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    scroll ball

    very good mouse 1 bad thing about it is the scroll ball when it gets dirty it clogs up then when you clean it using white plain paper if you rub it to hard the scroll ball pushes down and is hard to take out

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    the mouse is ok but it took a long time to deliver it. The lead is a bit short to reach from my usb port on the left to the right hand side of the computer. overall a pretty good product!!!

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    problems within a few months....

    i bought my imac about 2 months ago which came with the normal mouse.in the last 3 weeks the scroll wheel/button has gradually stopped working to the point that it can no longer scroll anything...ive tried cleaning it but still no luck.

    so , its generally looks nice, doesnt work too well...

    when it did work , it worked well but I'm surprised how quickly it has become faulty through normal , clean use.

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    How to Clean your scrollermouse properly

    This is a good mouse....but I have also had the scroll ball issue for a long time but here is a good solution...

    Hold the mouse upside down and use a baby wipe yes a baby wipe any type will do to clean the ball in all directions...Baby wipes have an degreasing agent this usually gives about a working weeks relief from the dreaded dead ball !!!

    In my office this restored mice that had not worked for months.. give it a try


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    anti scrolling mouse

    My mighty mouse lasted no problems for just under 3 years, just short of the warranty ending I lost the ability to scroll or drag accurately.My Apple store said many people had the same problem and to clean it regularly. This worked at first but now, 5 months on,no matter how clean I keep it, the scrolling has become dodgy and I now have reached a point where I have to double, treble and sometimes quadruple click to get any sort of response from it. I suppose I will have to replace it now at my own cost.
    Thanks for saving your warranty Apple!
    So just a warning, cleaning will only buy you a little extra time. If you have a mouse under warranty that is malfunctioning, I should insist on its replacement straight away.

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    Scrolling issues!!!!

    The mouse is a great idea but things could be improved I had an iMac for christmas and just recently about the start of March the vertical scrolling stopped working so this is definatly a flaw in the design as I have read many reviews with the same problem so I am going to go back to the store and demand for a new one no cost!!! (hopefully)

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    Mighty Mouse

    Excellent product. Its only let down by the fact the cord is too short. It can hardly go round the back of my macbook, as I'm right handed! Come on Apple, give us another 30cms of cable!!!!!
    Otherwise its brilliant. Scroll button, right click, apple design...its got it all.

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    Clever & pretty but technically flawed mouse

    Lovely looking mouse with lots of clever features for the Mac. I'd easily give it the full 5 stars without 2 annoying flaws:
    - every few days the scroll-wheel gets stuck (usually down-scroll) and has to be released using the upside-down roll-around technique
    - the optical sensor is much more sensitive to desktop surfaces than my PC mouse and jumps the pointer to the corner of the screen at random intervals

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    Scrolling problems but otherwise good.

    The Mighty Mouse is, in general, a good mouse. However, like a lot of users I did loose vertical scrolling the other day. Luckily I followed the advice from the reviewer NT on 7th January 2008. This worked and I have regained vertical scrolling. The Mighty Mouse is flawed but as long as you keep it clean it'll be OK!

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    Apple Cares

    Having read many reviews slating the scrollball for clogging with dirt quickly, I braced myself for the worst this morning when I bought mine. Opening the box, the first thing I see is a sheet printed separately from the manual which reads: ATTENTION - YOU MAY NEED TO CLEAN YOUR MIGHTY MOUSE FROM TIME TO TIME. I assume this is Apple acknowledging customer complaints, and doing the cheapest thing possible.

    On another note, my first impression of the feel of the mouse isn't as brilliant as i'd hoped. The squeeze buttons ruin the ergonomic feel slightly, and the USB cable barely reaches around the back of my macbook - Not a problem if you are left handed.

    But you wouldn't care about its problems- you (alike I) only bought this for that little apple sat proud atop it. End of the day, it's a mouse and I can only hope it lasts long enough to justify the money I spent on it.

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    I know I'm just adding to the list but...

    Scroll ball!

    It's a great idea, don't get me wrong! But just because the theory works, it doesn't mean it does in practice. I'm already on my second and the scroll ball on that has stopped working too.

    If the troublesome scroll ball was just updated to a touch sensitive pad or something, maybe Apple wouldn't spend so much on replacements for these things?

    Apart from the scroll ball, this is a lovely mouse - even if it isn't that ergonomic. I love the 4 buttons and every-time I have to use a boring old PC mouse, I keep finding myself squeezing the sides... but really, the scroll ball lets this down (And the way it gets very filthy very quickly).

    Maybe Macworld in the next few weeks will give us an answer to our problems? My MightyMouse has been the only thing wrong with my new Mac, really... and I don't want it to spoil the way my friends and family think of Macs and Apple when they come to use my iMac and find they can't scroll because the scroll ball is broken... because that way, they'll never be convinced to leave their PCs!

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    Great....when it works!

    These are great mice/mouses (you chose). Perfectly ergonomically designed and beautiful to look at. However after a few months of 'normal' use, the scroll ball will pack up. The reason for this is that the mechanism inside gets clogged up with dirt. For a while you can get by if you use a little drop of Apples LCD cleaner solution. Putting a little on your finger and scrolling the ball to coat it. Eventually though, this too will cease to free the scroll ball when it sticks again.

    Sadly, Apple in their wisdom have sealed these mice so in order to properly clean the scroll mechanism you must literally break the seals on the the little grey ring at the base of the unit. It's relatively easy from then on to take it apart and clean the mech every so often but the mouse will never look as pretty as it did when you bought it.
    If Apple only made one of these with a scroll ball that was completely sealed making it impossible for the dirt to get in, then this product would be perfect.

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    Scroll wheel broken after a few weeks!

    Amazing mouse - Awful scroll wheel - it gets easily clogged up and just stops working all together, not happy as I have had to keep on buying new mouses! I wonder if apple just replace it for me ;) :D

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    Please sort out the scroll ball Apple

    My experience is pretty much the same as everybody elses, while it works the mouse and especially the scroll ball are brilliant. However, after about six months the scroll ball broke and now won't go down, this is a major defect that Apple needs to rectify and soon.

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    Great... while it works!

    I bought mine with my Mac Mini in April 2006. The mouse worked brilliantly until last month when I had a couple of instances of the scroll-ball sticking. Today the scroll-ball has all but given up entirely, and now only occasionally scrolls upwards and to the right - left and downwards scrolling has stopped working altogether.
    I cannot remember how much I paid for it last April, but it was less than £35. For less than 2 years of service I am much loathed to pay £35 for a replacement!!!

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    Mighty Mouse Cleaning Tip

    Yes, my Mighty Mouse scroll ball got clogged up like everyone else after around 6 months. I cleaned it using a damp cloth, as recommended by Apple. This worked fine for a little while, but eventually this cleaning stopped working.

    I was about to ditch the mouse, but gave it one last go at cleaning the scroll ball. This time swapping water for alcohol. I used Absolut vodka - and this did the trick brilliantly. Now working like new. Suggest trying this before chucking you mouse in the bin....

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    Scroll ball is Achilles Heel

    This mouse does all that it's supposed to do, but after about six months, the scroll ball stops scrolling downwards. Many other users have found the same problem, according to the Apple Discussion forums, and different kinds of cleaning offer only a temporary solution. Pity. In every other respect it's a winner.

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    Good Mouse

    A fantastic easy-to-use mouse, but like most people have said, the scroll ball loses its vertical scroll after a while. That would be fine, apart from the fact that I had to break it to fix it. Other than that, it works great. Buy it, but be prepared to buy another one if it comes to it. I am.

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    Its that mouseball again !

    I've been using my Mighty Mouse for a year and loved it : until the scrolling function ceased working effeciently. I thought it must be "Just Me" so I checked up on how to clean the mouse by watching the video on Apple's site. I followed the instructions, but here's the rub ( sorry, bad pun ! ) : no matter how many wipes you give your mouse ball with the lint-free cloth, there will always be particles of dirt which you cannot reach and remove, therefore the scroll function will never return to 'as new' optimum effeciency. It is an awful design flaw on a beautiful object which is initially a pleasure to use. All that was required was the ability to open the top of the casing, remove the scrolling ball and clean it and its interior - just like my old integral mouse on my cheapie old lap-top. Sorry : I love you Apple, I just wish you'd made this mouse genuinely cleanable !

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