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    Fine size, but...

    Wonderful display, but different size to the 27" iMac (3cm shorter so screens don't line up).

    Surface is far too reflective.

    I could write a lot more but this is stupidly limited to 300 words. Apple not got enough paper!!

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    Warning! No USB 3.0 on this, best for dark rooms too.

    This is a great monitor and has the joy of powering your macbook, and a load of port replication on the back. However the USB ports are only USB 2.0, inexplicable in this day and age.

    Also, the glossy screen really only suits darkened rooms, if you work in a lit office with it as I often do fatigue will quickly set in.

    My advice? You'd be better off with a third party thunderbolt expansion box and a matte finish grade 1 from the likes of Samsung.

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    Thunderbolt Display Connectivity Problems

    Bought my first display for my Daughter's MacBook Pro and thought it was stunning. Bought a second one this week for another Daughter's MacBook Pro and it wouldn't work! The Mag Safe power lead couples, but no Video, just a blank screen. There is nothing written up on the sales details and looked extensively on the Q&A's but nothing obvious. Found out later that it does not work with our MacBook Pro Mid 2010 as it has a Mini Display Port out only. Apple should state this clearly in their sales details on the product page as it was really upsetting to have to send it back to Apple. Even more annoying is that it does not have any HDMI Inputs either? Maybe I could have used a Mini Display to HDMI? I can't believe that when all Displays around at the moment have multiple HDMI's? Why is the Q&A on the product page not annotated with this obviously required important information? There should also be more info on the subtle differences about Thunderbolt connector v. Mini Display connector - they look the same but are not!

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    Great Display... but

    after 18 months of use it has started to flicker, then go dark then bright again. It's as if there is a little gremlin inside playing with the brightness dial!

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    Not fully comparable with all Macbook Pros it would seem.

    Bought a second Thunderbolt display for my Macbook Pro late 2011. Now have an issue where only the first screen wakens following sleep mode. The only way to bring back the second screen is by disconnecting and reconnecting the thunderbolt port connection.

    Support were able to tell me within seconds of describing the problem, that the late 2011 model of macbook pro only supports one screen and were able to provide a link to the relevant support page. Very disappointed that this information/link was not made available in the Apple store on the Thunderbolt page prior to purchase. The text there is very misleading, indicating that the Thunderbolt works with all Macbook Pro models. This is only partly true, and is clearly dependant on the number of thunderbolt displays already attached.

    Apple have offered a full refund however, the whole situation could have been avoided. I feel that my time has been wasted needlessly here. A link to all relevant information should be added on the product page.

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    Why does it have an old fashioned Magsafe connector?

    Why does my brand new Thunderbolt display have the old Magsafe connector?

    Not very impressive - shame, the screen is fantastic, but for £800+ I expect better.

    Apple - this is why you shouldn't mess around with power connectors - you make things incompatible and your customers mark you down...

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    Fantastic, until it broke...

    This is a brilliant display, and was the perfect partner to my MacBook Pro for 18 months, until it suddenly broke and proved uneconomical to repair. Shame. I can't justify the cost to buy another, so have since opted to purchase a Samsung monitor. It may not look as good, but it does a job and is £500 cheaper. The Apple display is superb, but it is very expensive.

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