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    Great kit

    • Written by from London

    I use this with iMac Retina 5k 27inch, I find it far easier to use and responsive than a mouse. It takes a bit of time to get use to it, but once you do it is very comfortable to use.

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    • Written by from Bampton

    Just bought this Trackpad to complement my iMac Retina.

    The 27 inch iMac screen is big and wonderful. I was struggling to get the Mouse to move far/fast enough. This device solves that problem. You need to get over the idea of clicking everywhere. Simple tapping does most of it.

    Things to watch. Setting it up is easy, but the light on the Trackpad is microscopic so it's not easy to see what's going on as a device links to the iMac for the first time.

    Likewise it's not intuitively obvious what you need to do to eg select groups of files and drag them somewhere. You sometimes end up using two hands, or at least I do. The video with the trackpad is not exactly helpful on the wide range of practical tasks you need to perform doing normal work when you are used to the mouse approach. Still, playing with it gets you there.

    All in all, an outstanding piece of kit. You won't look back.

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    Fantastic mouse replacement

    • Written by from Rickmansworth

    I've always liked trackpads but the ones on most laptops are too small. The new MacBooks have larger ones, and inspired by how easy it is to use those, I picked up this one for use when my MacBook Air is connected to an external monitor and keyboard. It's just great, the huge surface area makes it easy to move the mouse almost anywhere on the screen without having to constantly raise the finger and reposition. I have it set on touch to click, never have liked physically clicking a button, and it works perfectly. To right-click it is best to position your fingers a little way apart. Scrolling is just so easy and natural. I only wish someone would make something similar for my work Windows machine! (Windows doesn't support it very well.)

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    Absolutely Fantastic.

    • Written by from Worthing

    I'm not quite sure what some of the people are on about below about poor battery life, I bought mine over a month ago and the battery is still at 76%. Absolutely fantastic, I rarely even turn it off and it works consistently. Always connects and the connection is never dropped. Blown away by this.

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    • Written by from Downpatrick

    I use my Magic Trackpad on a regular basis with satasfaction on every aspect of the product. It's simple but effective design rests pleasently adorn alongside my wireless keyboard enhancing its appearance to one's eye. I use my Magic Trackpad for my iMac, and it functions to suit all levels of intellegance and intellect. The glass surface creates an everlasting, comfortable surface to use frequently and the use of aluminium and polycarbonate on the product results in a simplistic and resiliant design. In conclusion I am overjoyed with my Magic Trackpad and I will enjoy using it as I am sure many others have also.

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    • Written by from Newtown

    I use this so I don't have to lean over the desk all the time to use the trackpad on the Macbook. Its exactly the same as the trackpad on the Macbook Pro. Much better than the mouse as well.

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    Perfect input device if you're a habitual laptop user

    • Written by from Cambridge

    I've almost exclusively used Mac laptops for almost a decade, and this adds up to a lot of practice on the keyboard/trackpad combo. I've got in to the habit of using a lot of gestures and trackpad-style movements, and I miss them when switching to a desktop with a mouse. I certainly work quicker with a trackpad than with a mouse, at least under OSX

    There are a few other neat conveniences: There is no need for tidy desk space next to the keyboard for the mouse to move around in. The transition between pointing and typing is much quicker as they trackpad stays in a fixed position. A trackpad is also insensitive to the desk surface, so you can use glass or glossy-coated desks.

    It's possible to use the trackpad hand-held or on a soft surface so long as you turn on 'tap to click' under System Preferences. Otherwise, you do need to be on a hard surface to activate the clicking action, which is actually via the two domed feet at the base of the trackpad.

    This device would be little use if you are a gamer and, like most trackpads, it's not necessarily the ideal tool for some 3D design or CAD programmes.

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    • Written by from LONDON

    Perhaps the easiest and most comfortable thing for using the comp.
    I really don't like working with computer mouses, as you have to move the device, I loved some of the trackballs, but it is difficult to find the one, which accommodates the hand the right way.
    This feels totally natural, amazingly fast and actually very precise.
    Not mentioning the joy of the touch - the material finish is amazing.
    Connects with iMac perfect way, easy to set up.
    My best recommendation!

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    • Written by from London

    Bought with Apple USB keyboard to use with my MacBook Pro & Cinema Display. Easier to use than the MacBook track pad and better suited ergonomically. Click function is positive and the various swipe gestures make life very easy.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Wouldn't go back to a mouse.

    • Written by from Edinburgh

    Selected the option for a trackpad to be shipped with my iMac and am continually pleased I did. The gesture support and response is immediate, reliable and accurate. During everyday use the trackpad is faultless and even detailed procedures are dealt with efficiently.

    Perhaps not the most appropriate input for serious gaming however, but thats to be expected.

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    apple magic trackpad

    • Written by

    i was looking for a mouse replacement i seen the Apple magic trackpad to go a side my apple wireless keyboard more my mac mini 2011 and i seen the apple trackpad and i set it up how i wanted to it is fantastic i love it so easy to use i have a mouse it in the cupboard i never use the mouse the trackpad is brilliant once u set it up how u want it don't read the native reviews i think i will never use the mouse now i have rechargeable batteries for my keyboard and trackpad i love everything about it i got used to mine quickly i love is sensitivity a must buy

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    Love it

    • Written by from Cradley Heath

    Excellent piece of kit, make sure you go into the preference panel to set it up in a way that's right for you. I've got achy joints so I needed to have a 'touch tap' rather than the physical press.

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    • Written by from Workington

    I received this with my 2012 iMac.

    I was a bit dubious of moving from a mouse to a trackpad but I needn't have been.

    From the numerous gestures it has, its far more useful than a mouse, don't get me wrong, the mouse in certain applications that require fine control would probably be better.

    When surfing for example I can swipe left or right with two fingers to go back and forward pages, three finger swipe up show Mission Control. A two fingered left swipe from the right edge shows Notification Centre. There are numerous other gestures, some of which are on the back of the trackpad's packaging, but others can be easily found by doing a internet search.

    The iMac is my first Mac (I've been a Windows user for 10 years) and with the iMac, trackpad, Mac OS, the move has been an absolute pleasure.

    I would recommend the trackpad over the mouse everytime, but I would still recommend having a mouse spare though, so that if you run into an application that requires fine control (such as photo editing) a mouse in this scenario might be better than the trackpad.

    The trackpad's whole surface is a button so this allows for a lot of different functions. The trackpad takes 2 AA batteries (which come supplied) but I purchased the Apple Battery charger to use when the supplied non rechargeable batteries eventually run out.

    The trackpad is typical Apple, i.e. beautifully designed, well made, and a joy to use.

    I highly recommend it!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Most excellent.

    • Written by from Nærum

    This is exactly what's needed, when hooking a MBP to an extra screen. This and the keyboard.

    Multitouch gestures is just something you must have for your mac, and the touchpad is an excellent addition to your desktop environment.

    You can even wake your Mac, by pressing the touchpad.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Liverpool

    Don't normally review products but I thought I have to for this! After researching heavily on whether to get the trackpad solely for the purpose of using it away from my MacBook Pro, I decided to go for it! It did not disappoint one bit! I totally recommend purchasing the trackpad over the magic mouse any day. I very much like the integrated trackpad on the MacBook and have became used to all the different gestures; now having the trackpad I can carry it around within the comfort of my own home when it is connected to the TV! Absolutely fantastic! Anyone contemplating on whether to get one? DO IT!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Don't buy a mouse!

    • Written by from LONDON

    Absolutely no point in purchasing a mouse...any mouse. This is evolution.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Just Buy It

    • Written by from Dartford

    What an awesome piece of kit. A small slab of aluminium, beautiful to use, silent and minimalistic. Unfortunately, as with most Apple products you need to buy another slice of aluminium to join the keyboard to the trackpad. When together they really work but be prepared to spend another £25 to achieve this! I highly recommend this product though.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from London

    I've just switched from the magic mouse, which was pretty good, to the magic pad, which is simply awesome. Beautiful bit of kit and fantastically ergonomical. Syncs easily with my MacBook Pro! Buy this over the magic mouse...it's only a few pounds more!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Simply Apple through and through

    • Written by from Wellesbourne

    First review i've done but thought this deserved writing about. Bought my new MBP last week and found myself struggling to do four finger swipes on the MBP trackpad (Strange because I don't have large hands) . Decided to bite the bullet and buy a Magic Trackpad, best purchase i've made. Gestures are easier to make and it is much more comfortable to use the Magic Trackpad than the MBP trackpad. Tried the Magic Mouse and would recommend the Magic Trackpad over the Magic Mouse to anyone.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Middlesbrough

    Wasnt sure if this trackpad would be a waste of money or not as the magic mouse does a great job. I didnt really want to replace my magic mouse but was told i could use both without any problems.

    After a year of putting it off i decided to get one because im upgrading from snow leopard to mountain lion and fancied it. After 1 hour of using the TrackPad i am amazed. I thought it would be similar to a mouse pads but its not its much more. Im not a fan of a mouse pad on a laptop but for some reason i love this track pad.

    I feel like i can navigate better and quick around my iMac. My magic mouse is still here and when touched is activated with no lag, its instant moving from trackpad and magic mouse.

    Im currently using it on Snow leopard and still the trackpad is amazing. After the update to Mountain Lion the trackpad will become more useful and therefore be more impressive.

    If your considering buying a track pad you wont be disappointed and if you were like me and not keen on a mouse pad on a laptop, think i wont be that useful, and a waste of money then if purchased you will be proven wrong.

    Im really happy with my purchase, the £59 is now justified. Dont hesitate to get one but do it.


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