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    Specious, overpriced, poorly designed and short-lived.

    Do not buy one of these! I have had four and they all fail after just over a year - whence cannot be exchanged. They are, like almost all of Apple's new products, cynically contrived to be un-repairable. Even when useable, they hardly offer a good tactical experience.

    Instead buy a simple Microsoft 600 for less than a quarter of the price. It can be cleaned and repaired and, for that matter is more pleasant to use.

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    2 keyboards in 1 year! The quality of these keyboards is rubbish!!!

    I have two of these replaced within one year. Now using a cheap Dell keyboard.

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    how much for a tacky keyboard???

    i struggle to understand why all the apple fanboys are gushing over a keyboard so much. for a start it is wafer thin so offers as poor a typing experience as a laptop with no play in the key presses whatsoever. secondly it offers precisely no ergonomics. not overly fussed about the usb ports, people with a basic knowledge of computers will buy a hub or an extension cable for their machine from a reputable outlet or pay over twice as much for the same thing off this website.

    on the plus side it looks alright

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    1 the usb ports are so pathetic nothing works on them so you will have to buy a usb hub at the same time. What is this about? What century was this keyboard built in?

    2 The keys require more effort to press than the old keyboard. There is a pressure barrier to go through before the key will press.

    3 They's altered the layout, yet again, and the return key is pathetically small.

    Shame on you Apple.

    Classic case of Apple Style over function

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    sticking keys

    I'm not happy with the new slim line key board I'm having the m n i key sticking all the time there has been no spillage on this key board and it is only months old. My friend is having the same problem with the same keys any idea's???

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    Dont buy its rubbish !

    I bought one of these and the G key was loose and making a horrible noise so i took it make to the apple store and they changed it no fuss......I got this one home and its got the same problem on the space bar !! Normally i wouldn't care but when im spending £30 on a WIRED keyboard i expect perfection. not keys that don't fit properly

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    New Apple Keyboard

    II too touch type around 70-80 wpm and personally
    I don’t find it easy using this keyboard. I’m going to be buying my new
    apple imac in the next couple of weeks and a really nice chap in my local
    computer shop showed me the new keyboard after I told him that I wasn’t sure if I would like the
    response of the keys as I touched typed. After having a go of this keyboard straight away
    I didn’t like it because you really have to press the keys and it felt as though I was pressing
    buttons instead of the usual response you get from a regular keyboard. So Sorry Apple I don’t
    think you did enough research for those of us who can touch type. I personally would have
    preferred using the keyboard that came with your
    earlier Apple macs and loved the sound of them too.

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    Spongy Keys

    The original IBM keyboards are still unequalled in my opinion. The keyboard that came with my Mac Pro is far more stylish, but far less pleasant to actually type with! Please Apple, can't you commission Unicomp or someone to make a new version with a USB connection, Apple specific keys, and maybe even the fancy aluminium fascia, but retaining the original reliable contactless clicking keys for those of us who don't regard the keyboard as an afterthought and are willing to pay extra for some real quality rather than an elegant but ultimately rather useless appendage.

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    The new Apple keyboard looks very nice - however, if you want to use it to type then forget it - it is ergonomically flawed. Forget this one - it's pretty useless.

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