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    Does not work

    I have a first gen. iPad with latest OS (as of Feb. 2012). USB adapter did not work with Nikon D200 or Canon SD880 and SD adapter did not work with a 16GB Sandisk Ultra. Also both adapters didn't feel very securely connected to the iPad - had a "third party" feel.

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    USB adaptor?

    The USB adaptor is a waste of time it does not work with files written from Sony cameras and does't work with files written Cannon cameras! however the SD card reader works fine.

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    Camera Connection Kit

    The USB connector will connect some cameras (but not a Canon EOS) to an Ipad2 but the SD card connector does not work at all. The I-store in Glasgow confirmed this is an operating system fault and "hoped" it might be resolved in a future update of the operating system

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    Works Fine

    I was a bit apprehensive about purchasing this piece of kit for my iPad2 after reading some of the recent reviews on here. But I took the plunge as the guy at the Apple store said I could return it within 14 days if it didn't work with my cameras. I'm glad to say it did. I've only tried the connecting to camera module but it works great with a Canon S95 and Canon Ixus 220 HS. Tried stills and video importing both work fine. My iPad2 is running IOS 5.01. Only downside (and the reason it doesn't get 5 stars) is the price.

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    D700 owners this is for you

    Just bought an iPad, and bought this kit add on too. Of course, it's a pain that Apple charge £25 for something that should be included as standard (USB connectivity) but once you get over that this product just works.

    I shoot RAW + JPEG on a Nikon D700. The iPad handles them perfectly, and when I get back to my home computer I can import my files directly from the iPad into Lightroom 3 without the need to use iPhoto.

    I was concerned about whether this kit would work, but it does, seamlessly, straight out the box and my photos look fantastic!

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    Being new to iPad etc I found this product brilliant and so easy to use even for someone as clueless as me!!! Ipad2 really shows my photos off well

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    Camera connection kit

    Bit worried by some of the reviews for this kit but happy to say I find it fantastic for both my IPAD2 and IPHONE 3GS. Both the direct connection to camera/phone and the SD card work exactly as described. Well done apple.
    Cannot understand why people get so angry when this does not work for them. A full refund or help is at hand if brought at the Apple Store .

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    Very convenient bit of kit

    And it works fine with my iPad and Canon D550, whether I use the card reader or the USB connector....

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    From Good to Bad!

    We purchased the connection kit specifically to be able to upload photos from our camera whilst on our annual skiing trip. Initially the kit worked well, in fact it was seamless transfer. However, prior to setting of on our hols I synchonised the Ipad 2, whereby an upate must have been delivered, rendering the kit useless. As per the other reviews, this needs a fix from Apple.

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    Camera connection kit

    Excellent piece of kit, shame it can't take a memory stick

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    Doesn't connect to my Canon SLR

    Rubbish really
    Unfortunately zero stars are not an option
    What more is there to say, other than it would be nice if apple published a list of compatable cameras

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    A 'connection kit' that does not connect

    What looks like a perfect solution for loading photos onto the i-pad, turns out to be a huge disappointment. When you insert either the USB or SD adaptor, you receive the message that the i-pad does not recognise the device. Reading the other reviews you realise that this is one beautifully designed Apple product that does not work universally. Will there be a version that works for all devices or will Apple be offering a refund, who knows. Unfortunately I bought mine in the States so cannot take it back to the store.

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    Camera USB Dock OK

    I wasn't sure about this purchase after reading so many reviews stating that the camera USB interface didn't work on iPad2's. Why pay for something if only 50% of the product works?
    Well, all I can say is it must be dependant on the camera your using, as it worked straight out the box for me (Panasonic Lumix GS3 and Canon G11) Perhaps its some of the older cameras that don't work?
    My local store (Basingstoke UK) also made it clear if it didn't work with my camera I could return it for a full refund.
    If anyone is unsure if their camera will work, take your camera along to the store and try before you buy :-)

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    Got one of these for a prezzie at chrmbo an it fails to recognise any off my cameras. Booooooo

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    Terrible - Does not work

    I bought this from Apple to load my photos onto my ipad but it does not work, Apple fail to tell you that it is not compatible with all cameras, what a waste of money. Very bad product from Apple, not happy at all.

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    iPad kit does not work

    I received the iPad connection kit as a gift and was looking forward to transferring all my photo's.

    Neither the usb or sd card worked, and the ipad2, didn't even show any error message.

    Apple should not be allowed to sell these unless they work. there must be something in the 'sale of goods act' which coves this. Very dissapointing.

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    Poor Effort Apple

    I was very excited when I bought this gadget from the Apple store. we have 2 iPad2's in the household and saw this device as perfect for our needs. We are flying to Thailand this weekend and saw this as the perfect solution to our photographic storage solutions. Just plug the SD cards from the camera or videocamera and upload the photos / video? Sounds brilliant. Reality is, it doesn't work. The whole point was to be able to upload and back up / store all our images and videos WITHOUT having to plug into a computer.I fail to understand how Apple have made such a simple task impossible. I get error messages when I plug in a USB stick, telling me that there is insufficient power. All I want to do is save my memories. I have invested over £1000 in Apple technology and to be honest, its flawed. Its making me start to rethink my faith.

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    bad joke 2

    Reading the Bad Joke review I got more info than over an hour onto apple tech support as to why my card reader worked fine on ipad 1 but will not work on ipad 2. Clearly apple have changed the output power required to use the device and now its useless. If a change can be made in next apple OS update I suggest apple go back to what works!. I used to be able to import files from a in car camera from race car and use if for training and coaching. It just does not work saying "device requires to much power" when on original ipad it worked just fine. Apple please fix this problem!

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    Simply works

    Was put off a bit by some of the negative reviews of this product on here, however decided to give it a go on the grounds that if it did not work it could live with some of the other useless stuff I have bought over the years in the junk drawer.

    CCK arrived today pluged my fujifilm hs20exr in and off it went, worked a treat, tried the cannon eos next again worked like it should after that I tried a small Samsung compact flawless import.

    A very useful addition to my iPad accessories, well done Apple.

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    Could be better

    I wish I could see the pictures in full screen mode without having to import all the pictures.

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