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    My favourite mouse, despite its major design flaw (cleaning!)

    Having used virtually every mouse that Apple has made since the original "puck" that came with my first iMac 18 years ago, and tried various other models, this wired mouse is still my favourite: I can easily scroll both vertically and horizontally with the scroller-ball (when it works — much more versatile than a wheel), use it as a 3rd/middle button, and have had no difficulty, once I got used to it, in left-clicking and right-clicking. It's comfortable in my hand, glides easily, tracks smoothly and accurately, clicks positively… what more can you want?

    Well, of course, what you also want is a mouse that keeps working, and as everyone knows, this sealed unit is not that. I've had my present Apple Mouse (my 4th I think) about two years, and about a year ago, it stopped scrolling vertically, despite all my attempts to keep it clean. I finally lost patience, and was about to order another when I found myself reading these reviews.

    My experience has been the same as that of most people here, but some claim that different cleaning techniques actually work. None that I've tried until now have worked for long.

    BUT, after trying one method after another over the years, I've found one that to my amazement has breathed life back into my moribund mouse, and it now scrolls again, after a year of getting more and more stuck.

    • Spray a little lighter fuel around the ball, and wait a couple of seconds
    • Invert the mouse and rub the ball over a piece of plain printer-paper, on a plain hard surface
    • Keep at it for at least a minute (it took me almost two minutes)

    My mouse is working again! Now… where was that old mouse that stopped working years ago?

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    Great mouse, 'broken' scroll wheel easily fixable...

    Fantastic mouse ...
    Just like to thank whoever put the fix up for the unresponsive scroll ball involving rolling the mouse around upside down on a bit of paper ... all the dust etc. comes out and hey presto it's good again!:)

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    A great device, but not if you have a large desk!

    The mouse works just fine and the programmable features are a bonus. Great if you're used to the old version.

    I disagree with the complaints about the scroll ball becoming clogged, hasn't happened to me and I can't see how it would unless the environment is dirty.

    My only concern (and hence four out of five stars) is the length of the cable. It's short; really short. Unless your Mac's right next to you on the desk you'll struggle without an extension cable. And if you're a stickler for things being 'just right', an Apple extension will set you back a reasonable amount even on eBay.

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    Why no Laser?

    Why is it that Apple only make top of the line product's except this mouse?

    I don't want a Wireless Mouse, I want a Mouse with Cord AND Laser precision!

    Else no probs with this Mouse, the Scroll Wheel can be cleaned with no problems.

    But Only 4/5 Stars because missing the Laser!

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    Great Mouse....

    Great little mouse; gorgeous design, easy to use... I've only had mine a few weeks I'll admit, but so far I've no problems with the scroll ball at all.

    The only downside is that the wired usb connection is pretty short; of course, if you're using a macbook, you're not going to have that much space in which to use it anyway, but for those with a larger desk space the extra money for the wireless mouse is worth it.

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    Scroll Bar not working.

    My scroll bar was not scrolling up and I took the advice written on 8th January, to use a blank piece of paper and it worked! Thank you.

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    doesn't just look good. feels a little odd initially but once your used to it its a beauty!

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    READ THIS if scrollwheel not working

    OK, granted, there is a flaw in the design of this mouse, but I bet 90% of mice problems can be solved like this:

    1. unplug the mouse from the keyboard
    2. turn it upside down
    3. roll the scrollwheel in all directions on a blank (clean) piece of paper, in all directions, for 60 seconds
    4. re-attach

    bingo! works every time. this is a good mouse in both OS X and Windows, I have used it for gaming and is excellent for browsing large webpages or large documents, with its 360 degree scrollwheel. although at times i want to get away from the mouse/keyboard combo (it is 2008 now, after all), at least this Mighty Mouse lessens the pain somewhat.

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    Class mouse

    Been reading Mighty Mouse reviews - a disconcerting experience. After buying the new updated and top-drawer Mac Mini (super drive), I thought I'd also treat myself to a Mighty Mouse. It's one of the best Mac products I've bought. Period. Listen guys, it does actually do what it says on the box. But, if you use it while guzzling your doughnuts with cream and cafe au lait, well, it's gonna get..., sticky. So what? But, it's easy to sort. Just read the advice! Rub the ball, upside-down, with a damp (not wet) cloth a few times, and it's brand new. Can you guys not read or something??? Just do it and stop grouching! And roll on!

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    So along comes Mighty Mouse and completely evolutionizes my work flow. I can't tell you what an improvement this thing makes. I know you can get a stupid ugly looking windows mouse with a scroll wheel for ages but frankly I can't lower my standards. So apple has kicked it big time with this. It's amazing. Having read all of the reviews here I've been anticipating the worst with the wheel, but with bearing all of what I've read in mind, I've once a week used an alcohol wipe to give it a quick clean. 3 months down he track and it's running just as smooth as ever. Of corse it would be nice if I didn't have to clean it, but what are the options? Mighty Mouse or some ugly uninspiring heap of junk design that leaves me feeling sad.. :)

    So I've given it 4 stars for the cleaning issue (which may not be a problem at al) AND one other reason...I LOVE the addition of the side squeeze buttons, I have it set to desktop (squeeze buttons and it moves all windows away to reveal the desktop - GENIOUS ! ) but when I'm retouching photos (which is alot of the time) I have to turn it off. The buttons are placed right where my hands hold the mouse and I constantly activate it and end up wanting to throw my Macbook Pro across room.

    Normal use how ever it's fine and you can deactvate the function so that nothing happens. BUT...it's SUCH a good feature that I want it and I think it would be better having the buttons some where else. No I can't move my hands, it's where they sit best.

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    Not bad

    this mouse is one of the best mice that ive owned, and i havent really had any problems with it. I think its due to how you use it, because i look after mine, so the scroll ball hasnt clogged.

    The only problem ive had is that the USB cable is catastrophically short, i can only just get it around my MacBook from the USB ports, the design element in that was useless.

    The design of the mouse itself is fantastic, if i could warrant the £50 to buy the wireless one i would, because that one im sure is flawless.

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    Scroll ball cleaning tip

    My mouse stopped scrolling after a few months, have just cleaned the ball with an alcohol screen wipe and it's now working perfectly.

    Suggest you try before binning!

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    Scroll Ball Issues

    If I were to redesign this mouse...
    I would put an optical tracker on the top as well as the bottom - and thus the mouse would lose it's ball (remember mice with balls?) and all these moving parts issue would go away!
    I had a little trouble right clicking in games with it though - tended to left click a bit (but that could just be that the game is broken!)

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