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    Mis"LED"ing Battery.

    After owning the 15 inch Macbook Pro since January 2007 I have enjoyed faultless computing. That is until I wish to utilize the Mac as a portable device, which is when it all starts to go pear shaped.

    Up to a few months ago the battery was fine until the infamous sudden shutdown started to occur. Initially I looked at the cluster of LED's on the bottom Indicating 4/5th's charged. Thinking it was an overheat I installed a fan controller. But again the shutdowns happened and more frequent. After doing some 'googling' I found out that the battery was the issue, and no matter what the percentage or the LED's show, I am just carrying 5 minutes of dead weight around with me.

    It seems that the science behind the batteries on these devices has yet to be perfected. I suppose it is back to the Dell laptop from 2000 with an outstanding 2 Hours battery life until I get my replacement. In which time I hope that the situation gets improved.

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    Really bad component of an otherwise lovely computer

    I own my MBP since November 2007 and I've been enjoying almost every moment with it since then. But the battery quality is really disappointing and it affects the overall experience in a very negative way.
    After less than two year of use and around 70 cycles (with careful real-world use and calibration every couple of months) the capacity has dropped below 50%, the percentage meter behaves erratically (indicated charge level drops down in quick and unpredictable steps without any change to the computer usage parameters) and, most important, the computer can shut down unexpectedly, without any warning and with battery charge above 20%.
    The battery is a vital component of any portable device. I'm using my computer professionally, often in environments where electricity is not available. I can't accept this kind of performance from a computer at this price (and quality) level.
    I want to buy a new battery, which is not cheap in any case, and I keep reading reviews mentioning that new batteries also show the same behaviour after a little while.
    Apple, why you ruin your customer experience and trust with such a poor product?

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    Appallingly short battery life

    After moderate use for 1.5 years this battery has all but died which is very poor for a £1500 laptop, and now I have to shell out 97 pounds for a new one.

    Poor show Apple

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    30 cycles and useless.

    I hardly used the notebook on battery power for the first year. Now I need to use it in meetings. The battery is about 1.5 years old. It lasts for less than 10 minutes, then the cumputer just shuts down losing all my work (and meeting notes). This is the worst performing laptop and battery I have ever owned. Only 30 cycles. My 4 year old dell still lasts nearly 2 hours on the orignal battery, with similar use.

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    Poor life expectancy

    My 15' Macbook Pro came with two of these batteries.

    After approx 6 months use, one died completely at around 60 cycles, while the second is down to less than 30 mins charge after 100 cycles.

    Not good value. In contrast my first G4 battery was still serviceable after 3 years with a similar usage pattern.

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    Rechargeable Battery - 15-inch MacBook Pro

    I have an early 2008 15 macbook pro,works fine BUT last 2 weeks the battery shuts down mac with 30 mins charge still left! without warning! yes its out of warranty but states cycle count:83 and condition: check battery. On full charge battery lasts 2hours approx,airport on,using web browser only.


    Apple, we love you, BUT dont treat us like PC users PLEASE!

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    Useless MacBook Pro Battery!

    My battery has started to shut down without any warning. I just looked up a split second before it shut down and it was showing 82% charge.

    What's that all about Apple?

    Sort out these faulty batteries please, as it seems this is not a one off case!

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    Half a star?

    Had mine replaced because it grew in the maschine! Now the new one is dead, no more wireless presentations, no working casually in the train, no more standby - so disapointed!

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    Battery life

    Just swapped out my battery: 2 years / 60% status / 400 cycles. You can check status on iStat Pro, a free widget. From my experience on Vaio and Dell laptops, this is good steady going. Battery life is not brilliant, and price of a new one is not brilliant either, but like the Macbook Pro itself, it's good solid performance.

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    Get Real

    I have run a miserable Dell Laptop (work insist on it) in parallel to my MBP. The battery on both laptops get all sorts of abuse, half charge, not properly cycled, left fully charged... etc
    After 2 Years

    The MBP is just about to start playing up.... Perfectly acceptable.

    The Dell is on it's third... so.. Not brilliant... but normal.

    Case closed.... Just think how powerful these are... have a look at the first compaq or Mac... good grief, get real.

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    Biggest waste of £100 ever

    I purchased a new battery just over a year ago after the original one supplied with my Macbook Pro in 2006 failed. This was fair enough, 2 years old and a fair few cycles. The store from which I purchased the new one recommended I didn't leave power plugged in at all times and that I calibrated the battery once a month, which is advice offered by Apple themselves. Having duly followed this advice, last month my Macbook began switching off unexpectedly around 5 minutes after the power adaptor was removed, despite having over 70% charge left (and when checking System Preferences, apparently I had just 19 minutes of power left!!)
    I am appalled at the quality and life span of the new batteries. Not only this, but I've already had to buy a new power adaptor this year. You would think that one of the most important parts of a 'portable laptop to use anywhere' would be to optimise battery life and power. No. Pretty lights and ergonomic design feature higher on the list than happy customers who are now £150 poorer with another £100 about to fall through the Macbook pro shaped hole in my pocket. A 1 star rating is one too many I think.

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    Buy new one soon.

    Although apple hardware is shiny and well designed it lucks quality ingredients beyond the surface. But battery is taking the most honorable place in the cohort of the appalling mac hardware. It has a short lasting live span, high price but lovely green lights.

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    Yet another rubbish battery!

    Something seriously wrong with these. I'm now on my second battery in less than 18 months for my MacBook Pro 2.16Ghz (having had two faulty batteries in my PowerBook previously one of which barbecued my crutch!). What's worse is that it has been going for over 6 months - one minute 99%, next minute 95% then machine crashes if the magsafe charger becomes disconnected.
    Go back to the style and type of battery in the still missed G3 PowerBook pls

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    Repeated failure

    Yes, Apple did replace my MacBook Pro battery free. But unfortunately the new one has failed faster than the original. I now have a battery with only 40% capacity after 43 cycles, which is fast becoming useless.

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    Battery Problems

    I bought my MacBook Pro in October 2008. Since I bought it until early March, it was working fine, with approx. 3 hours of battery time on it, which I was very pleased about. However, since then I have downloaded an update from Apple in order to rectify certain problems that the battery had. I have noticed that sometimes when I plug in the mains adapter, it often says that no charge is taking place, and that when I unplug it in it suddenly drops from 100% to 10%! It once read that I had 10 hours of battery life! Suffice to say that I am very disappointed especially considering that I spent very near to £1,600 on this computer! I will be taking this up with Apple to see what they intend to do about the problem as this surely should not be happening on a computer that is just over 18 months old. Apart from this, I have had no other problems with the MacBook Pro and love using it. However, I bought a laptop specifically to be able to do work in different places and without a battery it's about as useful to me as a car without wheels.

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    Ridiculous lifetime

    After only a bit more than one year of using my MacBook Pro, at about 80 battery cycles and shortly after the 1-year warranty ran out, the battery stopped working correctly.

    Now when it's fully charged it says that I've got about 2 hours worth of power. However, when the battery level is inbetween 40-50% of its charge, the MacBook Pro suddenly switches off and can only be turned on again by plugging in the power cable. All in all, I can use my computer for a maximum of one hour while on battery and the charge level indicator is of no use. My cousin is experiencing exactly the same problem on his MacBook Pro. Both of us always took care of the batteries, in accordance with the tips provided by Apple on the web page.

    Given the high price for this VERY low quality battery, one has to think carefully about whether or not to buy a new one. Be warned.

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    No Warning

    I too bought my Macbook Pro in 2006 and after the first needed replacement for worries of it blowing up, I now have a battery that simply cuts out without warning. I cannot use my Macbook Pro now without the power pack. The battery however still has 3 lights left. I really hope this gets sorted as I want to buy a replacement.

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    Poor quality

    Only after little over 60 cycles battery had only about 65 % of the original healt left. Even worse, at about 80 % of the charge left, the MacBook Pro would just shut down, without any notice before that. I've used Apple portables for over 15 years, and this battery is the worst ever! Totally unacceptable quality!

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    A good battery for the specs.

    These batteries had a few faults early on in the Macbook Pro developmental cycle. Sony created batteries for almost 3/4 of all notebooks on the market and this was the reason so many systems were failing at that time, they all had Sony defective batteries. Now Apple's latest battery for the Macbook Pro is free from the problems of the previous ones and I have had a MBP battery for over 400 cycles which still works well. The battery life is what you'd expect from a system with a desktop CPU and an internal graphics card. Sadly people don't really know what to expect from a system due to their lack of technical knowledge so I thought I would post this review to try to provide an even keeled review rather than simply stating that batteries stink. This current battery is good and I have bought another since to last me through the next few years.

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    Bad battery life

    In the beginning the battery is wonderful. Unfortunately it doesn't take long to reduce the length of charge from 4 hours to a little over 1 hour depending on what you're doing. Unfortunately for me I've had a new battery for every year I've had my macbook pro. Luckily, the first replacement came under warranty from a lovely company just outside of Edinburgh called CMYK Digital Solutions. They were replacing a damaged optical drive for me and decided they'd replace my Top Case (keyboard surround and trackpad), and a new battery. All for free. Awesome. Sadly one year and one month on, I cannot get a replacement battery from my 3 year Apple Care cover because apparently i've recharged the battery too much. I'd like to know who else thinks that charging the battery twice per day is too much? Especially at the deteriorating rate the battery covers as the time goes on. They say they would only cover a 'defective' battery up to 300 charges. My battery at 600 has managed to cut itself dead, holds 0 charge and has riddled me to using the power supply. If at 300 charges it's meant to still hold 80% of the original charge then by 600 it should be at around 40 to 50%. Now I'll have to fork out £97 for a new one. It's not as if I've not had to buy a new charger before either. Their build quality was shocking until my third one. I love my mac and everything about it. But at it's cost maybe I should have bought a desktop machine rather than a laptop. I don't think they are built to take being what is in our case, the main computer in the home. (sad face)

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