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    Makes me feel like an idiot for buying Apple

    I love MBPs. Sure they're pricey but they rock if you're a developer. Power, battery life, unix OS, nice interface, lots of apps, ... They're worth the money.

    These power leads on the other hand are the worst and the most expensive I have seen. The outer insulating material shreds. First time I thought I was doing it wrong. Second lead I was careful so surprised when it happened again. Third time I had treated it like a fragile bird I cared deeply about. Lasted less than a year. And now.. Now I feel like it some kind of idiot tax. It makes me want to swear. I would give it minus stars if I could. No other power lead has done this. Unless they change their material dramatically this WILL happen to the next one I but. And yes, finally it's making me think about getting a different make of machine altogether next time. I've got this off my chest and yet I still want to swear.

    Fix this Apple, or you will lose customers. For the safe of some plastic tubing FFS. Come on.

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    Poor quality

    Ridiculous. The cable at the end of the charger eventually frayed and all the wiring inside was then poking out, not safe and not good quality. Ridiculous that you spend £65 on a product that you can guarantee is going to break! Needs sorting out!!

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    Dreadful product. Overheats, cable frays, arguably dangerous.

    It pains me to write this because I Iove my Macbook Pro, I think it's a spectacularly elegant and functional piece of equipment, it's just that the power supply is a very long way from the same standard.

    These supplies are arguably Apple's worst products. Must make a fortune on them, because they're exorbitantly priced and clearly designed to be as un-fixable as possible and to fail very quickly.

    In warm weather, if laid flat on a carpet then they get *very* hot, suggesting some rather marginal thermal management, but that's really the least of their problems.

    The co-ax cable from the charger to the computer is sleeved in a material that rapidly frays at both ends, the last one I had felt like a silicone rubber that's been used past its sell-by date, stiff and brittle (And yes, it was a genuine Apple one, unless they're selling knock-offs over the counter in Apple stores) - like many others, I'm now about to have to buy my third for the same laptop - admittedly, the latest one finally died when I dropped it, but were I less adept at repairing these things it would have died ages ago - I've had to re-solder the lead at both ends (it's not easy to dismantle the magsafe end, but with the 90 degree metal sleeved ones it can be done) and I had to remove a frayed section that was arcing, a real fire hazard. I routinely have to replace the strain relief at both ends of the coax, usually within a few months of purchase - I've taken to building a strain relief at the "brick" end that has the cable exiting towards one of the fold-out lugs, so it doesn't get the 90 degree kink in it, but the other end always frays too. The mains lead sleeve always works its way out of the strain relief at the brick end, too.

    On the plus side, with these power supplies I think Apple have single-handedly created a market for that silicone rubber putty "sugru" stuff...

    I'm not heavy on my gear; I have Dell power supplies with similar diameter cables that are still absolutely fine after many years, I've never had an Apple one last as much as a year without needing some kind of (difficult) repair.

    Tempted by the aftermarket ones, as I'm fed up with handing sixty quid a time to Apple for something that we all know is no good, but, though the cables are unlikely to be worse, I have my doubts about the electronics in the knock-offs.

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    85w adapor rubbish!

    I've had my MacBook Pro 15" 2014 for 11 months with the charger and all was fine until it stopped working a couple months ago then started to work again after a day of not using it, and now again today after all this time it decided to give up on me totally even with me being way more careful from the scare a couple months ago, which is a joke for such "high quality" branded product!

    I'm very disappointed with these chargers and feel cheated by Apple as I rely on my laptop a lot as I'm a musician and a student! This needs to be sorted out Apple!

    Bums me out man, love n peace

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    Terrible Terrible Terrible

    I'm now on my 5th charger - Across two Macbook pros. We have a stack of dead chargers in the office cupboard. From the new MacBooks and the old ones to -- One of them caught fire at the cable end near the laptop when it ruptured and sparked !

    Apple - Do you have NO - I mean ZERO concern for the environment - ? or is it your intention to SELL 5 chargers per MACBOOK you sell > !

    Make the cable that breaks either designed so it does not break, terrible industrial design - OR - Make it replaceable like the power cord. How hard can that be !

    Its a terrible - not to standard product from Apple - (I would give zero stars if possible)

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    Worst Apple product I've used

    This charger is a perfect example of bad industrial design because the cord frays with normal use, even with the utmost care and the cord is designed so that it is not replaceable even when the block itself is still useful. Why Apple didn't design the cord to be as interchangeable as the plug I cannot understand. This is a flawed design that is not up to Apple standards and Apple has plenty of time to change it. Very disappointed in this product.

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    Bad design, cable frays

    After all these bad reviews, still no change in design. In general Apple has the worst design for leads and wires on Mac, iPhone, as well as iPad chargers. I am about to order my third charger, with moderate to light use. It's not one of the top 50 companies for nothing..... It makes a lot of revenue on accessories, which always cost more than the average product out there. I would be happy if I got value for money on these accessories. I love my Mac, but hate the charging leads....

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    Total rubbish

    Lost count of how many times i have had to replace this charger. At £65 a go you would expect better. Please redesign this awful pice of hardware.

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    Another unhappy customer

    Same thing you will have heard thousands of times. These chargers are hopeless. The cable from the main block frays and ends up shorting because the design is appalling. It is not fit for purpose. When will something be done about this? I have had many laptops over the years and not a single one of them have I had to replace the charger on. But with the Mac- two in two years. And I am very careful with mine.

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    not fit for purpose

    totally useless design, 3rd charger in 3 years of very light use... with/despite the multitude of lousy reviews you would think someone may be embarrassed into action... but on the other hand...

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    Terrible Product!

    I bought this charger after my last one stopped working. After only a few months of using it the outer rubber coating that covers the wires started to rip. I have had to tape most of it up to keep it together. It's just getting gradually worse and has now started to heat up!

    Why can't apple produce a reliable charger that lasts more then a year!

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    Having to now buy my 3rd charger in a year and a half, every single one has the same issue, internal connections sever, rendering the charger useless, because my battery is also dead, its cheaper than paying £101 for a new battery! Come on apple, we have forked out enough money for the mabook...GIVE US A BREAK!!

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    Beware the Frays.

    It's not like I'm swinging the thing all over the place or anything. But, I can't keep the plasticy cover close to the connector to stay together. I'll have to wrap the next one in something. You would expect for the money to find better quality. Rubbish.

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    Horrible Nightmare of a Product !!

    4th charger thats broke in the last 2 years !! currently on the last stretch of my research paper for my Master Degree and the charger breaks again.

    ahhhh !!!

    so expensive to buy and the thing just falls apart so easily


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    Another Sucker just about to pay for one more.

    I'm just about to shell out another £60 odd for my 4th one of these poorly designed pieces of .... I have everything Apple in my tech world but this is by far the worst thing THEY design and produce and THEY KNOW IT!! just don't give a rats I guess...

    All I do is use it everyday wrapping the cable around the 'fold out legs' to put it in my back-pack to transport to the office. Nothing abnormal, nothing over-stressfull - Yet it fails - and fails again - and again.. and here i am again having to buy another. Well - Enjoy my cash Apple.

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    One my second charger in 3 months! Not Happy!

    My Macbook Pro is only 3 months old and my 85w Magsafe2 charger that came with my 15"MBP has already failed! I have just bought another one for 100 bucks! really? How often will I have to do this? I'm not happy at all!

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    85W MagSafe Power Adapter

    Had to buy another Adapter for my very well looked after 17" Laptop The one that came with the computer when new started to smoke and glow.
    Luckily I was there when this happened so it didn't burn the house down. I thought it was just cheep replicas we had to be worried about. Not genuine Apple products!

    There are enough people here complaining Apple. Don't say you were not aware of the problem.

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    Still faulty after all these years

    My MBP is classed as vintage now but it's still going strong - although there was a hiccup with an internal connection last year. But I am now about to get my fifth Power Adapter and every one has had the same problem. The cable breaks at the point where it enters/leaves the adapter case. There really is no way that this joint will not be put under stress/strain no matter how careful you are. It really is time that Apple made this a plug in cable at the power pack end as is just about every other laptop adapter (but with Apple's design of course)

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    Poor Product Design

    I am on my 4th charging cable in 3 years! The price is extortionate. If this one fails, I might start buying cheaper alternatives. They are bound to fail as well, but at least they are cheap!

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    Terrible Build Quality

    Like the other reviews on here, I am about to begrudgingly buy my 3rd charger in 3 years.

    The cable quality where the cord connects is shameful, weak and encouraged to fray by actually making use of the pull-out ears to wrap the cord around. Even if you do this loosely eventually the rubber cable shield will perish. Apple are well known for the appalling build quality of their chargers, and the ridiculous price to buy replacements, but I wonder if they are actually taking these reviews on board? I can't see how a reinforced connection would be difficult to implement. It would increase customer satisfaction immeasurably.

    1-Star, but even that is generous. If you're reading this review you're probably in the same position as me. The struggle continues. Wake up, Apple.

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