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    Not worth the native pad on MB Pro

    • Written by from epinay-sur-seine

    Well my trackpad broke twice on my MBP 2009, bought 2010, as the CD player, as I had enough to pay for a repair who will not last long ( the heat made the alu case expanding blocking the track making it unusable) I decided to buy a trackpad, thinking it will the same thing than the native pad on MBP, but it is not it is so slow, and you can't even adjust the speed scroll on the system preferences. It doesn't make it instinctive as the native one, making simple things frustrating to move or to search. And last thing I have used to use my native one under snow leopard, so I don't know if under maverick , they changed the way to use it, but it seems less practical, and really much customisable.

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    Bit disappointed

    • Written by from Falmouth

    I had high hopes for this but trackpad as i'm v happy with the the one built into my MBP but unfortunately the desktop version doesn't perform as well. I've had it several weeks now and I still keep inadvertently inputing gestures I didn't intend and I find it quite uncomfortable to use because of the angle it sits at. To alleviate mild wrist aches I now have the front edge propped up on a notepad to make it level and rest my forearm on a book so that my hand falls naturally level with the trackpad. This works and makes everything more comfortable but it's hardly the minimalist ergonomic marvel I'd like. My advice is --- Have a good try of one of these in a store before you buy.

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    Trackpad Issues

    • Written by from Worcester

    Generally the trackpad is a good idea, with apparent good battery life.
    I do however find it frustrating to use over a mouse. My biggest gripe is the tracking area does not match or is adjustable to match my screen size. Consequently I find that I'm using two hands when I want to move items from top of the screen to the trash can.

    Have tried to find a solution, but as yet no luck, thinking of getting a Wacom or mouse.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Touchpad. Pity corroded batteries make you bin it

    • Written by from Hyde

    Bought one of these couple of years back

    great input device.

    Top quality branded batteries corroded and welded themselves to the battery compartment.
    No way to get them out, outside 12 month warranty period, Tried numerous methods to get them out including drilling a hole in the batteries(Do NOT try this at home!). to release the pressure. eventually got the batteries out but before I could clean out the compartment management to crack the glass top.
    Apple design team look into it please like the numerous forums requested ages ago

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    Trackpad Feet

    • Written by from Norhampton

    The Magic Trackpad is absolutely wonderful apart from one thing. If you move the Pad around too much the little rubber feet pop out. It is not too much trouble to put them back but they get weaker and fall out more often BUT... It does not appear to be possible to buy spare rubber feet which should cost a few pence. Come on Apple support your supporters

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    A little bit 'meh'

    • Written by from Kings Langley

    When the trackpad is working, it is working wonderfully. The issue that I have had with the trackpad is the rubber feet coming out from the underside of the device. If this happens you are in trouble! The trackpad also likes to stay in the down 'clicked' position (again probably due to the feet) which is very annoying!

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    Almost great!

    • Written by from Stratford-upon-Avon

    I spend 8hrs a day at work using a computer, so to avoid RSI I have used everything from standard mice to Wacom tablets to ergonomic mice to rollerball mice, so thought I'd try the trackpad.

    The micro switches are located on the bottom edge which means that if you click-tap at the top edge you have to tap really quite hard, much harder than when you click at the bottom edge. This makes it tiring to use, cos you have to think about how hard you tap depending on where your finger is on the trackpad. It's not the same as a laptop trackpad, which has an even click all over.

    Basically, I suggest you test one in a shop to see if you like it before stumping up the cash! I suspect the next version will be much better.

    Used with an iMac running OS X 10.6.8

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    Waiting to be disscovered

    • Written by from EDINBURGH

    This is a great bit of kit when you eventually get to use it. The Trackpad works fine with no problems on my Mac Pro but it's a different story on my iMac. If I have to reboot my iMac then it takes at least 10-15 mins, switching the pad on and off and using a mouse to fiddle with settings etc. to reconnecet. I love using the pad but please apple sort out the awful connectivity issues.

    PS. a battery charge indicator as my wireless Keybord and Mouse would be nice also.

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    Think its good, but can't tell

    • Written by from Nicholasville

    First off, I have to clarify. Using this on a Mac Pro without internal bluetooth. I bought this along with the here advertised Belkin mini bluetooth. And they don't seem to like eachother. Basically to get it to work, each time the computer comes out of sleep I have to unplug then replug the bluetooth and pair manually. In order to this you obviously have to have another mouse, so it defeats the purpose. I'm sure this is a great product when it works, but just to warn you - don't use it with the Belkin mini bluetooth for sale on this site!

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    Of Limited Use

    • Written by from Alfriston

    There are things that the Trackpad will not do therefore it can only be used in tandem with the Mouse e.g. I have two accounts on my computer and when changing from wife's account to mine it will not log back in without input from my mouse. It does not put up the pop up tabs for Trash but opens the folder. Selecting a group of e-mail addresses is a real fiddle also selecting a column of figures in Numbers for copying and pasting. However if you wish to expand a centre or rotate, and if you appreciate the design and look of Apple products (who does not?), if you like to own something NEW, then this might be for you. Personally I think it is a waste of money and am sticking with the Mouse. Much easier, less fiddling.

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