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    scroll ball

    very good mouse 1 bad thing about it is the scroll ball when it gets dirty it clogs up then when you clean it using white plain paper if you rub it to hard the scroll ball pushes down and is hard to take out

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    Cleaning the scrolling button/Bluetooth mouse losing connection

    Although a piece of plain paper (or the desktop) work well, the best thing I've found to clean the scrolling ball is the lens wipes I use to clean my glasses. Every time I clean my glasses I then roll the scrolling ball around on the wipe - lasts for ages. The other complaint I had with the bluetooth mouse was that it kept losing connection. However, I now have a wired keyboard and wireless mouse and the problem has gone away.

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    If the scroll ball stops working...

    If the scroll ball stops working...Get a clean bit of paper, turn the mouse upside down, then rub the ball on the paper...Tah Dah! gunk comes off the ball onto the paper and the mouse works again.

    Great mouse, yes the ball jams up every now and again, but clean as above and you're away.

    Just going to get a replacement, the cable connection has gone, but I've had it a few years, so not too upset.

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    Would like to give Zero Stars

    When it works it's the best mouse I've used. However this is only for a very short time. The ball clogs and it won't scroll. You follow the advice in reviews and it works for a week or two then stops again. You follow the advice again but it doesn't work this time and you have to buy a new mouse. This having just spent £2000 on a computer. This company has gone from innovative to rip off in my humble opinion.!!

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    I'm not bothering

    The comments made in these reviews have all happened to my mouse and therefore I will not be replacing for another as the chances of it working properly are very slim and it is after all, an expensive piece of the equipment.

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    Wired roller ball mouse

    Disappointed with the reliability and quality for the price paid. I have had two of these mice now and both had their roller ball fail within six months of purchase, i would have expected something more robust from Apple.

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    mighty mouse good but not quite great

    Found it to be great mouse to use apart from the scroll button, which was great until it clogged and stopped working. But after reading review by Nichola T and followed her instructions found it worked perfectly. Maybe the Apple support people should check out this advice.

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    Nice mouse but – two big buts

    Generally a nice mouse to use but just when you're getting used to the luxury of the scroll-ball after years with classic Apple single-button mice, that's when it starts clogging and you're back to square 1.
    Also agree with those who've said the cable is too short.

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    poor design

    I have had 3 of these mice and they all suffered the same problem. The tiny ball gets dirty and stops working. I tried to clean one of them properly but I ended up breaking it. Do not buy, save yourself some grief.

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    Cable too short!

    I bought the mouse, connected it to the Mac, disconnected it and returned it straight away. Why? The cable is far too short and cannot be used with a Mac 17" and a user being right handed. For a left hander it might just do the job.
    If there were a USB socket on the right hand side of the Mac it would probably work. But there is none, all the USBs are on the left hand side.

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    See also my keyboard review

    Nice mouse, but cable FAR too short. When plugged into the keyboard the wire curls and sits near to where the cable goes into the mouse. Result is that the body of the mouse is lifted off the surface so it doesn't work. Of course, you don't spend any time looking at the mouse, it's done by feel and looking at the screen, so it always comes as a bit of a surprise! Had the equipment for a few months now, and it's getting worse: two or three times an hour. Otherwise delighted with my iMac.

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    Don't Panic Buy Just Yet!

    I've never written a review before but felt I had to share my experience with others.

    I stumbled across the other reviews as I was on the Apple Store to buy a new mouse as I had become fed up with the rollerball sticking. I could scroll up but down was a no go and had been for weeks/months. I was so glad I read the reviews before wasting £40 on a new one!

    There are a few suggested solutions for cleaning the ball however I went for the multi surface disposal cleaning wipe solution (as I already had the wipes under the sink!). I unplugged the mouse and rolled the ball back and forth along the cloth and after no time at all, the mouse is as good as new - albeit smelling with a hint of lemon!

    With the rollerball sorted and an easy solution at hand, I'd give the mouse 5 stars. The ball does clog with the moisture and oil from your hand and I've now learned regular cleaning is required. I agree with other posters that the lead is short however that suits me as I have the keyboard with the mouse USB port at the right hand side. If you are looking for a mouse that requires a longer lead, I would suggest looking at something else.

    Many thanks to the earlier posters whose efforts saved me money! :-)

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    Scroll Ball Is FINE

    I've been using this mouse for about four years now and never had a problem with the scroll ball, it's called cleaning your mouse. I just clean it with a small towel after I've dried my hands, obviously the ball will stop working if you constantly use it with dirty hands, but It's only a quick clean away from working.

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    VERY BAD! - expensive, unreliable and cable ridiculously short

    I admire Apple tremendously and we have two MacBooks and I have an iPhone - all of which are great but having recently bought the mighty mouse for my new Macbook - I would completely agree with the other negative feedbacks here, basically: EXPENSIVE, UNRELIABLE AND CABLE RIDICULOUSLY SHORT!

    Recommendation: Buy something else (I'm choosing one of the better looking conventional mice, which is incidentally 1/3 of the price)

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    Apple Mouse Ball not working

    This is a good mouse but I found that inverting it and rolling it around on paper does not always get the ball working. The ball would scroll up but not down. I asked the staff at the Kingston Apple store and they said they had the same problem.
    I read a suggestion to use a split drinking straw to clean the ball but
    I have just tried using a small artist's paint brush to clean the clearance space around the ball using isopropyl alcohol. I applied this fairly liberally and then inverted the mouse, rolled it around on clean paper and then blew it dry with a photo clean air can. It now works perfectly. Don't overdo the alcohol, though!
    I use this mouse for film editing in Final Cut and it works perfectly and is easy to use.

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    Put away the screwdriver!!

    I love my Apple Mouse, wouldn't be without it.

    I just read a review on here suggesting that if the scroll ball stops working, you should prise it apart with a screwdriver =[ Step away from the sledgehammer, people...

    If the scroll ball stops working, you can make the perfect cleaning tool using a drinking straw and a pair of sharp scissors. Make two half-inch lateral cuts in the end of the straw so you have two tiny gutter-shaped pieces of plastic; bend one up out of the way. Use this tool to gently clean around the ball. You can dip the straw in nail varnish remover first if your mouse gunk is particularly gunky. Happy scrolling =]

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Not a good mouse

    Great when you get it, or at least you feel it ought to be given how much you've probably just paid.

    Spend £8 on a Logitech wireless mouse and you'll get something MUCH better than this.

    The Apple mouse doesn't work. It gums up after a month or so, after a few months the rollerball stops working no matter what you do. And its hard to take apart without breaking it.

    Very poor design. And I say this as a Mac enthusiast. Its pants, don't buy it.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Expensive to buy, Flimsy and shoddily constructed. Not worth the star !

    Once upon a time Apple mice were solidly built and durable until some buffoon at the design/marketing stage decided that if you produced badly constructed mice that fell apart quickly customers would buy more of them. The old mouse that came with the original I-Mac was great, sturdy, long-lasting and stylish. In fact so stylish that someone stole mine at an internet cafe. No one has stolen this one yet and if they did using it would be punishment enough. This is a shoddy product.

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    Answer to an frequently raised gripe!

    I've had a wired mouse with the scrolling ball for over 18 months. The ball does gum up from time to time, but every time the problem has been sorted by vigorously rolling it under a tesco multiaction wet wipe. I am amazed how consistently it sorts the problem of the sticking ball out, and yet so few appear to have chanced upon this solution. Try it!

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    Excellent until it breaks

    We have some 10 of these mice in my company, 2 work fine after some 1-2 years, the others have totally given up or the scroll ball is so flimsy that it stops working (usually in one direction first, then the other). Even when under AppleCare Apple won't do anything about it apart from fixing them, and then they fail again. I am very disappointed and will not be buying them again!

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