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    Batteries have lasted a year

    • Written by from Bedworth

    Good idea, worked fine, but now the 2nd pair of batteries won't charge at all and i'm back to buying normal batteries. Not under warranty I don't think anymore

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    The Charger does not charge the batteries fully

    • Written by from Woodmansey

    I bought the Apple Charger with its batteries thinking that this would be the end of making sure I had enough new batteries available for my Apple keyboard, my Apple magic mouse and my Apple Trackpad but the Apple charger only charges the batteries at the most 64%. I have had this for a month now, the thought that the Apple Batteries would " wear in " and charge to a higher rate has not happened and I seem to be changing these batteries in each device more than once a week. It is regrettable but I am going back to buying non- rechargeable new batteries as they last at least a month and I don't have to fiddle about changing and constantly checking the Apple rechargeable batteries with the Apple charger. Is anyone else having the same trouble with these.

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    Makes me wonder.

    • Written by from Tampere

    So this was pretty cheap and I thought why not buy it. One thing just makes me really wonder, I can't get any of the batteries to hold more than ~80% of power. I mean shouldn't it go all the way up? The last of the bunch only got up to 63% and my Magic Mouse has (magically) used over 10% of that in a day! They were in my closet for two weeks, the first bunch lasted that long. I'd buy more reliable batteries.

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    Holding their charge???

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    My first apple battery charger never delivered a full battery charge. It also indicated a green light after about an hour and a half charging when the batteries were actually only 60% charged. On one occasion the charge in the battery actually reduced after five hours. The other problem was that after 10 days of low usage the cells in the magic mouse lost 40% of their charge.

    I've since replaced the original charger and batteries, however, the cells are still losing 4% charge on a daily basis, when they would typically lose 0.5-1% through self discharge at room temperature. This never occurred with the original alkaline batteries and if anything I am presently using the mouse less, not more.

    I thought the Apple NiMH batteries 'hold a charge for an incredibly long time' but this has not been my experience of late. I know these are not low self-discharge NiMH batteries but 4% daily charge loss is unacceptable. They may be rechargeable but at this rate I'll be charging every 20 days, especially the keyboard batteries.

    On another note and to clear the apparent confusion about number of batteries in the wireless keyboard, the new version takes 3 while the previous model took 2.

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    Not enough batteries!

    • Written by from Sandbach

    2 in my keyboard... 2 in my mouse... 2 in my trackpad... means no batteries on charge!

    C'mon Apple, don't be so tight, give us eight batteries!!!

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