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    Would like to give Zero Stars

    When it works it's the best mouse I've used. However this is only for a very short time. The ball clogs and it won't scroll. You follow the advice in reviews and it works for a week or two then stops again. You follow the advice again but it doesn't work this time and you have to buy a new mouse. This having just spent £2000 on a computer. This company has gone from innovative to rip off in my humble opinion.!!

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    I'm not bothering

    The comments made in these reviews have all happened to my mouse and therefore I will not be replacing for another as the chances of it working properly are very slim and it is after all, an expensive piece of the equipment.

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    poor design

    I have had 3 of these mice and they all suffered the same problem. The tiny ball gets dirty and stops working. I tried to clean one of them properly but I ended up breaking it. Do not buy, save yourself some grief.

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    Cable too short!

    I bought the mouse, connected it to the Mac, disconnected it and returned it straight away. Why? The cable is far too short and cannot be used with a Mac 17" and a user being right handed. For a left hander it might just do the job.
    If there were a USB socket on the right hand side of the Mac it would probably work. But there is none, all the USBs are on the left hand side.

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    VERY BAD! - expensive, unreliable and cable ridiculously short

    I admire Apple tremendously and we have two MacBooks and I have an iPhone - all of which are great but having recently bought the mighty mouse for my new Macbook - I would completely agree with the other negative feedbacks here, basically: EXPENSIVE, UNRELIABLE AND CABLE RIDICULOUSLY SHORT!

    Recommendation: Buy something else (I'm choosing one of the better looking conventional mice, which is incidentally 1/3 of the price)

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    Expensive to buy, Flimsy and shoddily constructed. Not worth the star !

    Once upon a time Apple mice were solidly built and durable until some buffoon at the design/marketing stage decided that if you produced badly constructed mice that fell apart quickly customers would buy more of them. The old mouse that came with the original I-Mac was great, sturdy, long-lasting and stylish. In fact so stylish that someone stole mine at an internet cafe. No one has stolen this one yet and if they did using it would be punishment enough. This is a shoddy product.

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    Dissapointed in the mouse

    I've just gone from PC to Mac and I must say love my Mac Book Pro, I love the extra keyboard I got for editing, I love final cut studio, however, I really don't like this mouse. I find the tracking on it appauling even on a precision mouse mat, the track ball in the middle, although good in theory is just not good enough, it's too small and fiddly. This is certainly not an editors friend. Within a day I went over to a RAZER mouse which considerably better and around the same price. The shape isn't that great and the clickable buttons just don't feel right, also as there is no definition between the two buttons, and in haste the right side can be easily clicked as you don't feel the divide.

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    God how I hate this mouse....

    This is without doubt one of the only pieces of Apple kit I have absolutely hated. It is awful: the cursor drops across the screen, it is impossible to play games unless you are lucky enough to have seven fingers and no where can I find some idiot proof guide to using the horrible little thing.

    How I long for the simplicity of the little roller ball mouse with only one click facility rather than this load of rubbish which has pages leaping up unbidden and is altogether dreadful, dreadful, dreadful.

    Little white mouse I really hate you. I give you one star only because you will not let me give you none.

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    I'll parrot what other people have said, the tiny scroll ball is a terrible design flaw. Before we had optical mice we all used mice with a similar (although bigger) looking ball, it should have been obvious that after years of using "pre-optical" mice that any such scroll ball would need to be removed and cleaned regularly, its like a tiny upside version of my old Atari ST mouse.

    The piece of paper trick works temporarily, but very quickly gums up again; the only real way to solve the problem is too remove the ball and clean the tiny mechanism. I just tried to do this by dismantling the mouse, but there appears to be no way of disassembling the mouse without being totally destructive and needing super glue to restore the device.

    Its also expensive compared to other wireless mouses on the market (although this one has the less common feature of enabling wireless via bluetooth, rather that a propriety standard, which is quaintly odd for Apple)

    Also had trouble with my "right clicking" throughout usage, having to remove my entire hand from the device, and clicking the right side of it with one finger (maybe this has something to do with my none-standard left hand I'm so attached to using)

    - yours disgruntled, a person who had trouble writing about dirty balls without slipping into innuendo.

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    Poor Design

    This is one of the worst designs ever from Apple. The scroll ball is terrible. It jams all the time, often only scrolling in one direction. Yes you can clean it using a number of methods (search Google) but it just stops scrolling again soon after. The scroll ball was phased out for mouse tracking over a decade ago due to its physical limitations, why would you reintroduce it as a system for UI navigation!? Think different!

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    Scroll Ball design flaw

    I had this for about 3-4 months before the scroll ball kept failing.

    I know this was due to dirt getting inside from the scroll ball, so every few days (yes it failed that often!) I turned the mouse upside down and rubbed it on a piece of paper to fix. Which each time it did, as the dirt transferred to the paper.

    However last time I did this, I did it slightly too hard and it has now scratched the delicate scroll ball, causing the ball to now act completely erratically. Have had to buy a new mouse in under a years worth of usage!

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    A better Mouse can be had much cheaper - Avoid at all costs

    I Bought my iMac back in the autumn of 2007, with it came bundled an Apple Mighty Mouse, after getting use to the flatter shape of the Apple Mighty Mouse I found it easy to use and fairly comfortable.

    After having my Mighty Mouse for around a year all of a sudden the scroll wheel would no longer let me scroll down, I googled the problem and was advised that it was possibly dust/dirt build up on the other side of the mouse wheel that could be causing the problem and was told several different ways to "solve" the problem. The first few times these tricks worked but by the summer of 2009 the mouse no longer responded to any form of cleaning and I had to bite the bullet and order a new one.... but to my horror only 9 months on a second Mighty Mouse has given up on me, I have tried everything from using a piece of paper to holding it upside down and scrolling to wheel and even trying to use compressed air to solve the problem but nothing works.

    I would urge everyone to stay clear from this product and buy a mouse that offers better last-ability, I Bought a Razer Death Adder Gaming mouse at the same time as the first Mighty Mouse for my Gaming rig - which gets 10x as much use as my iMac and its still going strong!

    Worst Apple product I have used by far :(

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    As a paperweight this is great, as a mouse 100% no good. the tracking stops working after a week and needs constant cleaning, the right click is hit and miss plus it eats AA batterys. It looks good but works bad.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Possibly the worst mouse in the world?

    Just to keep it short and simple,

    The idea that it is better to have touch sensors to see if you want a right or left click is totally useless. If you have both your fingers resting on the mouse it struggles to work out which one you mean.

    The 360 Degree ball for scrolling is the worst part about this mouse. It gets 'Gummed up' extremely easily. I have had mine for about 1/2 year now, and despite cleaning, it basically doesnt work any more.

    The shape of the mouse is not comfortable at all. I love it when i have to use my windows PC for something, Because i can then use a comfortable SONY mouse.

    The last problem is that it absolutely EATS batteries.

    To Conclude, Style over function waste of money.

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    Let down due to Form over Function

    As repeatedly mentioned the scroll ball is poorly designed and will cease working after a short period. The tricks to clean out the gunk are not 100 percent reliable. I would not recommend this mouse to anyone

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    it should of been called danger mouse

    in the words of alan hansen "poor, very poor"
    i've had two a wireless and wired
    wireless scroll ball has stopped working cant be fixed don't matter how much i clean it
    wired scroll ball stops working but can be cleaned and will work for a short time
    got them free with the mac so not out of pocket but don't ever buy one of these you will regret it.
    What happened apple was this mouse designed and built by children
    anyone else starting to think that mac products are not as good as they used to be but just as expensive

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    worst mouse ever

    Apart from the wireless mighty mouse this is the worst mouse ever!!!

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    Scroll ball

    Just like everyone else says - I've only had this mouse for less than a year. After 6 months the scroll ball stopped working - can scroll up & left/right, but cannot scroll down. I try cleaning it as everyone suggests in all sorts of ways but it only fixes it slightly & temporarily. The outer attachments are all glued together so you can't open it up & clean thoroughly inside by yourself.

    Everything else is fine but for this reason alone, I CANNOT recommend anyone to buy it. You'd definitely waste your money, unless you were committed to replace it with a new mouse after 6 months.

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    The scroll ball

    This is the best mouse to use with your mac. It works like a dream.... apart from the scroll ball. It clogs up so regularly and drives me to insanity. When senescing a scroll ball jam is imminent a quick clean with a lint free cloth and some computer cleaning product sorts it out. But every once and a while this is not enough. The scroll ball completely stops scrolling (always only up or down). annoying.

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    Ball can't be cleaned

    Unfortunately, after having owned THREE mighty mice (two came with new Macs), I can only say they're a waste of time. They inevitably accumulate gunk in the mechanism, which being inaccessible renders the whole thing useless in terms of scrolling etc.

    I got so frustrated that I ended up getting a Griffin PowerMate, which has worked dependably for the last 5 years.

    Why they couldn't put a multitouch sensor in a wired mouse is a mystery.

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