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    Great Keyboard...USB ports Pointless

    Bought this keyboard so I could have a desktop set up with my new 2015 MacBook. The keyboard itself looks great and is nice type on. The keys are laid out well and has all the apple fiction keys you would expect to find on a Mac keyboard. However the USB ports on the keyboard have so little power going to them that I can't even plug in a USB Flash key without getting the low power warning. As the new MacBook only has one usb-c port I would have thought that they would make its power output enough for the keyboard ports to be fit for purpose. Very disappointed.

    In a nutshell, if you are buying this keyboard to work with your new mabook, don't even think about being able to use the 2 USB ports!

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    Great until keys fall off

    This was a great keyboard until the keys started falling of randomly. I'm not talking about heavy usage just general home use.

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    Wot, no # key?!

    Someone somewhere wasn't thinking when they designed the UK version. Spent ages thinking I had gone crazy staring at the keyboard, searching in vain. There is a work round but you would think they would include # key which is so important to programmers before they started filling the spaces with random symbols such as §!

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    Nice to type with but not spill proof

    As a keyboard to type with it's nice, light & requires a positive action to activate a key, okay the alt & cmd keys are reversed compared to most keyboards which is a little disconcerting at first but you quickly get used to this. Cleaning is nice & easy, just a damp large fibre micro-tex cloth wiped over the keyboard when unplugged from the machine gets all of the marks & dirt off. It's small on the desk as well, an inch or so smaller than my PC's Logitech keyboard in width & depth. I like it, I like it a lot. If this was my entire experience of the keyboard I'd give it 5 stars.

    However, last night I spilt a glass of water over the keyboard. Cue the usual routine, of unplug the keyboard, turn up-side down while making sure it was off the desk over some kitchen towel & wait to dry overnight, which has worked with every other keyboard I've owned, was implemented. Come the morning however the keyboard is completely dead, this is very disappointing for pure water, more the response I'd expect from a drink with milk or sugar in it.

    The key question rarely answered by a reviewer is - Would I buy this again? My answer is a conclusive yes! I'm ordering 2 replacements, one to use & a spare.

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    Nice keyboard but be careful when cleaning

    After few months I've decided to clean up slightly. Tried be gently as is possible, turned up keyboard and cleaned with cloth and small dose of water. After that keyboard keyboard was completely dead! I haven't any problems with old white keyboard which was a lot more solid than this one. I must admit, recent keyboards are fragile and very sensitive on water.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars


    Pretty much agree with most on ease of use and the top row keys for specific tasks are handy and well arranged with a good lay out but i also agree with others that i spend more time missing letters that don't register and the shift key works once in a blue moon. It works less due to nearly throwing the thing across the room, and i'm laid back. If you use it constantly at pace for typing then forget it, use the old one. This needs a re-think, mix the two designs and get a happy medium.

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    Love this design and style of this keyboard.

    Love this design and style of this keyboard, there's nothing else that can touch it! even those PC keyboards. Just wish is was wireless so, come on Apple bring a wireless full sized keyboard out.

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    Why that layout

    Ok so it's a nice keyboard and it Works well BUT why do Apple think everyone uses an American keyboard layout! All they have done is change the hash key to a pound sign. What if I want a Hash???? Why not stick to the correct English British keyboard layout! I don't want the @ symbol there the " should be and I don't want the \ on the wrong side of the keyboard. They have put the touch typing marks on the J and F keys but an English touch typist will have problems because the other keys are in the wrong place.

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    I just happened to be using my brother's rather ancient Mac with his new keyboard and it stood out just how much better his keyboard was - more reliable, less noisy, smoother action - than the original keyboard of my more modern machine that misses 1 out of every 100 or less key presses of mine. I think the difference in behaviour has to be quite marked for it to stand out like that.
    To type this review I've had to go back and insert missing letters several times.
    So that's why I'm here - buying a new keyboard like his! I think it will suit my typing style a lot better than the one I'm using right now.

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    Good for occasional use

    This is an elegant, very light-weight keyboard, unusually quiet to use. For travel purposes or occasional use it is perfect, but for anyone who wants to do some serious - or full-time - writing, it is far from ideal. Its keys are to shallow and close-spaced for comfortable use and the overall effect is markedly flimsy.
    Yet another triumph of design over function, presumably

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    needs more thought

    Well it looks great feels great but not really well thought out practically.The cable is too short especially if have the 24" screen you need to sit at a distance at least provide an ext cord.especially the wired mouse is even shorter,i mean how much would it cost to incl a longer cable maybe 30pence.Also the function keys could have been placed over the numeric keys on the right then they could be software setting to make them one touch as you already have one touch numbers above and the play/pause/brightness buttons can be left alone.The enter/return key is too small for a key thats used the most and can easily be missed.The caps key needs a few trys sometimes too i found that even with the wireless version.Apart from all this its a lovely keyboard if you can put up with the above points,its still passes the apple quality you would expect

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    Good but does not activate start-up options on Mac Mini

    I absolutely love the look and feel of this keyboard. It's much better on my wrists than my old chunky white and clear keyboard, and it does not collect all the unsightly debris of everyday use that my old one did!
    However, I have had to keep my old keyboard spare... This one seems to have a flaw, at least when used with my Intel Core Duo 1.6GHz Mac Mini - It will not activate any of the start-up options (such as holding down "C" for optical drive boot-up, "N" for network boot, etc...).
    I have searched the support knowledge base on Apple's site and can find nothing about this.

    Shame, because it's otherwise a fantastic keyboard!

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars


    its just a keyboard

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    No backlight?

    One of the best things I like about the MacBookPro keyboards is the backlight.

    I wish these also had backlights. :(

    Much nicer than the old white ones though

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Great keyboard, questionable durablity.

    I purchased this keyboard straight away due it's slim good looks, new key design, additional functions and it's USB 2.0 ports that the previous keyboards lacked.

    Using the keyboard is great. It is much quicker and easier to use than any other desktop keyboard. The keys are light to the touch and clear to read. The function keys are useful, particularly for itunes.

    The first problem I notice is that the USB 2.0 ports do not appear to be able to power any of the USB 2.0 items i tried... low power messages appear.

    The main problem with this keyboard is with the laptop (same as the Macbook) type keys. The esc key has already fallen off in my hands. Thankfully there are plenty of F-keys I am not using to swap it with, but quite frankly for a key to fall off without any apparent misused is unacceptable! and I now have a gap on the keyboard where an F-key key use to be, and I now worry when then next key will fall off.

    For £29 I think it would be reasonably priced if the keys (the scissor mechanism particularly) were of alot better quality and strength. As it stands it is alot of money for something which falls apart so easily.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    NIce, but Caps Lock key seems a little temperamental

    Very sleek, and capable of handling very quick typing. I'm still getting used to the limited key travel, but I don't think it will be a problem.

    The Caps Lock key, however, doesn't seem to work if I press it quickly. It only changes state if I press it quite deliberately. I suspect I've received a marginally faulty unit :-( I'd rate it higher, if it weren't for this problem.

    I wish there were a wireless version with the numeric keypad.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Pretty but dumb.

    Ok, aesthetically this keyboard verges on beautiful and is whisper quiet.

    On the downside however it lacks some of the functionality for pro apps users. Moving the volume/eject keys is a daft idea and I'd really hoped they'd go back to the old version of having finger spaces between every four function keys borders on infuriating. For Pro Tools I utilise F5 - F8 most and with the spaces can find these keys in my sleep and lose this ability here. And with the new low level smoothness of the keys it is much easier to mis-key.(and am I being a bit moany if I mention the tiny return key?).

    Software update had to be installed before the new hot keys would work (make sure you try this rather than assuming it is broken) and it has little traction overall meaning it tends to slide about a bit.

    The USB ports spoil the overall sleek look by being right at the edge so the wires stick right out the sides and if you're on a small surface, interfere with your mouse movement.

    All said though it is a good solid keyboard, fantastically ergonomic and if you do a lot of touch typing then it will serve you well.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    sent back keyboard

    i got my new keyboard and it looks great but the new keys
    dashboard,brightness,expose`did not work so has been sent back
    and by the sound of the support person idont think this is the first

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Beautiful keyboard, not for everyone...

    I bought this the morning it came on the site - my older apple keyboard whilst responsive was too clunky and heavy. and sitting 8 hours a day at it, I started to get tired wrists from the height.

    Let's set aside the looks - they're fantastic. And the anodysed look closely matches my monitors and mac pro case - good job apple!
    The response takes a very slight getting used to, but once you have it's far easier to type from and completely comfortable during long sessions.

    This keyboard might still not be a replacement for everyone though:
    the additional shortkeys at the top may be great for the casual user, but if like me you're a pro apps user, beware that such keys as the volume controls have been stuck onto the F keys. F keys that you may use constantly in Final Cut Pro.
    You can turn the volume controls off when you use such apps, but personally I find it a little tricky to juggle between the two.

    Just a word of warning if you are a heavy apps user, otherwise a very solid product that combines great looks with impressive functionality.


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