MacBook Pro.


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    1093 cycles!

    hello everyone,
    I dont understand why most of you had such a bad experience with the battery, mine has just dies after 1093 cycles. I think its served me well, don't you?
    I am very happy with the apple battery, i think if you charge it the way its meant to be charged and take care of it, it will last a long time.

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    Disappointing and Expensive

    Brought my laptop 4 and half years ago, now on my third battery. First battery lasted 3 years, the second lasted under 18 months! Apple should really get this sorted

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    This battery is Rubbish!

    I bought my Macbook Pro in 2008, my first battery was broken down in 2009 and the second one can not work now! What a rubbish!!!

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    After 84 cycles it is pretty much dead. Personally I think it is unacceptable that Apple sell such a product and should discontinue it until they can fix it.

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    Disappointing and Expensive

    Bought my laptop 13 months ago, cost me in excess of £1000... Battery was good initially however quickly deteriorated and now needs to be replaced.

    Cannot believe i need to now spend £99 for a new one!

    Very disappointed and think apple should improve this.

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    battery dead after less than a year!

    My MacBook Pro 15 inch battery started to underperform after about 9 months of use. I struggled on, plugging it in while at my desk, because I figured getting a replacement would involve sending it away for few days and I couldn't afford to be without it.

    I finally threw in the towel this week when an overnight charge was providing less than 40 minutes of charge. Turns out (as you've no doubt read in other reviews) that my 3 year Apple Care Protection Plan doesn't cover batteries and even though the problem began before the product was less than a year old Apple won't help because I waited until it was thirteen months old to report the problem.

    So, be cautious about buying this rechargeable battery because if it's the same as the one that comes supplied in the MacBook Pro it certainly isn't worth purchasing.

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    Worst battery life of any laptop I've ever had!

    I've had my Alienware Laptop since 2006 - battery still works.
    I've had my Sony Vaio since 2000! - battery still works.

    Got my MacBook Pro in 2008 - battery stopped charging within a 15 months!

    £100 to replace a battery! I know Apple makes disposable consumer goods, but this is ridiculous!

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    Worst Battery Support

    I bought my MB Pro (15") in June 2007. It failed it's battery in 2008. Luckily back then I had my Apple Care and they replaced the battery.
    Today Sept 27th 2010, the replaced battery has failed again. I'm a not a no-wise user and I do my battery calibration on a regular basis, still these batteries manufactured and supplied by apple are poor poor quality.
    They give you 1 year warantty and but in my experience it fails close to 2 years. Call Apple Care support (UK) and they categorically dismissed my requests stating that your protection ran out and we only warranty for 1 year on battery, so sorry mate, go figure out for yourself, how good our battery support are. My Dell Laptop bought in 2003 is still running wonderfully good on its battery.

    I would not have given a single star, but I cannot submit without giving a rating, see how nicely they have designed this feedback system as well.

    I'm not sure whether my comments will be published...for others to read and benefit.
    Apple do something about us poor users who are coaxed by your beautiful product and end up shelling so many pounds and then you show us the door when we request for free replacements for your poor components.
    In my case I also had issues with Logic Cards in my MBP. :(

    At least in 2008, the cost of the battery was: £70, now it is £99 in the store.

    Thanks Apple, for taking our money and becoming rich, looks like I'm banging my head against the wall.

    What an ethical company you are?

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    Up your game Apple!

    Terrible product - less than 30 cycles and required 'Attention' less than 50 cycles and now not charging at all.. MBP always on charge but now tied to a cable - not the quality of product and service I've come to expect from Apple!

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    Poor Quality

    My Macbook Pro Battery lasted less than 5 months and no £100 for a new one. Come on Apple.

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    Not bad over 4 years

    By battery just died after 4 years of use, ok it was a slow painful death. New batteries are expensive though, g' dam it!

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    Let down

    Like some many others my MacBook Pro will no longer work unless I run it off the mains. Whatismore the battery has warped so unless I remove the battery completely my laptop wobbles. Come on Apple, sort it out! The whole idea of a laptop is it's portable. How can it be with a mains cable attached!!

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    Battery Life Misery, after 'only' 2+1/2 years

    My mbp 15inch is about 2 1/2 years old now, the battery is dying out and lasts for very limited time without AC... But this time is actually far better than the Sony Vaio i had previously, which lasted less than 1 year... (i guess it is advances in battery design, much like processing power or whatever).

    As with all the rechargeable batteries on the market, they do lose the ability to work after a while, the battery itself is pretty good, seems to work well up until now. And unfortunately i have to buy another one... I cant rate it as 1 star because of the expected loss of power after a certain number of power cycles...

    I like the little power display light on it too, very useful.

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    Battery, or lack of

    it is so sad to see, that like so many others, i have the same battery problem.
    now my mac book pro will not work unless it is constantly plugged into the mains and it still turns off / shuts down without any warning. my mac book pro is 3 years old.

    to make matters worse, my partner brought a new mac book pro one year ago and he is already having the same problem.

    the price o £100 for a new battery, which essentially, is rubbish is just insulting.

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