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    Good battery

    In response to GB from Bury this is a 5550mAh battery and battery life will be largely dependent on your hardware and how you use it so I can only say how it behaves on my MBP.

    I'm running a 12 months old MBP bought in Nov'07 with a 2.6GHz CPU and I have WI-FI (802.11n) and Bluetooth on all the time. Also I listen to music most of the time I'm using the computer, including when on battery power.

    I get about 2:30 hours of use of this battery in normal/heavy usage and when only browsing the web and doing lighter stuff I can get up to 4 hours. I suppose if I dimmed the screen and disabled some of the radios I would get close to the claimed 5 hours of battery life out of it.

    The original battery on my MBP is now 12 months old, has 70 charge cycles and holds 93% of the maximum capacity. It has oscillated over time hitting a low of 87% of charge held but after a few calibrations it went back to over 90%.

    People that complain that their battery deteriorates too quickly should probably try doing some maintenance on their batteries. Apple's batteries are provided by Sony and they also provide batteries to a large number of laptop manufacturers so there's nothing different between the battery you get for the MBP and the ones you will get for some PC brands and if you don't do maintenance on the PC laptops as well you will find out that their batteries deteriorate as quickly as the ones in the Apple machines.

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    Not great!

    My wife and I both own 15" macbook pros. We've both experienced problems with the battery. Both macbook pros are a little over a year old. Both batteries would indicate being fully charged but when my wife's dropped to 40% charge left, it would just power off. Mine did exactly the same thing at 30%. No warning, no going into power save mode etc, just switches off. My battery has done 119 cycles and apple have stated that they would not expect a reduction in performance until you've hit 300 cycles (charges).
    How lucky, just outside of the 1 year warranty! :(

    On a positive note, apple replaced my wife's battery for free; i was not so lucky though.

    To be fair to apple though, before i got the fault, i could easily get 2 - 3 hours of work done on a battery that was fully charged; sometimes even more depending on how much processing was going on.

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    Does it job!

    After almost 2 years and 530 cycles, my battery is down to 15-20% capacity, I got a good amount of use out of it and it's coming to the end of it's life, as is expected with rechargeable batteries. So am ok with replacing it.

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    has anybody actually reviewed this battery?

    It seems that everyone is just moaning about the original battery they got with their MBP - why is this? This battery isn't that one.

    Just keeping with the theme - my MBP original battery has been flawless. I've used it both as a permanently plugged in desktop, and a regular discharge mobile computer, and even though it's now over 2 years old I still get 2 hours out of it.

    Anyway...I'm thinking about getting a second battery, not only for 'spare' and to give me backup when I'm completely away from a power source all day, but also on the assumption that 2 years newer battery technology will give me more longevity, and was wondering if these had longer life etc...anyone actually bought and reviewed one?

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    Waste of money

    The quality of this battery is so low I can´t believe it. I have had my macbook pro for about 22 months, and I can´t even use it as a portable laptop now. It has to be connected to the power adaptor all the time. I can´t believe it, Apple should take action and do something about these batteries.

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    what a con!

    I have had to replace my battery once already, now just over a year (how convenient) my MBP now shuts down without warning even whilst on mains power.
    The battery indicator has one LED constantly illuminated and doesn't change when the button is depressed. I'm depressed.
    I've reset the battery but it only works for one cycle then resumes to fail.

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    What a rip!

    For a few months now I've been considering leaving the wonderful world of Apple behind and this battery problem is what's pushed me over the edge.

    I bought my MBP is September '07. It has 45 charge cycles and it has just 27% of it's original capacity remaining. In other words, it's lasts about 10 mins before shutting down with no warning.

    Apple don't want to know as it's over a year old so I'm going to have to buy a new one for £99. What a rip off.

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    Can't belive it

    i have had my macbook pro for 2 years i have had to buy 2 power charges and now i have to buy battery i have had a toshiba loptop for 3 years and that is stil running good with no Battery's or charger's

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    Macbook Pro battery

    I'm glad I'm not alone. I too am very disappointed at the longevity of my MBP battery; it's only 18 months old, and has had relatively low use. Now it only has about 15 minutes life in it, and I'm stuck to the mains.

    My wife is not keen on Macs and her Sony Vaio battery is going very well after 15 months.

    Why do some people get their battery replaced for free by Apple and others do not? Apple - I'll have a free one please.

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    I have had so many macs the last few years - 3 powerbooks, 2 macbook pros and a Dual G5, not to mention several incarnations of the ipod, and an iphone. I am a very good customer.

    Apple - what has happened? My laptop has gone through 45 cycles - and literally overnight from updating to 10.5.5, it is down to 20 mins if I'm lucky, with dim screen, no bluetooth, no airport. It also shuts off without warning as everyone else is saying.
    It is simply unforgivable for such a high end, high price product to be this poorly designed.

    I am seriously looking at other options out of principle.

    Apple - replace these defective batteries gratis, or lose a SERIOUS amount of loyal fans. It is a complete disgrace.

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    Battery shuts down computer

    Had my laptop 14 months and it has now started doing what many others have already experienced - it shuts down after about 10-20 mins use. No low battery warning etc. All other fixes have been tried.

    So I need to buy a new one... cheers.

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    Appalling Performance

    I, like many others on this review page, am an apple fan but I am hugely disappointed with the lack of performance, or longevity, of the battery on this laptop. For the price paid, I expected a MUCH higher quality of product and do not find it acceptable that I now have to buy a new battery as have had to work off mains power alone for the last 2 months. Surely it is more important to get the fundamentals right!! Fix the problem or lower the price because, in its current iteration, this product is definitely NOT worth the price you ask of your loyal customers.

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    14 months in - battery down to 25% Capacity - hardly getting 20 minutes a charge

    Apple should review - updates to disconnect battery on full charge (the apparent reason i was told for its loss) -

    Batteries should be good and expensive - or poor and cheap - apple seem to have the 2 worst points of each and combined them - is a shame

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    rubbish batterys

    I just wanted to add to everybody else's reviews of this particular battery that it is as rubbish as we are all saying! I've had my pro book since may 07, i have now tuck my laptop out 3 time in 1.5 years the last time i tuck it out was so me nan could see my pic got there got it out start it up came on then went off dead so now have to get a new battery witch are not cheap as you will no.

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    Please Apple do something!!

    Macbook Pro battery is really a disaster. I bought my MacBook Pro in In April 2006 and am now on my third battery which yet again has to be replaced.
    Apple please try and solve this problem. This is unacceptable!!!

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    Is anyone in Apple actually listening?

    I'm a big fan of Apple products (I own a MBPro, an iMac, my family are all iPod users and I even have the iPhone), but I have to admit, when it comes to batteries, Apple seriously need to get their act together. I'm looking at replacing my MBPro battery, which will make it my THIRD in 17 months!!! Fair play to those who have posted positive responses, but the bottom line is Apple DO have a problem with their batteries. They wouldn't build a Ferrari and then put a lawn mower engine in it. Come on Apple, get a grip!

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    i brought my Mac Pro i 2006 now after 2 year my battery is gone dead now i have to paid £100 for anew battery i think Apple could do something about these it cost a lot of money for a new battery which i am not too happy about so i think Apple should looking into it sort it out Apple i have reader a lot review here most of it are not too good.

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    design fault?

    I got my Macbook Pro about 1.5 years ago and just past the 12 month mark the first battery started failing and cut off even when displaying 90%+
    I contacted Apple and they did agree to exchange the battery in good faith however the replacement now has the same symptoms, clearly this must be a design flaw (perhaps unless it's a fault with the original AC adapter). Now well past warranty £100 is pretty steep for a replacement knowing that it will probably fail within a year!?

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    battery on way out

    macbook pro battery. 21 months old and now will only hold enough charge for 1hr 4 mins. Apple have advised me that this is standard for a battery of this age with 548 charge cycles.

    To be honest I am pretty disappointed especially as my Macbook Pro has not been the most reliable of machines and only 2 months ago my power adaptor actually started smoking and burning at the connection.

    However, I love Apple products but this has seriously dented my patriotism to this make.

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    Battery performs within expectations!

    Guys, I've read some of these reviews. My Mac Book pro battery has given me over two years of constant use. However to maximise life I have daily allowed my battery to run completely flat. It is only in the last two weeks that it has started to fail.
    Most Li-ion batteries are designed for 200 charges! this isn't apple's fault, it is a technical limitation of the battery.... you weren't complaining when it was giving you five hours of life!
    I agree £99 is a lot of money, but for another two years of use it's actually quite reasonable.....

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