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    Very Disappointing

    • Written by from Newbury

    For a product that is otherwise fantastic, its hard to understand why they would continue with this (obvious) battery issue. The very least expected would be a replacement for free. My laptop has now become a desktop, as I can't leave the power source. I refuse to keep buying very expensive batteries that are obviously faulty.
    I will not be buying another MacBook until this problem is sorted out.
    I usually wax lyrical about anything Mac - but this is just ridiculous!

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    Poor battery life

    • Written by

    I bought my Mac Book Pro in September 2007 and I'm very pleased with it appart from the battery. I am not able to use it for any period of more that an hour wqith any confidence as the battery suddenly looses its charge. I can only use it reliably when it's connected to a mains power source. So much for it allowing me ot use it as a laptop!

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    • Written by from Reading

    My battery is showing 98 cycles and it's completely dead. This is very poor.

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    If I could give 0, I would

    • Written by from London

    Two batteries, both only lasted one year.


    Apple – you are losing it!! I've been a fan for well over a decade. I'm losing faith. Rapidly.

    My £1300 laptop has had a failed top clam, failed cables inside, failed logic board, two failed batteries, failed hard drive, and a failed cooling fan.

    Our £300 PC has been far, far, far more reliable.

    Sort it out. Stop chasing profit and share price – and deliver what you used to.

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    worst battery ever

    • Written by from London

    Now need to replace my battery for the second time. Conveniently it fails just after the one year warranty runs out....

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    Something not right

    • Written by from Croydon

    The second battery I bought now holds about half an hour of power. I bought it 18 months ago. The first one lasted just two years. I am now probably going to have to get another one, begrudgingly.

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    MacBook pro Batteries

    • Written by from Chepstow

    Bought my laptop August 2008 battery dies end October 2009 ...... Apple wake up ! just look at the dates on these reviews, when are you going to listen, Steve Jobs devote 15 mins of your next management meeting to sorting this out.

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    BATTERY FOR MacBook Pro

    • Written by from bangor

    After 3 yrs the battery is showing -charge - this occurred in the Apple showroom and the Apple assistant asked me what the problem was when the computer suddenly died.
    He connected the mains adapter and said ahh thats better i then purchased Snow Leopard Pack and a LaCie 500 Rugged got home installed the pack and guess what
    battery fails. aah thats life.Back to store again for a new battery as well life is very expensive.

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    • Written by from Gol

    MBP 1.1 juni 2006, Now the battery is 1167 cycles, and app. 49 % health, holds 1.5 hours, but scared to buy a new...

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    Good Book - Bad Battery

    • Written by from ESPOO

    15% health after just 40+ cycles. I think that summarizes it quite well. I don't know what is the limit to get these under warranty? Luckily my company pays for new batteries but it's still a disgrace to ruin such a good computer with this kind of battery. I wish things have gotten better with the latest unibody model, which is still strange to me why the battery isn't easily interchangeable?

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    Dreadful battery!

    • Written by from Westcliff-on-sea

    I'm on my second MacBook Pro but on my fourth or fifth battery :-( The battery life is dreadful! I'm now having to use my MacBook Pro on AC power all the time because otherwise it shuts off without warning within a few minutes. I lost some valuable work when it first did that. £100 for another battery. This is ridiculous, Apple! Your computers are great but my husband has a PC that is quite a few years old and has never had to change the battery. Is this a deliberate ploy by Apple to make more money??

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    extremely dissapointing

    • Written by from London

    I was so thrilled to be the owner of a spanking new macbook pro 15' back at the end of 2007. Im a great believer of "you get what you pay for" - well I have been proved wrong. Having spent 1600 pounds back then I would expect the battery to last longer than under two years. My battery lost all charge and all shape and no longer fits in the hole for the battery. To me that is faulty - to apple an excuse to make yet more money (like applecare - to me that is our product is rubbish you will need to pay for an extended warranty!) and by the looks of things i'm not the only one in this situation - am being left very very dissapointed and feeling perhaps I should have gone for a PC after all!

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    Doesn't last the distance

    • Written by from Dublin 7

    I bought my Mac Book Pro in Aug 06. Unfortunately it arrived with a faulty battery and CD drive which both failed after 4 months or so.

    I got a replacement battery but this is also failing now, so not sure sure if 3 years is a good time for laptop battery. I dont use it that much. Also the charger lead burns out after 3 years.

    Cost to replace: battery €139 and lead €89. Not great

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    Horrible battery

    • Written by from helsinki

    Runs out extremely quickly and heats up. Will buy an alternative next time.

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    Do NOT Buy...Seek Advice From Professional For ALTERNATIVE Solution

    • Written by from London

    This battery is an absolute DISGRACE. Whilst I understand that a battery is extremely important for the use of your MacBook Pro do EVERYTHING you can to AVOID buying this battery.

    I bought mine LESS THAN 1 month ago for £97.00 at the Apple Store in Regents Street. I followed all the instructions and ensured that it had the proper long initial charge, however 3 weeks later I get on average 1 HOUR'S usage before it has to be recharged.
    My iStat widget (whilst I realise it is not completely accurate) states my battery health is at 99% and very healthy.

    I have also become aware of my laptop HEATING up much FASTER and to HIGHER temperatures...DAMAGING my laptop! Maybe the battery lasts such a SHORT amount of time because the fans are trying to cool the TREMENDOUS OVERHEATING it is causing.

    Sorry for all the capital letters, but I am sure by using this product I am now ENDANGERING my MacBook Pro's LIFE.


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    Battery Life

    • Written by from COBHAM

    I am about to buy the second replacement battery for my 15" Macbook Pro, it's 4 years old now, had a new battery at 2 years and could do with another now. I think 2 years isn't bad, since I guess like many people, I don't always 'treat it right', with full discharge and recharge cycles (189 count to date by the way). Acceptable price to pay for not having to work on a PC...

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    Be realistic

    • Written by from Bedlington

    I've had my MacBook Pro for two and a half years now and I'm about to buy a replacement battery - the battery only lasts for 20-30 minutes (Cycle count: 372) - though I could perhaps stretch to three years.

    Am I impressed with my Apple battery? Well, yes I am.

    My previous laptop was a 15" Fujitsu. After a little over a year the battery failed. And I mean failed - life of a few milliseconds, knock the power cord and WHAM! instantaneous laptop death. And the battery life was less than a couple of hours even when brand new. And it wasn't covered by the three year warranty (nor was the mains adapter which failed around the same time). Only consolation is a new one is around £75 not £100.

    So, am I impressed with my Apple battery? Yes indeed I am.

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    Full battery status, 39 min left.

    • Written by from Vanløse

    Allright, I'm so glad others have the same problem as me.
    As I upgraded my MBP 15" to SL and my battery status is all wrong. It takes four hours to full recharge the battery and just 45 min. to drain again.

    Worst experience ever

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    Good battery until Snow Leopard

    • Written by from London

    My MBP is 20 months old and the battery was performing well with hours of charge when full. However, the installation of Snow Leopard has changed all of that. The battery is lucky to hold more than an hour and a half according to the meter but the computer will suddenly stop working. And I'm not alone, the Apple forum is rife with complaints. And it isn't clear whether the battery is actually faulty or whether the data from the battery is being interpreted properly especially as one minute it can be saying 4 hours charge is available, next showing minutes and this on a battery with only 102 cycle counts.

    So, to those who are suddenly complaining of bad batteries, have you recently installed Snow Leopard?

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    good product

    • Written by

    had my 15" mbp over 3 yrs now and love it.
    previously had a toshiba laptop and its battery died after only 11 months.
    my mac's battery still gives over 1 hour of use after *1320* cycles!
    sadly cant afford a new one, but credit where its due, this is a good product.

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