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    Half and half

    My camera does not work yet the SD card imports photos and fails to import HD movies properly, I get a green screen.

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    I have a SONY camera which has a mini SD memory in it. I very recently bought the new iPad and I bought this camera kit along with it. When I opened this kit and tried to put mini SD memory of my camera in the kit it did not work. After thoroughly investigating the problem it revealed that yet I had to buy an adapter in order to place mini SD memory in side the kit. This adapter is not part of the kit and has to be bought separately. So be careful to check your camera memory before buying this kit for the IPad. In my opinion the adapter should have been part of kit with little money added in the over all price of the kit.

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    Importing old photos

    Using the SD card holder or the USB adaptor I can easily import new images, including RAW images, taken on all my family’s cameras: Canon EOS 500D, S100, Ixus 950 IS, Ixus 850 IS, and Olympus Stylus 410. Delight changed to disappointment when I tried to import images downloaded to an SD card from my PC.
    It’s clear that my iPad will only import images conforming to the DCF standard (Design rule for Camera File system) which specifies the partition, folder and file format for camera SD cards. The file name of most of my old images unfortunately does not conform to the DCF standad as they were derived from film scans or had been edited, cropped and renamed at some time. But, simply renaming my old images in DCF format and downloading them to the image folder of a camera formatted SD card enables my iPad to import them. I rename images in the Canon format: IMG_0001.JPG, IMG_0002.JPG etc.

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    Camera Kit wont work since iOS 5.1 update ?????

    When it works this is brillant...

    This is a very useful tool and one of the main reasons I purchased the ipad. Worked great on my Ipad2 until recent software/firmware update to 5.1. I need this for work every day. PC World say wait for a patch to fix ..not really good enough Apple !!

    Apple need to sort this out.."not supported by Ipad" error......

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    Could be better

    I wish I could see the pictures in full screen mode without having to import all the pictures.

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    A bit disappointed...

    ...that you do not seem to be able to view photos full frame before importing. This would be really useful as one could then leave the ones to be kept on the card without necessarily importing them. This is important if you are shooting RAW because the files are so large that they are better left on the card. It would be really be helpful to view shots full frame and delete the poor ones. It is very often difficult to do this on the camera.

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    Extreme III & Ultra II Sandisk cards

    Ipad2 & adapter seems picky to what SD will work ?
    Does not recognise the Ultra II SD card the Extreme III card worked fine
    Unlucky if you try the ultra card and it does not work may be worth giving it a go with an extreme card as a solution
    good luck

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    Power Problems

    After reading of the power problems, I was a little wary.
    I can now confirm that the USB does work fine with a canon 5d mk ii and canon g11 using an iPad 2 with IOS 4.3.3

    It did not however work directly with my card reader, though placing a small powered hub in-between did solve that problem. Not ideal, but its a solution if you need use a card reader.

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    Useful, but could be better

    This little piece of kit serves it's purpose largely for me but it's not perfect...

    Firstly, it doesnt allow you to preview photos from the sd card full screen, you only get the same thumbnail view as you get in iPhoto, you have to import them to be able to view them full screen.

    Secondly, doesn't support much in terms of power output, I thought I might be able to use a lightweight USB card reader to import photos from friends and families cameras. After all, not everyone has sd cards or can easily lay their hands on their camera cable. Plugging in a card reader results in a "this device requires too much power" message.

    Lastly, doesn't import videos from my panny cameras, guess I can't complain though as the video format isn't in the supported formats list, but I think this is a typical Apleism!

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    Great if you don't Upgrade to IOS 4.2.1

    Luckily I saw the comments about the IPAD Camera Connectio Kit before I Upgraded to the latest IOS. I have a used a few USB Keyfobs and SD Memory + Card readers without issue. However my when I told my friend about the features of this little beauty he wanted in on some of the action. The bad news was he had upgraded to the latest and greasted. We did a test of my usb keys and SD Memory and none of them worked on his .... super upgraded IOS Version. So I am resigned to keeping on IOS 3.2 until they sort it. hey Apple are we going to give us a nice new shiny IPAD in April to fix this :)

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    More useful than I expected

    For what the two gizmos do this is jolly expensive. But it does import photos from an SD card very quickly (far quicker than into iPhoto on my Mac) and it's a great way of being able to show friends/family photos on the bigger screen of the iPad more or less immediately after being taken. Although it imports the RAW files from my Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ8 (it shows the JPG and RAW as a single file) when you try to import the RAW into iPhoto it says the format is unrecognised. But that's a problem with iPhoto, not this particular product. Added bonus: despite two or three initial warning messages from the iPad the USB adapter *does* let me connect a standard wired Apple Mac keyboard (the white with numeric version) to the iPad - works brilliantly. Well, like a real keyboard should do.

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    iPad camera connector

    Sorry but this is not very good value. OK the USB adapter works fine and it does support a multicard reader, but as for the Apple card reader very limited use, far to few card choices, so this makes this kit expensive. Perhaps you could increase the range of cards that it can read. For people like myself with more than one make/type of camera, need the range to choose from. Try harder next time. iPad seems to be brilliant.

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    Camera connection kit and Olympus Tough 3000

    I bought one of the connector kits and the card reader works well, but it will not work via USB and the Olympus Tough 3000. I have contacted Olympus Europe and they say the camera complies with the relevant USB standards, so perhaps the Apple kit may not?

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    Halfway there

    I got this kit to allow me to view images on a bigger screen whilst out and about.
    The SD card reader works really well and is very fast. A superb little reader. It's a shame it is only available for SD cards at the moment, maybe more adapters for CF, MS and other widely used types will be released later.
    The USB connector has been a bit of a failure so far. I have cameras from Nikon, Sony, Panasonic and Canon and so far only one has connected. The rest all come up with unsupported device messages. It seems it will only be recognised if the USB port on the camera goes 'directly' to the memory card and not if it has to go through any interim systems that look as if they require drivers (even if they don't).

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