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    Cleaning the scrolling button/Bluetooth mouse losing connection

    • Written by from STROUD

    Although a piece of plain paper (or the desktop) work well, the best thing I've found to clean the scrolling ball is the lens wipes I use to clean my glasses. Every time I clean my glasses I then roll the scrolling ball around on the wipe - lasts for ages. The other complaint I had with the bluetooth mouse was that it kept losing connection. However, I now have a wired keyboard and wireless mouse and the problem has gone away.

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    If the scroll ball stops working...

    • Written by from Godalming

    If the scroll ball stops working...Get a clean bit of paper, turn the mouse upside down, then rub the ball on the paper...Tah Dah! gunk comes off the ball onto the paper and the mouse works again.

    Great mouse, yes the ball jams up every now and again, but clean as above and you're away.

    Just going to get a replacement, the cable connection has gone, but I've had it a few years, so not too upset.

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    mighty mouse good but not quite great

    • Written by from WAREHAM

    Found it to be great mouse to use apart from the scroll button, which was great until it clogged and stopped working. But after reading review by Nichola T and followed her instructions found it worked perfectly. Maybe the Apple support people should check out this advice.

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    Answer to an frequently raised gripe!

    • Written by from Wemyss Bay

    I've had a wired mouse with the scrolling ball for over 18 months. The ball does gum up from time to time, but every time the problem has been sorted by vigorously rolling it under a tesco multiaction wet wipe. I am amazed how consistently it sorts the problem of the sticking ball out, and yet so few appear to have chanced upon this solution. Try it!

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    How to unstick the scroll wheel

    • Written by from Keighley

    1. Unplug your mouse from the keyboard
    2. Clean it thoroughly on the outside (remove anything stuck to the underside etc.
    3. Get a can of 'old-fashioned' lighter fuel (Zippo type - can be bought at most supermarkets at the ciggy counter.
    4. Squirt a 'small' amount of fluid over the scroll wheel so that it enters the top of the mouse.
    5. Turn mouse upside down and roll it vigorously over lint free cloth (I actually use my jeans).

    That should clear any (human) grease from the wheel and its inner parts.

    I have two of these beasts and both are 3/4 years old now and both work fine using this method.

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    good mouse

    • Written by from Melton Mowbray

    Have used these mice since came out and whilst there may be rare ball crunching they are far easier to live with than the overly sensitive multi-touch variety. Just keep a clean working environment and don't eat at the keyboard, use a plate

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    Mighty (most if the time) Mouse

    • Written by from EAST GRINSTEAD

    I have had mine from 2006 and it still works pretty much perfectly. Yes, it is annoying when the little ball stops functioning fully but I concur with others that unplugging it, turning it over onto a clean cloth or piece of paper and moving it vigorously in all directions for a while (I have always hit my boredom threshold long before a whole minute) then plugging it back in. Lo and behold, it is back to full operation! Having said that it is surprising, given the consistent level of comment on this issue, Apple have not come up with a technical improvement. There is the Magic Mouse now, of course, but that does not work well with older MACS (fine with new ones).

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    almost perfect...

    • Written by from dunbar

    I really like this mouse. Unlike almost every other mouse on the market it doesn't look like it is trying to be a weapon. Why do mice tend to look like cheap props from bad films where people keep saying things like I think we've got a SITUATION and Its time to KICK SOME APPLES? (the review censor robot won't let me use the words i want which is a bit of a pain in the apples...) Its very light too. I've had mine for two years now and though the scroll ball has gummed up once or twice the paper trick (see other reviews) has always worked for me. I think if your hands are always clean when you use it and you don't eat at your desk you'll be fine.

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    Good mouse...if problems with scroll bar...

    • Written by from St Albans

    1: Unplug mouse.

    2: Turn upside down

    3: Roll on a blank piece of paper in all directions for 60 seconds.

    4. Plug mouse in and it works.


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    Almost 5 stars

    • Written by from Wakefield

    Superb mouse, very slick.

    The scroll bar/button works extremely well, like a little track-ball.

    I had a slight problem in that right-clicking didn't always happen. I've figured it out now, you have to lift your other finger from the left side of the mouse - I think the clever touch sensitive top shell is a little too sensitive. So perhaps just 'normal' buttons may have been better?

    Only other note is that the USB wire is a little too short (not a problem for those who plug it into the Apple wired keyboard that has USB sockets).
    Incidently, the Apple wired keyboard comes with a USB extension which isn't really needed for the keyboard - it should be packaged with the mouse however.

    Overall, impressed :)

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    Bad scroll ball

    • Written by from EDINBURGH

    Great mouse in general but after a few month the scroll ball stopped working. Fixed it my self but it is not working as smooth as in the beginning.

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    • Written by from London

    I too have had problems with my scroll wheel after a couple of months. Would not scroll up, only down. After checking forums I have found this useful bit of information:

    1) Unplug the mouse
    2) Get a paper towel and dampen it.
    3) Flip the mouse upside down and roll the ball on the damp papertowel, going up and down, side to side and in circles. Do this for a bit. Applying a slight amount of pressure
    4) Take a plain sheet of paper, and on a hard surface do the same thing that you did to the papertowel. Applying a slight amount of pressure.
    5) Plug it back in and test it.

    This worked for me, and apparently with applecare your mouse will be covered anyway.

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    Best mouse ever

    • Written by from Odense N

    I've used my mouse every day for over a year and there has never been a problem with either mouse or wheel - Maybe you should wash your hands once in a while ;-)..

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    It's nice

    • Written by from Rotherham

    Nice solid build, takes a little more than normal force to click however but you soon get used to it. Good movement and the scroll ball is good, I would recommend it.

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    What's all the scroll ball fuss?

    • Written by from SUDBURY

    Let me start off by saying I have had this mouse since November 2007. March 4th 2009 and Never had a problem with the scroll ball. Either I'm just very lucky or I have the worlds least oily fingers (quite possibly the latter as it takes me 2 months plus before I wear out guitar strings and I play at least 4 hours a day)

    Only gripe I have with the mouse is that sometimes it can't tell if your clicking the primary or secondary even when clicking in the exact same spot on the mouse.

    Other than that the mouse is good. could be a bit more sensitive but all in all 4 out of 5, comfortable, stylish and a nice weight in your hands.

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    Awesome when it works!

    • Written by from Fleetwood

    I had a major problem with this mouse when it decided not to scroll down anymore. However I have sorted this problem with the simple "turning the mouse upside-down and rubbing the rollerball with a cloth" method. It took about 3-4 mins of vigorous rubbing but it did eventually clear the rollerball and I can now use the mouse without any hassle!

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    Side button solution

    • Written by from SHERBORNE

    I've had mine for 18 months and this week is the first time I've had trouble with the scroll ball and was on the point of buying another one here - that's a kind of testimonial by implication!. Then I saw the post about the upside-down cleaning thing - which worked great so now I'm spending (less) money on a new keyboard instead!
    I agree that the side buttons can catch you out at the most infuriating moments when dragging - but my solution is to set the squeeze action to Application Switcher and at least the unintended interruption is less annoying and more easily dismissed than in the default case with Spaces invoked.

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    Mighty Mouse Scroll Wheel

    • Written by from Southampton

    I have to write and congratulate SL from Waterlooville on his tip about the scroll wheel on the mighty mouse. I have both a wired and wireless version both of which did not work, again after about a years use. I was actually looking for a replacement until I saw this post and now I have no need. Having followed these directions they are both now fully functional. I can now give these products four stars. I would give them five except I replaced a mighty mouse a year ago due to a failure of the scroll so I now feel I have wasted my money.

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    A good product but not without flaws.

    • Written by from Wakefield

    I own both a wireless and wired version of the mighty mouse and while I enjoy using both the wired version does seem to suffer from more issues than it's Bluetooth brother (or sister).

    I'm not a fan of the 'force-sensing' buttons on the side. They seem to be un-reactive unless you really give them some stick when you want to use them yet very easy to accidentally press when you're dragging and dropping something. This is possibly down to my technique owning to having not bothered with mice with buttons other than the usual two (or three) before.

    The scroll-ball is a great improvement on usual scroll-wheels however it can easly get clogged up with dirt. I have only had this problem but I have managed to clean this out before and it then works again perfectly.

    All in all a very good mouse but, given that the wireless version isn't a great deal more expensive, over priced.

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    Also read if scrollwheel is not working!

    • Written by from Waterlooville

    Following on from the review entitled "READ THIS if scrollwheel not working" -

    After trying the trick stated in this review then find something very thin (ie. safety pin) and try scraping all of the dirt etc. in and around the wheel. It sounds like an operation that could destroy it but it worked for me. I do not however condone doing this if you feel there is a risk of breaking it so BE CAREFUL! Hope it works.

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