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    So far so good

    Got this replacement battery for my 2008 15-inch macbook pro this month and at the moment the battery easily holds for 4 hours.

    I will be back in 1 year!

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    Long life

    My macbook pro is from 2007 and i am still using the old battery
    and it will last minimum 3 hours.
    I think that is very good.

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    No problems

    Had MacBook Pro for about 3 years, battery life is very poor. But thats the way batteris works !!!so i pay 1/16 th of the Price of the laptop and then is nearly as good as new

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    Better than expected

    A technician told me to expect two ears. I got three!

    BUT DO NOT leave a fully charged battery for a year. That's a killer!

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    760+ cycles later!!

    After 4 years of having my MacBook Pro my battery has finally died! When I first got the MacBook the life of the battery was very very good but towards the end of it's life it got worse and worse but wouldn't expect anything else. Took my MacBook to the new apple store in Basingstoke, Hampshire and got it checked out, I was told the batteries usually last for about 300 cycles and I was told I had done over 760 cycles!!! The only problem with product is the price.

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    Several years of good use

    I have just started having trouble with my battery and the System Profiler says the health of the batter is poor. But it has done 707 cycles and from the look of the other people posting on these reviews, this is pretty good. I have had the computer for about four years and have used it very heavily for the last two years as it is now my only computer and runs for at about 8 hours a day. I may find my next battery is as bad as those spoken about here by others, but I hope not and I just wanted to add a very positive review amongst all the doom and gloom. Not all batteries for MacBook Pros are bad news. I would love to hear what is the best practice for keeping a battery in good condition. I run mine until I get a warning that it needs plugging in, then I power up till fully charged, then I remove the cable. Is that good practice? Or have I just been very lucky!

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    Lasts for ages

    Seems that people can only be bothered to post bad reviews so here goes...

    This battery is great. First, it doesn't last for ever but show me a battery that does. Second, it takes a lot of use and abuse.

    I have had my macbook pro now for over three and a half years and I am nearing the end of the life of my second battery. I use my computer every day for 8-10 hours straight, sometimes even 12-14 as it's my main computer for my home business. Given the amount of use it's had I'd say I've done pretty well out of it. I reckon it to be well over 5000 hours of uses for each battery I've had and has allowed me to keep my computer running and therefore grow my business. I'd definitely stick with apple and therefore definitely buy another battery for mine when it's reached the end of it's life.

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    1093 cycles!

    hello everyone,
    I dont understand why most of you had such a bad experience with the battery, mine has just dies after 1093 cycles. I think its served me well, don't you?
    I am very happy with the apple battery, i think if you charge it the way its meant to be charged and take care of it, it will last a long time.

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    Great Product

    Despite other customers negative reviews, I can honestly say I am very pleased with mine. Bought one a couple of weeks back as my original battery wasn't lasting very long after 3 years of heavy use. I can well recommend it.

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    My battery has been excellent...

    23 months old - still got 82% of capacity. I write this with 55% remaining and 1hour 33 mins of power left at current usage level (using wireless). Figures speak for itself. Of course, now I've written this, I expect the battery will probably fail within the next few days...

    However, most of that 23 months has been connected to AC....only got through 66 load cycles.

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    Be realistic

    I've had my MacBook Pro for two and a half years now and I'm about to buy a replacement battery - the battery only lasts for 20-30 minutes (Cycle count: 372) - though I could perhaps stretch to three years.

    Am I impressed with my Apple battery? Well, yes I am.

    My previous laptop was a 15" Fujitsu. After a little over a year the battery failed. And I mean failed - life of a few milliseconds, knock the power cord and WHAM! instantaneous laptop death. And the battery life was less than a couple of hours even when brand new. And it wasn't covered by the three year warranty (nor was the mains adapter which failed around the same time). Only consolation is a new one is around £75 not £100.

    So, am I impressed with my Apple battery? Yes indeed I am.

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    good product

    had my 15" mbp over 3 yrs now and love it.
    previously had a toshiba laptop and its battery died after only 11 months.
    my mac's battery still gives over 1 hour of use after *1320* cycles!
    sadly cant afford a new one, but credit where its due, this is a good product.

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    Battery life

    Just swapped out my battery: 2 years / 60% status / 400 cycles. You can check status on iStat Pro, a free widget. From my experience on Vaio and Dell laptops, this is good steady going. Battery life is not brilliant, and price of a new one is not brilliant either, but like the Macbook Pro itself, it's good solid performance.

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    Get Real

    I have run a miserable Dell Laptop (work insist on it) in parallel to my MBP. The battery on both laptops get all sorts of abuse, half charge, not properly cycled, left fully charged... etc
    After 2 Years

    The MBP is just about to start playing up.... Perfectly acceptable.

    The Dell is on it's third... so.. Not brilliant... but normal.

    Case closed.... Just think how powerful these are... have a look at the first compaq or Mac... good grief, get real.

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    Great Product

    Lots of dismal reviews but i have my mac book pro and spare battery 13 months now and both batteries give me over 4 hours and 30 minutes plus (depending on what im doing) i wold have no hesitation in recommending this product, its great when traveling to have an extra battery

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    has anybody actually reviewed this battery?

    It seems that everyone is just moaning about the original battery they got with their MBP - why is this? This battery isn't that one.

    Just keeping with the theme - my MBP original battery has been flawless. I've used it both as a permanently plugged in desktop, and a regular discharge mobile computer, and even though it's now over 2 years old I still get 2 hours out of it.

    Anyway...I'm thinking about getting a second battery, not only for 'spare' and to give me backup when I'm completely away from a power source all day, but also on the assumption that 2 years newer battery technology will give me more longevity, and was wondering if these had longer life etc...anyone actually bought and reviewed one?

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    Battery performs within expectations!

    Guys, I've read some of these reviews. My Mac Book pro battery has given me over two years of constant use. However to maximise life I have daily allowed my battery to run completely flat. It is only in the last two weeks that it has started to fail.
    Most Li-ion batteries are designed for 200 charges! this isn't apple's fault, it is a technical limitation of the battery.... you weren't complaining when it was giving you five hours of life!
    I agree £99 is a lot of money, but for another two years of use it's actually quite reasonable.....

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    Redressing the balance

    I own two Macbook Pros and have several spare batteries. I've never had a problem with any of them. So not everyone has the same experience as some of the other rather dismal reviews on this page. I am very happy with this product.

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    no problems

    We bought 16 macbook pros for the team at work, and we haven't had a single defective battery. We've got some spare batteries, too, and they all work.

    I'm about to buy another battery for a colleague who's flying economy class to Australia - I really don't think that the negative reviews here are representative.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    I bought my MacBook Pro back in Sept 2006 and i am now experiencing problems.
    so today i called Apple on the of chance of getting a replacement (i have 3 year Apple Care) and was surprised that they where more than happy to send a new on asap free of charge.

    These batteries are designed to last for 300 cycles (before starting to 'decay') and if they are falling below par before you reach this number give apple a call and if you have apple care you will undoubtedly be surprised and if not they are always helpful and you never know!!!

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