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    3 years ownership, 2 batteries. My first and last Apple laptop.

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    Macbook Pro Battery

    OK its 2 years since I got my 15" MBP, and my battery has now started to reduce in life from the initial 4 hrs to 2 hrs after charge, dropping down to 1hr half on use.
    Not bad when all considered but a replacement price of £100 is always a bit stiff.

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    Death of a Battery!

    I am disgusted like others that apple can charge so much for their laptops and then put a battery in which has such a poor lifetime. If that is not bad enough they rub salt into the wounds and charge £100 for a replacement (which presumably will only last at most 2 years) so in effect they are charging £2000 with £50 per year running costs....well Apple, as much as I love your products I can not keep that up so another customer for Windows I'm afraid.

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    Poor battery life

    I have had my MacBookPro since January 2008 and the battery is shot, despite careful use. I now have to use my MacBookPro plugged in to a power socket, but having read the reviews of the rechargeable battery, I have decided not to buy one. Instead I will pretend my laptop is a desktop!! Apple need to do something about the battery life of their products.

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    The only downside I've found to my MBP

    After paying £1600 for a MBP it is unacceptable for the battery to need replacing after just 2 years of careful use - and the charge of £99 is ridiculous, giving a battery running cost of £45 per year!

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    Exceptionally poor replacement battery

    The original battery has lasted since Nov'07 in my MacBook Pro 15" Santa Rosa, starting at 4.5 hours and sauntering down to 1:30 hours in Jun'09. Not bad, given it had done over 360 cycles.

    I bought one of these replacements in Jun'09. Initially it gave 4.5 hours. However within six months (less than 100 cycles) OSX was declaring that the battery condition was 'service battery' rather than 'poor'. This leads me to believe the battery has failed due to a fault rather than due to age.
    Now if only I could find the receipt.

    This is an exceptionally poor quality product - however I can only assume that Apple would prefer you to move to a new MacBook Pro instead.

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    Happy with Macbook Pro's battery life.

    I brought my macbook pro back in July 2007 and have been happy with the life that I have gotten out of it.

    I am only now getting a message that the battery needs replacing after just under three years. I think that is pretty good going, if you were to compared it to any normal PC laptop.

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    Add my voice to the list!

    Have to agree with the many hundreds of other people who have been disappointed with the battery life of their Macbook pro's and this battery in particular. I too Have a 2 yr old MBP that Snow leopard is telling me I have a battery that needs "replacing soon"! A mere 2200Mah remaining, after 550 charging cycles is a woeful lifespan. £90 is a very hefty price to pay for a such a shoddy part of the Apple ownership experience.

    Lets not forget, this is a £1,500 laptop that we bought. Not some entry level Notebook. Its a shame they can't retro fit the new battery technology they've developed into the older batteries. £45 per annum running costs for the battery is exorbitant.

    Failing that a discounted exchange process would be welcome.

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    Poor Poor life

    my early 2008 15"Macbook pros battery was happily running along at around 4hrs use, then i installed snow leopard, and my battery health went from 90+% to dead in a week.
    Took the MBP into the apple store and got a new battery out of them, which is losing 1% health per cycle at the moment., so, looks like another dud. Quality control seems to be non-existant at apple, if its a product without a touch screen.

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    Great Product

    Despite other customers negative reviews, I can honestly say I am very pleased with mine. Bought one a couple of weeks back as my original battery wasn't lasting very long after 3 years of heavy use. I can well recommend it.

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    Not bad, not great

    559 cycles in a year and a half, currently has a fully charged capacity of 2236mAh and Snow Leopard is finally telling me to 'Replace Now'...

    I don't want to 'Replace Now' because I don't have £90!

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    NOT WORTH A PENNY! extremely poor life

    i've had 3 batteries from apple. Only 1 has actually worked properly, and still the one that works is quickly decaying.
    Don't bother buying these batteries

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    Apple should have addressed this problem of batteries years ago

    It seems to me that Apple should have addressed this problem of batteries years ago. I bought my macbook pro in 2007 and the battery just swelled up and died a couple of months ago after about 500 cycles. These are supposedly professional machines, needless to say this could have been highly embarrassing in front of a client and potentially dangerous!
    I think Apple relies on the misplaced loyalty of mac owners (I've thrown away 3 so far, a quadra 800, imac and an emac) but have to admit the macbook pro has been brilliant apart from a minor fan problem. The battery problem however is a lot more serious and like so many others I'm very worried about buying a replacement - Apple may react to a law suit If someone is badly injured but I doubt anyone from Apple will even read these comments.

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    Worst quality product and still overpriced.

    I've bought my 3rd battery for 2008 MacBook Pro. First one has been replaced under warranty after dying when approaching only about 130 cycles. Second one died after a month (warranty didn't last). I had to buy 3rd one for £99. It's only 63 loadcycles now and it's health went down from 5600 to 4346 mAh (so it's 77%).

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    My battery has been excellent...

    23 months old - still got 82% of capacity. I write this with 55% remaining and 1hour 33 mins of power left at current usage level (using wireless). Figures speak for itself. Of course, now I've written this, I expect the battery will probably fail within the next few days...

    However, most of that 23 months has been connected to AC....only got through 66 load cycles.

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    Overpriced, shoddily made rubbish.

    Apple should be ashamed of themselves for not only selling this piece of garbage but also for doubling the price.

    I'm in need of my third battery for my MacBook Pro in as many years now and the first replacement cost me £50. Now it's £99? You should be cutting the price and saying sorry if anything.

    Overpriced, shoddily made rubbish. As soon as I can find a complaints phone number on this self appreciating website of theirs I plan to have a right go at them.

    One star only because I couldn't give 0.

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    Took receipt of a new battery to replace a previously failed one little over a year ago. Worked fine (2+ hours on a charge) until just before Christmas when it announced it needed servicing and now the machine shuts down after 10 minutes of use with no warning. Will be trying 3rd party alternatives, as these seem to have a major design flaw. Very disappointed.

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    Poor Quality

    I have just replaced my Mac Book Pro Battery last week, for it's first two charges I had about 4 hours life, now after 5 charges it's down to 1:39 min's since I have started to write this it has drained down to 1:20 min's that's 19 mins in less than 2!! Whats worse is I have the display down to the lowest setting and energy saver to 10 mins just to help save what power it does hold.
    This battery is going back to the store for a full refund and no i am not replacing it until Apple address the issue.
    For £99.90 I expect a fully working battery that just works, now back to my old battery which is only able to charge for 1 hour and that's 2 years old.

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    These batteries had alot of issues. I got a free replacement first time around after purchasing my machine in 2006. I then got a replacement last year as my battery started to wear out after 200 cycles which is not bad. However the replacement wore out after only 59 cycles and 6 months which was disappointing. (It lasted only 1 hour or so of use) however Apple have just replaced it without any questions which is very good. It has been a pity that they have had these issues. The blame needs to be shared with Sony who manufactured the batteries. THe early Macbook pros were harder on batteries than the previous power books and subsequent machines. But it is not as if other companies hadn't issues.... Might be time to discount these a bit.

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    very good maybe

    this was very good and then not wy doesnt the barrery work full time i wud expect more i spends lot of money doing apple product for all this!!!!

    maybe steve jobs should use this battery and see what he feels!!!

    want new one byt ont all this money fo ritsa!

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