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    Flawed by a weak strain relief

    The overall design is great, allowing easy changes for different power outlets and the clips for coiling the cable neatly are a nice touch. The thing is let-down badly though by the inadequate strain relief at the MagSafe end and the internal wiring can eventually break - in little more than a year in my experience.

    If you're adept with a soldering iron, it's possible to fix this, but a better solution would be for the cable to be replaceable.

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    3yrs out of a power supply

    This supply finally failed at the laptop end as it needs to be wiggled to work.
    In those 3 years its been used a lot and not really looked after.
    I figure 3 years is a good length of time as people usually think of upgrading around that time.
    I took it in to an apple shop about a month out of applecare and they swapped it out for free. If you don't ask you don't get!

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    Free replacement

    These power adaptors do seem to break a lot I have gone through 3 in less than a year, however each time I went to the apple store and they replaced it no questions asked no receipt needed and the genius bar guy said they had a lot of issues with them. So they obviously know its a bit rubbish but they replace it so until they bring out a better one its hard too complain to much.

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    Applecare comes up trumps

    Whilst I agree with the general tenor of many of these reviews - i.e. the product (like some other Apple products) suffers from elements of poor design, the cable is too fragile - I have to compliment Applecare.

    My power adaptor is 2 and a half years old, the cable has failed and I called Applecare yesterday. The new power supply arrived today and should be covered on warranty.

    Make sure you complain to Apple before buying a new one.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Works fine on 2006 Macbook Pro and 2008 onwards Macbooks, bought March 2011

    Fed up with dodgy chargers that don't last but after having bought a 3rd charger for a 2008 white MacBook got the 85W one so it will charge both my MacBook Pro (Calistoga late 2006) and MacBook rather than getting a 60W one that will only charge a MacBook. Have used an 85W charger on MacBooks for years and their batteries have lasted well. No size problems as mentioned in one review. Expensive.

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    Not compatible with older Macbook Pros

    The MagSafe connector on this power adaptor does not fit older models of MacBook Pro. This newer connector is marginally smaller and does not fit snugly into the socket on the computer. I bought two of these at the Apple Store, Regent Street which didn't work, and I was eventually advised to buy the older part number MA938B for my January 2008 MBP. Check before you buy!

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    Not the best...

    I personally think that it's quite nice looking and it looks more durable than the old MacBook MagSafe chargers. The only thing I am disappointed about is the fact that it doesn't work with the MacBook at all, only works with the MacBook Pro. If it worked wih the MacBook or they made the same design for the MacBook I would give it a higher rating.

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