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    Mostly ok

    Successful transfer from Lumix TZ7 via USB cable. When I use the USB connector my Olympus TG-610 goes into battery charge mode and won't transfer. I can use the SD card from the Olympus, however, via the SD card connector,

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    Don't believe the 1 star reviews

    Like every other apple product I have ever used, it works, as it says it does, straight out of the box. I have a Canon 7d. It works using usb, it works from a Sandisk SD in a CF adapter. It just works!

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    Camera connection kit

    Dont buy this if you use sansdisk sd cards I have tried ultra, extreme and a blue label class 4 none work! It would be nice if apple could tell us what brand of card does actually work?! Luckily my canon 1d mk3 connects with the USB module, but this doesn't help when I am shooting a job because rather than popping the sd card out from the camera to the camera connecting kit, place a new sd in the camera and keep shooting whilst the transfer is carried out, I am now stuck with not being able to shoot the camera whilst the transfer takes place! And the transfer rate is not particularly fast! So it makes the connection kit a complete waste for the working tog! What's even more frustrating is that it used to work on an older version of ios, why apple decided to change is anyone's guess? Was hoping ios5 would get this resolved but no it doesn't!

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    try changing the time format if it doesn't work

    someone mentioned changing the time format to 24 hour and the reader worked fine ... mine was on 24 hour and didn't work. But changing it to 12 hour started the photos app immediately.
    Guess it must be the same format as on the card or something ... anyway, it worked for me. Mixture of RAW and jpeg, on sandisk SD, from Canon EOS 500D

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    Does what it says on the tin .....

    This kit works with both my Nikon cameras - my D80 SLR and my S5100 compact. It also works flawlessly with my variety of Sandisk Extreme SD cards.
    The only negative thing I can express is my disappointment at the attitude of the Apple Store employee in Birmingham's Bullring who was singularly uninterested in helping me when I asked about being able to try them in my iPad2 before buying them. I've read other reviews in here that suggested different Apple stores were much more helpful.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    After reading reviews I was sceptical of purchasing this due to so many mixed responses, however I am thrilled with these little genius add ons for my iPad 2. They are unbelievably simple to use, my iPad instantly recognised the product and loaded automatically and I was delighted with how fast it uploaded my photos to my iPad. It also gives you the option to erase the images from the SD card once your upload has been completed! Love these two products, could not be happier with them, and was more than happy to pay £25 for them. Happy customer!

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Works for me with Canon S95 & SanDisk SD cards

    Thanks to the reviewers who stated this product worked with their Canon Powershot S95 photos & various SanDisk cards, I ordered it for a recent diving holiday away with my iPad 2. I had no problems at all with the hardware, my underwater photos were all RAW+JPG and both appeared to be transferred because I used 15GB of space on the iPad (all I had!) with around 1000 photos. It was comfortable at least to know I had them backed up! My SD cards were 2* 8GB SanDisk Extreme (Class 6, 20MB/s) and a 4GB SanDisk Extreme (Class 6, 20MB/s). No problems there at all. For the record, I always put the card in the adaptor first, then put the adaptor into the iPad. After a few seconds, it opened the Photos app and showed the card contents, from where I could transfer them.

    For me, it really was a godsend to be able to review my photos at the end of every day, deleting those which were no good off both the iPad and camera (manually).

    I do have some major criticisms of the process once your photos are on the device, however:

    1. The photos are read into the Photos app and listed under "Events" based on when you imported them, not when they were taken. For example, I imported several times on one day as I was running out of iPad disk space, these all showed up in separate Events with the same date, which was annoying. You can't rename or move anything in the app either.
    2. You can't edit the photos at all with the Photos app; I wanted to send some cropped shots to friends, not possible. The free Photoshop app lets you crop, but has no send to email function! In the end I bought Filterstorm, which turned out to be an excellent piece of software.
    3. The iPad doesn't say whether the files it displays are the JPGs or RAW files, but when you delete a photo, it certainly clears 12-15MB of space, so it seems to be deleting both files.
    4. This is the killer - when I got home and downloaded my photos from the SD card to PC (through USB), I wanted to delete the files from the iPad to get back the space. This is when I realised you can only do this ONE FILE at a time! Each deletion takes about 5 seconds because you have to wait for the animation to complete...! It took me more than an hour to get this done, I've never been so bored in my life.
    5. I don't know how you access the photos from iTunes, I didn't see them anywhere. I did notice the auto backup it performed when first plugged in took about 20 minutes, and took 15GB out of my PC disk, but of course you can't access those backup files... I don't have my iPad to hand, so maybe I missed something...

    I have looked for apps that allow you to manage the photo library layout but reading the user reviews, none of them do what I want. It seems to me that an iPad paired to a Mac is great, you can do what you want in iPhoto, but for those of us in PC land, there's nothing you can do.

    In summary, 5* for the hardware, 2* for the supporting software, so I've been generous and given 4* overall!

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    Works welll with Sony

    I plug my Sony camera directly into the ipad and it imports all the pictures, locations, and videos, i find it works great, little bit overpriced but does the trick!

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    Card reader not working ?

    Purchased the card reader 1week ago worked fine first time,very impressed but second time I tried it,it wouldn't work,read reviews about all the problems people were having so thought I had bought a useless piece of rubbish.Took it back to HMV(who were very helpful)and tried about 10 more card readers all of which didn't work.Then took iPad to John Lewis where it was purchased from, they tested card reader on demo unit which worked fine so they diagnosed a faulty iPad.They swapped my iPad for a new one and hey presto everything works a treat!
    a brilliant piece of kit

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    Works for Canon G12 & SanDisk SD cards

    After reading all 87 reviews I decided to purchase this from a store, where I could try out both of the connectors before buying (much to the amusement of the staff in the Currys / PCWorld store).

    I’ve a Canon Powershot G12 and use SanDisk memory cards (1Gb); iPad2 is running 4.3.5.

    Both connectors worked first time; the transfer speed from the SD card was very quick, and only slightly slower using the cable. Hope they continue to work so well.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Connection kits doesn't work at all.

    Try to connect the SD card reader with my Sandisk 16GB and Kingston 4GB to my Ipad2 but neither of them work more or less nothing happen at all. Also tryied to connect my camera with the USB port and nothing happen there as well. So useless and I don't know what to do. Have searched for the solution but didn't find one.
    Did I just don't know how to or the connection kits is that bad!?

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Easy picture transfer

    Very useful piece of kit. Does exactly what it is supposed to do, quickly and without involving a computer. I have an ipad 2 running 4.3.5.

    Very happy with my purchase

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Very Good

    Does exactly what it says on the box.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Does not work.

    Of the two units supplied, the camera input module works perfectly. The SD card module does not work. Simple as that!
    After checking with Apple Store it was discovered that it will work but only with certain brands of SD card. My newly purchased Transcend SDHC 32GB card, speed 10, is one that will not work. This is incomprehensible considering that the images on this card are read when inputted via the camera input module.
    Apple should include a warning that its product only works with certain brands of SDHC cards.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    Despite the various adverse reviews, I can assure you that, with an iPad2 and a SDHC card from a Canon S95 it works brilliantly (as advertised).

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Easy to use with IPad2

    Excellent. Arrived the next day, beautifully engineered, worked with Samsung camera and will take photographs off a Sony HD video camera. Didn't recognise the Sony videos but I was expecting that. You'll need some software to edit the photos once their on the IPad2 and I used PS Express.

    Why aren't the plastic covers supplied with all connectors?

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    tempremental, not impressed.

    thought this wasnt wotking (sd reader-havent tried camera connection) as it didnt work for several cards.
    Seems howvwe it does work if it likes the files that are on there. One card had quicktime movies on it and it refused to load, not even the jpgs that were there.
    another card with nilon raw files loaded fine.

    very strange.

    NOTE - sd card needs to be in adapter before attached to ipad to work, at least with my one.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Camera Connectors

    Come on Apple this is absolutely pump does not take SD card from my Fugi camera and does not take lead - beeen ripped off £25 perhaps you should state what it DOES and DOESNT take not rocket science - I will be returning this naff product !!!

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Big disappointment!!!

    Does not work.I can only delete photos but can not transfer photos to my ipad.Wish i can return this product.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Camera connection kit - doesn't work

    Quite simple, really. Neither adapter works! Completely useless, so I sent them back for a refund. The iPad port works fine with the VGA adapter and charging adapter, so I can only assume there's a problem with the connection kit, as noted by other reviewers.

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