• 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Beautiful compact design

    • Written by from Chester

    The first thing that strikes you is the beautiful compact design of the Apple Charger unlike other cumbersome chargers on general sale.

    One reviewer had a slight grumble about the price but having priced other chargers and packs of batteries, thought it a fair price as it will pay for itself fairly quickly. Especially, when considering the cost of replacing non-rechargeable batteries over time.

    It was easy to put the component sections together and sits neatly in the wall socket. Dad was impressed with its overall design and quality of build, liked the fact there are no springs in the battery section as usually found in chargers.

    As a newcomer to Apple having just bought an iMac have not had a chance to really test the durability of battery charge but like any rechargeable product this takes a few recharges to kick in properly.

    I would recommend this product to others, especially if space is an issue.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from HYTHE

    Comes with 6 rechargeable batteries (so 2 in your Magic Mouse, 2 in your Wireless Keyboard and 2 on charge).

    The description says the batteries are delivered fully charged, but still took 5 hours on charge out of the box until they went 'green' - when put in my Magic Mouse the charge level was 88%, but this is due to them puffing out 1.2v instead of 1.5v.

    Rechargeables always give out 1.2v so perhaps Apple should change the indicator, but other than that they're fine.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    It's a 2 x AA Ni-MH battery charger

    • Written by from Douglas

    How can a little device like this create so much understanding? It does its job very well and in accordance with Apple's claims.

    -- it charges 2 cells at a time.

    Apple's description and pictures make this clear.

    -- the indicated charge in Apple's mouse preferences will not show 100%.

    This is nothing to do with the charger but with the battery chemistry. Non-rechargeable (or primary) batteries when new have a voltage of 1.5 V. Rechargeable Ni-MH batteries have a fully-charged voltage of 1.2 V, which is around 80% of 1.5. The "missing charge" hasn't gone anywhere as it was never there in the first place. Perhaps Apple should change the Preferences display to show voltage.

    So, the good points:

    It is very compact and sits quite happily in a standard power distribution strip (at least with UK plugs).

    It has a clear, simple indication of the charging state.

    Low current draw and effective charge management mean you can leave 2 batteries permanently on charge ready for swapping in.

    The 6 cells supplied are targeted at the current wireless keyboard and mouse - 2 cells in each device and 2 on charge ready to swap.

    I have yet to find out how long the cells will last. I get the impression that the charger implements a charging rate that will give the cells a long life. Rapid chargers can reduce the lifespan of Ni-MH cells.

    The only thing I thought could be better was the UK cost - so 4 stars.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Slightly dissapointed

    • Written by from Bedford

    Mine arrived today and when taking it out of the box, I was disappointed to see it only charges a max of 2 batteries at a time, which is pointless for my 1st gen Aluminum Wireless Keyboard as it has 3 batteries,.
    It would have been much better if it charged 4 at a time. This would be beneficial to those newer keyboards and mice that have 2 batteries, and could be charged at the same time.

    Still, its a very small and compact unit, worth £25 of anyone money - Just have to keep all of the 6 batteries charged so that I have 3 available when the keyboard dies. I may just have to buy an additional 2 batteries when they become available.

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