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    Doesn't seem to last long

    The first battery I got with my MacBook Pro lasted a good few years, being replaced under the excellent 3 year guarantee. Since then, every official Apple replacement battery I've bought has failed literally just outside of warranty without warning - from charging to 'Condition: Replace Now' as if by magic. Very frustrating.

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    Battery warped

    My battery worked well until the batteries expanded and popped out of the sealing it swelled so much the click stopped working i am now just using it when attached to the mains and need a good replacement

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    2 replacements over 5 years

    Given the amount of money I spent on my 15" macbook pro in 2007, I did not expect to go through batteries as quickly as this. 2 batteries in 5 years (and a replacement hard drive) is not terrible in the grand scheme of things - I know that others have much worse stories than mine - but it's not acceptable either given the price tag of the macbook and the replacement batteries. This is the flip side to the Apple quality we all come to expect. I am seeking a replacement battery elsewhere, which offers a 3 year guarantee. Better than Apple.

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    Poor Life

    When they work these batteries are fine but the second one in my MacBook Pro has now failed totally. Very unimpressive.

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    Could be better

    I have had this Macbook Pro 15 shortly after Apple first bought it out.

    First battery warped due to known defect so replaced by Apple.

    Second battery just died within a year and was discovered to have an internal fault also so was also replaced.

    Third battery has had 325 cycles and currently at 65% capacity but only lasting around 1hr depending on usage.

    Have been told to take battery out when connected for an extended period to extend its life. This opens the internals up to dust etc. I doubt Apple advise this with the current crop of laptops that have an internal battery.

    Is it possible to design a laptop so that once a battery is charged, the external power supply can be routed around the battery, but if disconnected the battery will automatically reconnect?

    I would have to assume that Apple have looked into this issue but have been unable to find a solution. Or as a conspiracy theorist might think, they left the problem as it is, so that customers have to spend more money.

    Kind of like the iPhone 4 aerial problem, bumpers were needed to be bought to solve the interference problems (bad press coverage changed this). Also people operating on Tiger needed to outlay more money to upgrade to Snow Leopard to configure their iPhone 4.

    I am very happy with Apple Customer service in store and the products in general. Just don't like being forced to spend more money on a product that should have been tested and problems solved before being launched.

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    Not the best battery

    I got my Macbook Pro 15" 2,33 GHz in late 2006 and since then had to replace my battery after two years and now it seems the second battery has given up too. I had expected a higher level of performance.

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    Poor Quality

    My Macbook Pro Battery lasted less than 5 months and no £100 for a new one. Come on Apple.

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    These batteries had alot of issues. I got a free replacement first time around after purchasing my machine in 2006. I then got a replacement last year as my battery started to wear out after 200 cycles which is not bad. However the replacement wore out after only 59 cycles and 6 months which was disappointing. (It lasted only 1 hour or so of use) however Apple have just replaced it without any questions which is very good. It has been a pity that they have had these issues. The blame needs to be shared with Sony who manufactured the batteries. THe early Macbook pros were harder on batteries than the previous power books and subsequent machines. But it is not as if other companies hadn't issues.... Might be time to discount these a bit.

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    very good maybe

    this was very good and then not wy doesnt the barrery work full time i wud expect more i spends lot of money doing apple product for all this!!!!

    maybe steve jobs should use this battery and see what he feels!!!

    want new one byt ont all this money fo ritsa!

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    Something not right

    The second battery I bought now holds about half an hour of power. I bought it 18 months ago. The first one lasted just two years. I am now probably going to have to get another one, begrudgingly.

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    Good battery until Snow Leopard

    My MBP is 20 months old and the battery was performing well with hours of charge when full. However, the installation of Snow Leopard has changed all of that. The battery is lucky to hold more than an hour and a half according to the meter but the computer will suddenly stop working. And I'm not alone, the Apple forum is rife with complaints. And it isn't clear whether the battery is actually faulty or whether the data from the battery is being interpreted properly especially as one minute it can be saying 4 hours charge is available, next showing minutes and this on a battery with only 102 cycle counts.

    So, to those who are suddenly complaining of bad batteries, have you recently installed Snow Leopard?

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    Mis"LED"ing Battery.

    After owning the 15 inch Macbook Pro since January 2007 I have enjoyed faultless computing. That is until I wish to utilize the Mac as a portable device, which is when it all starts to go pear shaped.

    Up to a few months ago the battery was fine until the infamous sudden shutdown started to occur. Initially I looked at the cluster of LED's on the bottom Indicating 4/5th's charged. Thinking it was an overheat I installed a fan controller. But again the shutdowns happened and more frequent. After doing some 'googling' I found out that the battery was the issue, and no matter what the percentage or the LED's show, I am just carrying 5 minutes of dead weight around with me.

    It seems that the science behind the batteries on these devices has yet to be perfected. I suppose it is back to the Dell laptop from 2000 with an outstanding 2 Hours battery life until I get my replacement. In which time I hope that the situation gets improved.

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    Rechargeable Battery - 15-inch MacBook Pro

    I have an early 2008 15 macbook pro,works fine BUT last 2 weeks the battery shuts down mac with 30 mins charge still left! without warning! yes its out of warranty but states cycle count:83 and condition: check battery. On full charge battery lasts 2hours approx,airport on,using web browser only.


    Apple, we love you, BUT dont treat us like PC users PLEASE!

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    Battery Problems

    I bought my MacBook Pro in October 2008. Since I bought it until early March, it was working fine, with approx. 3 hours of battery time on it, which I was very pleased about. However, since then I have downloaded an update from Apple in order to rectify certain problems that the battery had. I have noticed that sometimes when I plug in the mains adapter, it often says that no charge is taking place, and that when I unplug it in it suddenly drops from 100% to 10%! It once read that I had 10 hours of battery life! Suffice to say that I am very disappointed especially considering that I spent very near to £1,600 on this computer! I will be taking this up with Apple to see what they intend to do about the problem as this surely should not be happening on a computer that is just over 18 months old. Apart from this, I have had no other problems with the MacBook Pro and love using it. However, I bought a laptop specifically to be able to do work in different places and without a battery it's about as useful to me as a car without wheels.

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    Confused between "battery life" and "fault"

    Ok so let me start by saying that in general I absolutely love my Macbook Pro - my first mac after 15 years as a PC user. I bought it in August 2007 and the battery has worked fine up until 1 month ago. It suddenly became unable to hold its charge for longer than about 10 minutes. It did not deteriorate. It did not get dropped or anything. I can understand a rechargeable battery having a shelf life and it slowly starting to become less efficient at holding its charge. But it looks like in my case it has developed a "fault" rather than it just running out of "battery life". Either way I am out of warranty so need to buy a replacement battery. But how long will the new battery last? At £100 I want to make sure it lasts!

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    Really poor performance

    I loved how portable and powerful my MBP was for the first 7-10 months of ownership. After that my battery performance was severely lacking. I did everything I could to condition my battery. Now after 12 months my MBP shuts down without warning and the battery only lasts between 10 and 20 mins on a full charge.

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    Not so great but cool design

    My MBP a little over 2 years and 125 cycles, last week experienced fluids under my computer, took the battery of just to realize the battery was completely dead. At a price of almost $200 in local currency on a student budget a replacement is something for the christmas list, hope santa pays a visit. I'm not happy. Two stars because it was fun while it lasted, but never had more then 3 hours of fun without ac.

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    Not great!

    My wife and I both own 15" macbook pros. We've both experienced problems with the battery. Both macbook pros are a little over a year old. Both batteries would indicate being fully charged but when my wife's dropped to 40% charge left, it would just power off. Mine did exactly the same thing at 30%. No warning, no going into power save mode etc, just switches off. My battery has done 119 cycles and apple have stated that they would not expect a reduction in performance until you've hit 300 cycles (charges).
    How lucky, just outside of the 1 year warranty! :(

    On a positive note, apple replaced my wife's battery for free; i was not so lucky though.

    To be fair to apple though, before i got the fault, i could easily get 2 - 3 hours of work done on a battery that was fully charged; sometimes even more depending on how much processing was going on.

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    Can't belive it

    i have had my macbook pro for 2 years i have had to buy 2 power charges and now i have to buy battery i have had a toshiba loptop for 3 years and that is stil running good with no Battery's or charger's

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    i brought my Mac Pro i 2006 now after 2 year my battery is gone dead now i have to paid £100 for anew battery i think Apple could do something about these it cost a lot of money for a new battery which i am not too happy about so i think Apple should looking into it sort it out Apple i have reader a lot review here most of it are not too good.

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