• 4.0 out of 5 stars

    As good as any li-on batteries out there

    I have just replaced my three year old MBP battery. After nearly 500 cycles it was down to 50% of its original capacity. Current battery technology is still far from perfect. The batteries that Apple supplies are as good as any on the market. Not cheap but as good as they come.

    You need to be realistic about batteries, they are still considered by the industry to be consumables. Expect to replace it once in a while.

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    Confused between "battery life" and "fault"

    Ok so let me start by saying that in general I absolutely love my Macbook Pro - my first mac after 15 years as a PC user. I bought it in August 2007 and the battery has worked fine up until 1 month ago. It suddenly became unable to hold its charge for longer than about 10 minutes. It did not deteriorate. It did not get dropped or anything. I can understand a rechargeable battery having a shelf life and it slowly starting to become less efficient at holding its charge. But it looks like in my case it has developed a "fault" rather than it just running out of "battery life". Either way I am out of warranty so need to buy a replacement battery. But how long will the new battery last? At £100 I want to make sure it lasts!

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    Great Product

    Lots of dismal reviews but i have my mac book pro and spare battery 13 months now and both batteries give me over 4 hours and 30 minutes plus (depending on what im doing) i wold have no hesitation in recommending this product, its great when traveling to have an extra battery

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    Complete waste of money!

    I should have listened to the reviews posted here. Battery is down to running for an hour at most after a full charge. I find it really disappointing that apple have made no attempt to rectify whaht seems to be their "achilles heel" . The macbook pro is a great laptop but to say it is portable is taking a bit of a liberty. Dont plan on being anymore than an hour away from a power source if your only carrying one battery.

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    Not Great

    Im on my third battery in 18 months!!! after 6 months i can only get 45 mins tops out of the battery. need to use the ac constantly and as a result im on 520 cycles on my current battery!!! i hope the new pro battery is much better! it needs to be

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    Not impressed.

    My battery has way under the number of cycles that Apple specify, and it hasn't been abused. Now it cuts out without warning as soon as I do anything vaguely processor intensive on battery power, even when power is reading about 85%!

    And £100 for a replacement that'll last about as long? I'm not a happy bunny!

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    useless! after 9 cicle the battery does not last 1 h unbelievable!

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    Rip off

    After spending £1400 on a MBP less than 6 months ago, the battery has died and will not charge. What use is a fancy Mac if you need to be chained to a power supply to work. Bad job Steve Jobs, you need to address this issue and not charge another £100 for a replacement battery. What a con.

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    Duff Battery

    I would complain that I've only had my mac book pro for a year before the battery completely died, but it looks like I've been lucky if the other reviews are anything to go by. I'm very surprised by the fact that I spent £1600 on a laptop that ships with such a poor quality vital component. I had my old Toshiba for 4 years without any battery issues; now I suppose I have to shell out to the Mac Monopoly for another (short life) battery. Very poor!!

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    Zero Stars

    I spent over $2,500 on my MacBook Pro right when it came out about three years ago. The battery died after just a few months and the fans started making jet engine noises not much later. I got the battery replaced for free, but the replacement one is also terrible and I am actually about to buy a third one, since either selling this one or being able to use it myself will require a proper battery. 45 minutes fully charged does not do the job! Not to mention that the magsafe power cord gave up as well. 90 Euros for a new one of those! 97 Pounds for a third battery. $100 for new fans...where did those initial $2,500 go, I wonder...

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    Have to agree - this is awful

    I have to agree with the vast majority here - the performance of this battery stinks. I have a 15" MBP that is almost impossible to do anything with if I'm not on an AC socket. Full charge gives me a whopping 7 minutes of use and no warnings of shutdown. The price for a new battery is also WAY TOO HIGH. As a life-long Apple user I am distinctly unimpresed

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    My MacBook Pro was 3 months old when the problem started. The laptop wont work unless connected to a power source! Really bad. I give NO STARS… (shame I have to give at least 1!) the battery fails time after time with no warning.

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    Hopeless Battery

    Whats with this battery Apple.

    My latest replacement has done less than 100 cycles and its totally dead.

    Ive got a white macbook with a battery reading 800 cycles and its just fine.

    I spend less on petrol than on batteries for my mbp and i feel totally ripped off

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    Just unbelievable !!!

    Hey Apple ... whats going on here ?!!! I'm sure you're noticing this huge disappointment from your hard core fans.
    Sort it out and get some quick solution ASAP. Surely you can come up with a battery that lasts longer, come on guys its the 21st century for god sake :) Maybe some external battery that you can carry with you and lasts for 24h, you got to come up with something and it better be quick. All those money spent and this is how you deal with major issues ? And yeah, if nothing else in the meantime you should definitely lower down the price on the one you have on sale now. It's definitely over, over, over priced its actually a rip off. Im off to buy one now cos I have to as im off on a 10h flight and I love to play with my MBP, so next Im off for a battery I want to see a CHANGE. A CHANGE for a better world :).... And whats this all about ? You haven't got a zero star rating for your products ? If you did i would have given you half a zero only for this one. "Well done boys" :)

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Extremely poor battery life!

    I've only had my MBP for 15 months and now it just shuts itself off without warning when running on the battery. To be honest I think it's clear from these reviews and those on the US site that this is a known problem and Apple flatly refuse to do anything about it. Makes me sad that after over 10 years of being a loyal mac user and Apple customer that they can't simply replace a battery that is clearly faulty free of charge. At the very least a replacement should be £40 at the most!

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    Poor Battery Performance

    I am a massive Apple fan, having owned a MBP, imac, iphone and countless ipods.

    However, something has to be done about the poor longevity of the batteries in these products. I am having to replace the battery on my MBP again.

    This is an obvious common problem, please Apple, do something about it.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    We all know how great Apple is. I have many apple products and they are excellent. However it is very frustrating when I have spent a lot of money on a laptop and the battery is only great for about a year then the charge it keeps is very poor.
    What is disgraceful is the price they charge you for a replacement.

    Sort it out Apple - You know your batterys are rubbish for laptops show us some love and lower the battery price.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Really poor performance

    I loved how portable and powerful my MBP was for the first 7-10 months of ownership. After that my battery performance was severely lacking. I did everything I could to condition my battery. Now after 12 months my MBP shuts down without warning and the battery only lasts between 10 and 20 mins on a full charge.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Not so great but cool design

    My MBP a little over 2 years and 125 cycles, last week experienced fluids under my computer, took the battery of just to realize the battery was completely dead. At a price of almost $200 in local currency on a student budget a replacement is something for the christmas list, hope santa pays a visit. I'm not happy. Two stars because it was fun while it lasted, but never had more then 3 hours of fun without ac.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Poor quality

    12 months on and my £1700 MBP lasts 60 minutes on a full charge.

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