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    Great Keyboard, but USB memory sticks don't fit

    Just bought one of these keyboards from PC World for £29. Really nice to use like a MacBook keyboard, but if you use a USB memory stick in the USB port, found most of mine don't fit, because the clearance is too small between the port and the underside of the keyboard. This is a shame, because with the previous generation of keyboard, it just plugged straight into the port on the rear, rather than blindly trying to use the USB ports on the back of the iMac to plug in a memory stick.

    Tried to use the extension cable as a flying lead, but this only works with the USB port for the keyboard, because there is a "V" shape in the middle of the connector. So all rather annoying.

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    It works with my eMac! BRILLIANT!! Is there a mighty mouse wired?

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    Beautifully Ergonomic

    Another brilliant marriage of form and function from Apple - I've been using the keyboard for a few days now and I've found the keyboard's ultra-low profile makes it easier to type and less strain on the wrists. My only gripe is there's only one Expose key for three Expose modes.

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    Looks nice but order the right one.

    Still making my mind up. Like any keyboard it probably will take a bit of getting used to. Looks very nice though. USB 2 on the port is nice so I can plug my Shuffle and Elgato turbo.264 in without reaching around the back of my iMac. Both work fine from the keyboard - no low power issues. If you are from the UK order the English keyboard not the English International. I'm so used to English meaning American and English International being for everyone else I ordered the wrong one. I know where my £ key is anyway which seems to be the only difference. Wish they'd call it a British keyboard (sorry Northern Ireland).

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    Beautiful! But....

    I just brought the wired keyboard. Its beautiful, and feels really good to type on.
    It took me a while to figure out that I needed to download new software from apple to make the function keys work (hint hint to the review below this) but after that it was perfect. The music control keys are especially useful as I no longer have to switch apps if I want to change what I'm listening to.
    My only complaint is that in system prefrences under the dashboard and expose tab, it still shows the old key assignments, also, there is now no obvious way to access the expose functions other than "show all windows" as there is no way to assign "show desktop" and "show application windows" to the other function keys.
    Also, i think that a key for front row would have been nice.
    Sloppy on the software apple!

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