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    For Scroll Wheel problem do THIS IT WORKS

    I copied and pasted this from the review before me and it worked!!!!

    OK, granted, there is a flaw in the design of this mouse, but I bet 90% of mice problems can be solved like this: 1. unplug the mouse from the keyboard 2. turn it upside down 3. roll the scrollwheel in all directions on a blank (clean) piece of paper, in all directions, for 60 seconds 4. re-attach bingo! works every time. this is a good mouse in both OS X and Windows, I have used it for gaming and is excellent for browsing large webpages or large documents, with its 360 degree scrollwheel. although at times i want to get away from the mouse/keyboard combo (it is 2008 now, after all), at least this Mighty Mouse lessens the pain somewhat.

    The mouse has actually lasted me 3 years until the ball clogged, so as long as you clean it like this it will last even longer.

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    It's as good for the Windows as it is the Mac

    I want to eventually move to the Mac; but for the time being I'm stuck on Windows. Mighty Mouse works brilliantly on Windows as it does on the Mac. Best mouse I've used in a very long time.

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    The Best Mouse in Business

    I cannot give this any less than 5 stars as ergonomically, features wise and for appearance it wins hands down compared to the competition.

    In fact to be fair there isn't really any competition for the Mighty Mouse so get one now!

    Only problem that seems to occur for some people is the track ball may start to not function in one or more directions. Bit of advice for this: don't eat your dinner and use a mouse at the same time, this will not aid it's life expectancy. If you do get this problem - firstly, get yourself some iKlear, spray a generous amount on the cloth and run the trackball on it. If this does not clear the dirt, get yourself to an Apple Store and ask them to clear the dirt with some compressed air from behind the Genius Bar. Problem Solved.

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    Great little mouse

    I've had this mouse for 9 months, replacing a PC type mouse. It's terrific. I especially like the the fact that you don't have to use massive amounts of pressure to use the scroll button and side-clicks. Goodbye RSI.

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    My Mighty Mouse works fine!

    I have had my mighty mouse for 11 months now and I have had no problems with it! I use it everyday and havent had to clean it at all! I would recommend

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    Scrolling problems?

    I have read about this scrolling problem with this mouse because this same problem happened to me too.
    I noticed that someone gave us an important advice to clean that little scrolling device.
    I cleaned it and now my mouse works like a dream.
    Beautiful device, I must say. It's like every other device that Apple does, works beautifully and it's an enjoy to handle.

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    Is this the best mouse ever?

    This is the most ergonomic mouse I have ever used. It feel so good in the hand and I have spent many hours just touching it with love in my eyes. If the little ball on top stops working wipe it with a cloth. A small price to pay for such a thing of beauty.

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