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    Batteries stinks!!!

    I bought my MacBook Pro 3 months ago and everything was fine until a few weeks when my computer started to shut down without any advertisement. Right now I can not work on my mac if it is not connected to electricity power. I thik that Apple should be aware of the problem and replace all this kind of batteries.

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    Failing battery also

    this is ridiculous my mac book pro cost me just under £2,000 in april 06
    and now i cannot work without the Ac plug in
    and £100 for a new battery sort it out apple

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    Poor quality.

    I bought a MacBook pro six months ago in July 2006, the battery life decreased to about 1.5 hours life after a full charge after 70 cycles (Apple's support site claims that the batterys are designed to retain 80% of their original charge after 300 cycles). The MacBook also started to shut-off power completely without warning (loosing any unsaved work). After 85 "cycles" the battery started getting extremely hot, warped, and now does not hold any charge at all.

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    Really bad component of an otherwise lovely computer

    I own my MBP since November 2007 and I've been enjoying almost every moment with it since then. But the battery quality is really disappointing and it affects the overall experience in a very negative way.
    After less than two year of use and around 70 cycles (with careful real-world use and calibration every couple of months) the capacity has dropped below 50%, the percentage meter behaves erratically (indicated charge level drops down in quick and unpredictable steps without any change to the computer usage parameters) and, most important, the computer can shut down unexpectedly, without any warning and with battery charge above 20%.
    The battery is a vital component of any portable device. I'm using my computer professionally, often in environments where electricity is not available. I can't accept this kind of performance from a computer at this price (and quality) level.
    I want to buy a new battery, which is not cheap in any case, and I keep reading reviews mentioning that new batteries also show the same behaviour after a little while.
    Apple, why you ruin your customer experience and trust with such a poor product?

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    Worst Battery Support

    I bought my MB Pro (15") in June 2007. It failed it's battery in 2008. Luckily back then I had my Apple Care and they replaced the battery.
    Today Sept 27th 2010, the replaced battery has failed again. I'm a not a no-wise user and I do my battery calibration on a regular basis, still these batteries manufactured and supplied by apple are poor poor quality.
    They give you 1 year warantty and but in my experience it fails close to 2 years. Call Apple Care support (UK) and they categorically dismissed my requests stating that your protection ran out and we only warranty for 1 year on battery, so sorry mate, go figure out for yourself, how good our battery support are. My Dell Laptop bought in 2003 is still running wonderfully good on its battery.

    I would not have given a single star, but I cannot submit without giving a rating, see how nicely they have designed this feedback system as well.

    I'm not sure whether my comments will be published...for others to read and benefit.
    Apple do something about us poor users who are coaxed by your beautiful product and end up shelling so many pounds and then you show us the door when we request for free replacements for your poor components.
    In my case I also had issues with Logic Cards in my MBP. :(

    At least in 2008, the cost of the battery was: £70, now it is £99 in the store.

    Thanks Apple, for taking our money and becoming rich, looks like I'm banging my head against the wall.

    What an ethical company you are?

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    Useless MacBook Pro Battery!

    My battery has started to shut down without any warning. I just looked up a split second before it shut down and it was showing 82% charge.

    What's that all about Apple?

    Sort out these faulty batteries please, as it seems this is not a one off case!

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    Do NOT Buy...Seek Advice From Professional For ALTERNATIVE Solution

    This battery is an absolute DISGRACE. Whilst I understand that a battery is extremely important for the use of your MacBook Pro do EVERYTHING you can to AVOID buying this battery.

    I bought mine LESS THAN 1 month ago for £97.00 at the Apple Store in Regents Street. I followed all the instructions and ensured that it had the proper long initial charge, however 3 weeks later I get on average 1 HOUR'S usage before it has to be recharged.
    My iStat widget (whilst I realise it is not completely accurate) states my battery health is at 99% and very healthy.

    I have also become aware of my laptop HEATING up much FASTER and to HIGHER temperatures...DAMAGING my laptop! Maybe the battery lasts such a SHORT amount of time because the fans are trying to cool the TREMENDOUS OVERHEATING it is causing.

    Sorry for all the capital letters, but I am sure by using this product I am now ENDANGERING my MacBook Pro's LIFE.


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    Overpriced, shoddily made rubbish.

    Apple should be ashamed of themselves for not only selling this piece of garbage but also for doubling the price.

    I'm in need of my third battery for my MacBook Pro in as many years now and the first replacement cost me £50. Now it's £99? You should be cutting the price and saying sorry if anything.

    Overpriced, shoddily made rubbish. As soon as I can find a complaints phone number on this self appreciating website of theirs I plan to have a right go at them.

    One star only because I couldn't give 0.

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    Poor quality

    Have been a big fan of Apple since 1993 and have sworn by them for my business (including networking). However, Apple batteries are really letting down the brand. Like many of the other reviewers here, after a free battery replacement by Apple for a dodgy batch soon after I got my MacBook Pro, I've been using my laptop on a daily basis for about a year and a half but have never managed to get more than about 2 hours out of it. Now, I'm getting about 20 mins then it dies without warning. Have been on to the Apple Care people who have said it's simply worn out and I have to pay for a replacement.

    On the other hand, we needed to buy a PC laptop to run our accounts programme (plus the usual Microsoft Office suite). We bought a Dell and the battery for this lasts in excess of 4 hours, no worries. How come the lowly PC people are scoring over Apple?

    Come on Apple, sort out your batteries - they're rubbish, they're over-priced, and they're losing you the support of even the most avid Apple fans.

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    Appallingly short battery life

    After moderate use for 1.5 years this battery has all but died which is very poor for a £1500 laptop, and now I have to shell out 97 pounds for a new one.

    Poor show Apple

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    Disappointing Battery Life

    I have had my MacBook Pro for 3 years and am disappointed that I am now having to pay £101 for a new battery. Surely Apple can improve the battery life and also market the replacements at a much more reasonable price.
    Come on Apple, take notice of the many comments that are being received regarding the poor battery life on all your MacBooks. Can't you recognise that you have a problem in the market place.

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    Bad battery life

    In the beginning the battery is wonderful. Unfortunately it doesn't take long to reduce the length of charge from 4 hours to a little over 1 hour depending on what you're doing. Unfortunately for me I've had a new battery for every year I've had my macbook pro. Luckily, the first replacement came under warranty from a lovely company just outside of Edinburgh called CMYK Digital Solutions. They were replacing a damaged optical drive for me and decided they'd replace my Top Case (keyboard surround and trackpad), and a new battery. All for free. Awesome. Sadly one year and one month on, I cannot get a replacement battery from my 3 year Apple Care cover because apparently i've recharged the battery too much. I'd like to know who else thinks that charging the battery twice per day is too much? Especially at the deteriorating rate the battery covers as the time goes on. They say they would only cover a 'defective' battery up to 300 charges. My battery at 600 has managed to cut itself dead, holds 0 charge and has riddled me to using the power supply. If at 300 charges it's meant to still hold 80% of the original charge then by 600 it should be at around 40 to 50%. Now I'll have to fork out £97 for a new one. It's not as if I've not had to buy a new charger before either. Their build quality was shocking until my third one. I love my mac and everything about it. But at it's cost maybe I should have bought a desktop machine rather than a laptop. I don't think they are built to take being what is in our case, the main computer in the home. (sad face)

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    Hopeless Battery

    Whats with this battery Apple.

    My latest replacement has done less than 100 cycles and its totally dead.

    Ive got a white macbook with a battery reading 800 cycles and its just fine.

    I spend less on petrol than on batteries for my mbp and i feel totally ripped off

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    Poor Quality

    I have just replaced my Mac Book Pro Battery last week, for it's first two charges I had about 4 hours life, now after 5 charges it's down to 1:39 min's since I have started to write this it has drained down to 1:20 min's that's 19 mins in less than 2!! Whats worse is I have the display down to the lowest setting and energy saver to 10 mins just to help save what power it does hold.
    This battery is going back to the store for a full refund and no i am not replacing it until Apple address the issue.
    For £99.90 I expect a fully working battery that just works, now back to my old battery which is only able to charge for 1 hour and that's 2 years old.

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    Battery shuts down computer

    Had my laptop 14 months and it has now started doing what many others have already experienced - it shuts down after about 10-20 mins use. No low battery warning etc. All other fixes have been tried.

    So I need to buy a new one... cheers.

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    Worst battery life of any laptop I've ever had!

    I've had my Alienware Laptop since 2006 - battery still works.
    I've had my Sony Vaio since 2000! - battery still works.

    Got my MacBook Pro in 2008 - battery stopped charging within a 15 months!

    £100 to replace a battery! I know Apple makes disposable consumer goods, but this is ridiculous!

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    Took receipt of a new battery to replace a previously failed one little over a year ago. Worked fine (2+ hours on a charge) until just before Christmas when it announced it needed servicing and now the machine shuts down after 10 minutes of use with no warning. Will be trying 3rd party alternatives, as these seem to have a major design flaw. Very disappointed.

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    I have my 15inch MBP little over a year now. My battery lasts an hour and switches off without warning. I have bought two power cords as they keep breaking, that cost me £120. Now another £100 for a battery. After nearly eight years of using Apple products my MBP will be the last laptop I will buy from Apple until they they make improvements.

    Very disappointing...

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    If I could give 0, I would

    Two batteries, both only lasted one year.


    Apple – you are losing it!! I've been a fan for well over a decade. I'm losing faith. Rapidly.

    My £1300 laptop has had a failed top clam, failed cables inside, failed logic board, two failed batteries, failed hard drive, and a failed cooling fan.

    Our £300 PC has been far, far, far more reliable.

    Sort it out. Stop chasing profit and share price – and deliver what you used to.

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    i WAS going to ask santa for a new battery..

    my laptop is just a little over a year old, i use it on a day to day basis recently the battery life away from the mains hasn't lasted past 20minutes. after reading the reviews here i may just save santa £100 by NOT buying a replacement.

    will apple be fixing this problem in the near future?

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