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    Firstly, I love my Macbook Pro but after about 6 months the battery suddenly went "weak". Surely after spending close to £2000 I shouldn't have to charge my battery after just half an hours use and why should have to spend over £100 on a new battery every 6 months!?. I basically have to keep it plugged into the mains most of the time it's switched on! Come on Apple you can do it!

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    Poor price; poor advice...

    My last review wasn't posted, which I think is unfair. I wasn't derogatory in any way...

    Nevertheless, here are the following issues, which I spoke of, that disappointed me about Apple's MacBook Pro battery:

    The price is too high. Half the current price still is a lot, but it would be reasonable and competitive.

    There are ways for customers to make their MacBook Pro batteries last longer; but this means not draining the battery frequently, and only using a fraction of the charge cycle. Sometimes, this isn't possible; e.g. when traveling. And as the cycles mount, your battery loses energy. It'd be better if your battery had the same chance of longevity regardless of using a full or marginal cycle.

    Customers should be made aware of the battery calibration process. It should be included with the battery. I hope the staff at Apple are reading this, because this is good advice. You'd probably get better feedback, and less customers feeling ripped off.

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    577 cycles and 41% health

    Getting prepared to replace..but i think lifespan has alot to do with Charging (i charge fully then allow to drain then repeat) also keeping temperature down (have used a fan since new)

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    Not bad over 4 years

    By battery just died after 4 years of use, ok it was a slow painful death. New batteries are expensive though, g' dam it!

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    Happy with Macbook Pro's battery life.

    I brought my macbook pro back in July 2007 and have been happy with the life that I have gotten out of it.

    I am only now getting a message that the battery needs replacing after just under three years. I think that is pretty good going, if you were to compared it to any normal PC laptop.

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    Not bad, not great

    559 cycles in a year and a half, currently has a fully charged capacity of 2236mAh and Snow Leopard is finally telling me to 'Replace Now'...

    I don't want to 'Replace Now' because I don't have £90!

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    Battery Life

    I am about to buy the second replacement battery for my 15" Macbook Pro, it's 4 years old now, had a new battery at 2 years and could do with another now. I think 2 years isn't bad, since I guess like many people, I don't always 'treat it right', with full discharge and recharge cycles (189 count to date by the way). Acceptable price to pay for not having to work on a PC...

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    Does it job!

    After almost 2 years and 530 cycles, my battery is down to 15-20% capacity, I got a good amount of use out of it and it's coming to the end of it's life, as is expected with rechargeable batteries. So am ok with replacing it.

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    Battery Losing Power

    I am in my first year of Apple Care, my 15'' MacBook Pro is 2 years old. Battery shows 50% health after 248 cycles, losing life rapidly. I phoned Apple today, they did some tests with me over the phone and are sending me a new one, which I obviously don't have to pay for. Simple.

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    Battery death

    My Macbook pro battery is about 1 year old, has done a good 400 cycles but just recently halved it's time from over 2 hours to about 1 hour. Not covered by my Applecare protection plan apparently which I did not realise when I got it.

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    Battery care

    My MacBook is now 2 years old, battery health down at 34% and it lasts half an hour tops with little warning before shutdown. So I can confirm the other posters in terms of battery life.

    However, the batteries are (AFAIK) manufactured by Sony who also produce batteries for HP, Dell, etc., so it's unlikely to be an Apple manufacturing problem. The main difference between Apple and PC notebooks is the popular Apple sleep mode, which keeps the battery constantly working (the RAM's still powered) which shortens its life. I killed mine by disconnecting it from power over night which discharges it a few percent and then recharges that little amount of energy. If you let it sleep, then keep it connected (and hope for no explosions...).

    So keep that in mind when you often use sleep mode, maybe Google for some more insight. ;-)

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    The battery

    I have noticed that the health of the battery drop the longer it is hooked up to the charger. More the cycles it goes through better its health. There are some battery recovery chargers, that charge and empty the battery in a continuous loop. I think Apple should put something like that in to the MacBook Pro, so it would maintain the battery health automatically.

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    Excellent customer service.

    I've had my MacBook Pro since February 2007, making it exactly a year old. Over the last two weeks the battery capacity has steadily declined, and I now get an hour of charge at the most. I took it to the Lakeside Apple Store, where I discovered the warranty ran out yesterday. The Genius I dealt with was kind enough to replace it for free anyway. Way to go Apple, I'm impressed with your customer service...just a shame the batteries aren't up to the same standard as the rest of the hardware.

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    Battery Life

    I can't be too damming as apple did replace my original battery free of a charge - however my present one has done 326 cycles and life is now down to 51% (not the 80% I think apple state it should be) could be better. Things look good when I start working on battery power but all of a sudden the battery level goes from about 60% to about 10% in only a few minutes - it still give me warnings about to shut down however. It would be nice if when details were quoted for batteries the details were for realistic use and not 'best practice' as we all live in the real world and if the price of batteries was a little more reasonable as we have not choice but to replace them when they do eventually fail. I have had a lot of different laptops and my macbook pro has had the most reliable battery with the exception of only one which considering the hammering it gets is very good.

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    Worked fine for 20 months but problems at the end

    I bought my Mac almost two years ago and I've had no problems until the battery started to reach then end of its natural life (278 cycles, Apple reckon it's worn out anyway at 300 cycles).
    The first clue was the computer starting to just randomly shut down with apparently an hours worth of use left, and then more worrying the mouse would "stick" and activate or drag whatever application/window you were over at the time. It turns out that when the battery is old it "swells" and as it is sited underneath the trackpad/mouse can cause these sorts of problems.
    In summary I think the battery lasted reasonably well but I found out that the battery was past it only when I thought my expensive laptop was broken first!

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    Apple Battery Exchange

    If you bought your Macbook Pro between Feb & May 06, you may be entitled to a replacement battery free of charge due to a design fault in the battery. You can search for this using a search engine or go directly though the apple support site.

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    Battery Life

    To maintain the best battery life, you need to have your screen set on its lowest setting, airport switched off, not use the optical drive and use the hard disc as little as possible, then you get good battery life. Use any one of the above and expect a hit. Thats what I experience with my MacBook Pro

    As far as the MacBook Pro shutting off with out warning then you have a defective battery (warping, swelling, poor life and heat are related to the problem). Try Apples exchange program, same thing happen to me and mine was swapped over.

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