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    Excellent product

    Having read other reviews on here that talk about incompatibility with semi-pro cameras, I took the advantage of a trip to London to visit an Apple Store to check before purchase. Having been assured that it would work with my camera, I purchased it. Plugging the camera in via the USB connection, it showed up instantly, and quickly downloaded the photos to my iPad. The pictures look wonderful on screen, and can be easily synced with a computer, or emailed or edited in the iPad itself. I'm very pleased with my purchase, and will be using it a lot!

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    Before I brought this I was looking at the reviews about this and was getting very worried that it wasn't as good as it claimed. I got this yesterday and thought I need to right this review as all the negative reviews for this product are rubbish. This product is very easy and portable to use and the pictures came up fantastic. Thank you apple for another great, easy, and fantastic product!!!

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    Fully compatible with my iPad 2

    Easy to order, fast delivery, worked straight out of the box.

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    why was I worried ?

    I read the reviews and was worried when ordering, but I shouldn't have been. I have successfully used it with ScanDsik 8Gb HD cards and Nikon D3100 camera. Both connectors worked a treat,thanks Apple.

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    Great piece of kit!

    I bought this as part gift for myself and brother-in-law, who is a camera buff. We have used these on both iPad and iPad2 and it works perfectly fine. The image upload is quick and video upload is acceptable too.

    Having read some of the negative reviews I was a bit sceptical to buy this. So here is my advice. (Mostly aimed at previous negative reviewers and intrigued customers):

    When using the USB adapter, make sure that the battery of the camera source is CHARGED as fully as possible, this enables the data to be transferred quicker, if you get the message that the device does not have enough power, then charge it up, or use the sd card reader instead. Most of us that take or gadgetry seriously will always have spare battery packs charged, for whatever!

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    Poor instructions look on Utube

    I bought this so that I could unload vides without going though iTunes but when I put the SD card into the adapter it could not see the video the reason was,

    1) any info MUST be in a folder called DCIM
    2) the video must not have a name but should be banded in the same format as used by a camera which as IMG_0007 the same goes for images

    I did call. Apple support but they were no help at all which is unusual you can also connect flash drives using the camara adapter providing it has a low current consumption I recommend that you search uTube there is a good demo of the adapter there good luck, the iPad2 is great!

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    Forget cameras, it works for music too

    I actually purchased this item to plug in a usb piano keyboard to access the music apps on my ipad. It has actually exceeded my expectations and further improved my ipad experience

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    Great for assignments

    Just got this thing the other day and have to say its a must!

    I'm studying design and try to do as much of my assignments on the the iPad itself with pages etc. and use a lot of pictures within them. I found it very frustrating that I had to sync my iPad with my PC every time to get pictures to the iPad for use within the apps.

    This little accessory solved all my problems. Its fast, small and could not be easier to use.

    I love it! I don't know why i didn't get one months ago!

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    So simple to use

    Excellent for those snap happy. Simple and easy to use, just plug in and go. Excellent quality.

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    Great midi keyboard input!

    Bought the kamera kit for my iPad2 to be able to connect my midi keyboard via the usb connector to control the Korg ms-20 app, the most midi keyboards will need power as the ipad can't run them alone on its own power. Worked great with my Evolution Mk -225c keyboard =)! Will not work with all midi keyboards, so check the net first.

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    good product

    I was a bit worried after reading some bad reviews but I was relieved to see that the kit worked perfectly with my Nikon D300s. No problem with either RAW or JPGs and downloading onto my mac afterwards. Great workflow.

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    Camera kit

    Excellent product, worked straight out of the box. Plugged SD card into adaptor & adaptor Into iPad & downloaded no hassle or problems. Also tried camera adaptor with the U.S.B. Cable saw the camera straight away.

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    Camera connection

    We bought a Panasonic G1 over a year ago and it produces fantastic pictures. We opted for a 16 GB SDHC card to give us capacity when travelling. The only problem was sorting through the pictures. The camera connection is the first card reader to cope with the card. The interface is quick and gives you the flexibility to chose the shots to keep. Good value for money.

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    After reading negative reviews for this kit i decided to pluck up the courage & buy one. So off i went to my local apple store. Got home opened packet, followed instructions & within seconds my photos were on my ipad. Photos look stunning. Kit works fine with my panasonic lumix TZ10. I also have a older camera fuji finepix F700 which uses xd cards, this also worked fine using a multi card reader. Overall, i am very very happy with this product.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    really fast way of transferring photos from any device

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    Works as it should ...

    I was a bit worried as I had read a number of bad reviews but it worked straight out of the box. Plugged in my Finepix S1500 and it uploaded pictures in no time. Exactly what I needed for the holidays.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great accessory that does work with iOS 4.2

    Despite what the previous poster has stated, this product does work with iOS 4.2.

    I have an iPad with iOS 4.2 installed and I have the Camera Connection kit, and it works fine with no problems whatsoever.

    Problems for this not to work can be the SD card is formatted in an unrecognisable type, an unrecognisable type of file is trying to be read (a file type that was never meant to be read with this kit). Also, if the iPad is in a case, the case can stop the Camera Kit from been fully inserted, so if you have a case, try taking the iPad out of the case and see if it works.

    It is true that Apple have reduced the power output from the DOCK connector/USB since update iOS 4.2, and people prior to this sometimes were able to power other devices OTHER THAN A CAMERA.

    It is totally untrue to say that this does not work with iOS 4.2. I am sitting here now using my Camera Connection Kit, viewing/importing the pictures on my iOS 4.2 iPad!

    On with the review finally!!

    With this kit you get two pieces of equipment. One is for an SD card and the other is for a USB cable (that came with your camera).

    My camera uses an SD card, so I only use the SD card part of the Camera Connection kit.

    To use this I insert the SD card into the Camera Connection kit, then insert the Camera Connection kit into the Dock connector of the iPad. Within a few seconds you are presented with a window showing the pictures of what is on the SD card. From here you can import all of the pictures or choose which ones you do want imported. After this, the pictures are imported into the Photos app on the iPad. You are also asked (once the photos have been imported) if you want the photos deleted off of the SD card. I always choose NO, incase I want them later, just be careful to not delete the SD card pictures (if you don't want to that is).

    To my surprise, I had a video that I had shot on my Panasonic FZ28 digital camera, this was imported on to the iPad, and I was able to play it. Other camera's may not work like this, due to a file format not supported by the iPad.

    The Camera Connection Kit allows me to basically see a large image of pictures I have just taken, which is very handy. It also allows me to use the pictures I have imported with the Camera Connection Kit to be used as a wallpaper on the iPad (any of the pictures imported can be used as a wallpaper on the iPad). I find the Camera Connection Kit is also useful to show a slideshow of my pictures from my SD card (very handy when showing friends my photos) as it means they dont need a computer for me to show them my photos.

    A little expensive perhaps, but it is a very handy device to have in my opinion.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    excellent product - must have

    If you take digital pics and are away from home this is superb. Connect the adaptor to your ipad insert the SD card and pictures are immediately displayed on the screen, ready to import. The second adaptor features a usb input which you use with the lead provided with your camera. Once again plug the camera in and it is recognised as an external HDD where you can import pics you select and even format the drive once import is complete.

    I have three cameras I have used with both adaptors a Fuji, Panasonic Lumix and a Sony Cybershot and they all functioned beautifully. I recommend this product it was the best £25 I spent on ipad accessories, (ignore the poor ratings which I think are missleading)

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Amazing product!

    Very fast photo transaction and is personally very handy, as I am a fashion photographer, and once I've taken some shots, I upload them straight onto my iPad to view them in great detail on the brilliant iPad screen, instead of the poor DSLR camera screen. Which benefits me and the model, as we can view the images in the best form, instantly! Another plus Is that it is completely portable, and can use it with outdoor locations with the iPad. I love the instant image transfer, and the amazing capacity to handle a lot of data; I had 2000+ images on my memory card, each image 10mb+ each, and it uploaded them in a matter of seconds! Without any sign if lag or delay, or struggle. Very impressed with this product and a very reasonable price! Would highly recommend to anyone :)

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    Now a midi interface and more!

    You get two adapters included, a SD card reader that works great with most cameras and a USB adapter, primarily for connecting a digital camera via its usb cable. However the usb adapter now offers midi connectivity for usb midi music keyboards and iOS4.2 music apps that have been suitably enabled. Connect your favourite powered usb keyboard and play music with apps like NLog synth and more! whats more many usb headsets or mics work as do usb pc keyboards! Bear in mind though the ipad doesnt deliver much power over its usb port so you might need a powered device! a very useful accessory.

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