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    Very Disappointed!

    I bought this attachment thinking I could watch iTunes movies from my iPad on my TV. Not the case the movies are protected and therefore will not play on the TV. Apple have been a little misleading in their product listing saying you can watch movies - yes you can but only your own movies you have created - not iTune movies. This was one of the reasons I purchased the iPad for. On a good note they did refund the product very quickly when I returned it. Very annoyed though as they are still expecting you to purchase Apple TV. I did contact support and iTunes support but they couldn't help. The best help I received was from a staff memeber at the Trafford store who told me immediately that it would not be possible to view iTunes movies stored on the iPad on a TV.

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    Doesn't work for iTunes Movies!

    Absolutely furious. Read the product description in the store (plays movies it says). Plugged into my iPad to watch a rented iTunes movies only to be presented with "this can't play protected content".

    Be warned this will only play movies you have created yourself.

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    Does the job well

    The connector to VGA Adapter is a simple accessory that I have found indispensible when presenting from my iPad. Just plug and go. My only advice is to pack a VGA extender cable when taking your iPad to presentations as the accessory doesn't have much cable and sometimes venues don't provide long enough cables.

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    itunes movies to TV CONNection

    I think I've be sold the first pup from Apple.



    Apple – This life member will be looking at other options for his next purchase.

    My kids are already fed up with the fact that non of their favorite sites work because of Adobe Flash. Now they're questioning WHY I purchased an ipad at all because they can't even watch their favorite (purchased on itunes) on their TV.



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    Really disappointed

    I bought one of these cables for my iPad 3 for use in my lessons at school. It just does not work with my iPad! It works fine with my iPhone, and my colleagues ipad2 but not my ipad3.
    Apple have had my iPad back and returned it saying there is nothing wrong yet the lead does not work with my ipad3 and therefore is a real let down and means I cannot use this wonderful piece of kit for teaching with.

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    Does not work

    It does not allow you to watch iTunes movies that you have paid for on a projector. How many Achilles heels is it possible to have??? This gives the iPad yet another one.

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    Does not show movies!!

    Take note of the reviews that point out that you cannot watch download movies over the VGA connection. You can watch some TV shows though.

    Apple really should point this out in the product description as this is obviously one of the most likley reasons for buying this connector.

    It's also worth pointing out that the VGA connector only allows the picture to be shown on a screen so you need a separate connection to be able to play the sound at normal TV volumes. This is fiddly and you end up with a pile of wires from your ipad to the big screen you wanted to use for viewing....

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    iPad VGA cable

    I am very confused about the reviews above.

    I was dubious about buying the cable as a result of previous reviews, so borrowed a friend's to try it out. I was amazed. It does play all movies and tv shows that you purchased from iTunes including iPhoto and Keynote. I was wondering if people have changed the settings to NTSC in Video settings? If not, try that.

    I will be buying this product with confidence now...!

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Waste of money

    I can't find anywhere on the product description that states that this can only be used with certain applications.

    The only reason this gets one star is that I can't submit the review with none.

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    Not what is says on the tin

    Brought this as I wanted to use my iPad as a media centre and connect it to my tv but then found out that you can't use it for movies or music videos really not impressed but thankfully took it back to the retailer I got it from who happily refunded my money, not a good advert for a apple product

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    Terrible, false advertising

    Will not play movies from iTunes

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    Falls out all the time

    This cable does what it is meant to, except it falls out with the slightest movement of the iPad or the cable. I have gone into Apple stores and the geniuses tell me this cable was made for iPad 1, so is not quite the right shape to fit flush with the iPad 2 (and I assume the 3 as well). Seems a simple fix..but as it is, it does not lock into the socket, thus falling out. It is a real shame as it makes it hard to use for presentations.

    If it stays in, it works very well! Come on Apple, fix the cable so we can all use it as intended.

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    Will play videos not movies

    Forget what you rent or buy through iTunes. This thing won't even play digital content of movies that you own on a tv. Even though you get only one digital transfer (apple or Microsoft) you will be hit with a cannot play secure content if you try to use this to view on a larger tv. Low and behold if you have apple tv though you can watch that movie on the larger screen. This isn't an apple problem as much as it is a movie industry problem, but apple could be more clear on the packaging for this device. BTW the only way to watch movies you own in this matter is to illegally RIP them and then transfer the to iTunes. This will make iTunes think that it is a home video instead. Can't believe we have to resort to illegal activities with content we own the rights to.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    I bought this connector for my I pad which by the way I love, only to find it didn't connect to an up to date Samsung T.V. Both TV and connector have a female connection. The information supplied on the apple website makes it sound very easy to do. Buy the connector and plug it in and you can get started. I'm left with problem of how to sort out the connections. Very disappointing information Apple.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    I bought this adapter to show a keynote presentation on a sony digital projector. The adapter partially worked in that it got the iPad2 screen onto the projector but the keynote presentation was shifted way off to the right of the projected area thus cropping 20% off from, the left hand side. I had to attach my laptop in the end which worked perfectly through the same projector.

    I have also had no luck with the apple iPad hdmi adapter which repeatedly goes black or green after every 10 minutes or so of movie playback.

    My impression is that apple is rushing these products to market before they are ready.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    rip off!!!!

    this is rubbish, you can only view iTunes content on it!! - and in fact some movies are not possible to view on it either! what a waste of time, when will Apple stop robbing us!!!! Steve Jobs you should be ashamed of yourself!!

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    One star is too much! Absolutely furious and bitterly disappointed that I can't watch a movie that I purchased through iTunes via my own projector! What's the point otherwise!?? Might as well download rip-off movies as I'm sure they will play fine! My own fault for paying for a movie! Never thought I'd say this but APPLE YOU S|_|CK!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great piece of kit with iPad 2 but not iPad 1 if you get me.

    I read all the reviews about this VGA adapter and found myself wondering if I should or if I should not get it. After much reading and disscussion at the Apple Store I decieded to go for it and purchase it. To be honest I was better informed than the guys in the Apple Store, as they seemed not sure as to what the VGA will do. So what do you need to get this piece of kit to work. A VGA monitor or a tv with VGA source, an iPad 2 and a VGA cable. You plug the adapter into the ipad attach the adapter to your VGA cable which is pluged into your external monitor and hey presto what is on your ipad is on your external dislay. I have found no issue with movies not playing. I use this adapter with an external monitor and an Apple wireless keyboard which is just like using your iPad 2 as a pc if you know what I mean. I am typing this review on the monitor using the keyboard. I use the iPad as a mouse if you know what I mean, the touch on the iPad is like the mouse. I am delighted I bought this and to be honest I don't think I will be buying a new pc as at the moment the iPad 2 this adapter, the monitor and keyboard are as good as. I have tried this with games and BBC iplayer and it works perfectly. I hope this review helps. I paid €29.00 for this adapter.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Should be a lot better

    Works well with videos but thought it would work with safari for non video content.
    Can't understand why they have limited it's use.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Great product, but be warned:

    Typical Apple quality: excellent! However, disappointed that there was no warning about HDCP:

    This product requires requires a screen or TV that supports HDCP. This standard basically protects the content from being copied, or intercepted and copied. I think that all of the Apple Cinema Display's support it.

    Basically, check that your screen supports it first, otherwise you cant watch any digital media. Remember that it does NOT transmit sound, you'll need separate speakers if you want audio.

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