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    Careful what you hear

    I abandoned a Samsung 23" as too difficult to set up with my MacBook. Had I turned off mirroring and dragged the menu bar over to the monitor, i might have got more than a giant distorted view of the laptop screen.

    As it was the Apple guys made it easy to make a decision by showing me how on the MacBook Pro, but better still in store pointed out that I had Thunderbolt on the MacBook Pro which I didn't realise. I can't sing its praises high enough. Not only is the screen excellent res at 2560 x 1140 setting but my basic 13" MacBook now has loads of screen estate to play with - exactly what I wanted.

    With Bluetooth Mouse and Keyboard, I can have my MacBook shut and treat it like a desktop machine. Meanwhile, the Thunderbolt connection means just one (included) magsafe power connector and one Thunderbolt connector. In the back of the display, I've hooked up an old Firewire 400 drive using an adapter cable, and ethernet network printer, a cable to recharge the iPhone and I may get around to some other stuff. All this runs seamlessly through the one Thunderbolt connection. Genius. Using a modest about of cable trunking the wiring is invisible. Oh yes and the Thunderbolt runs the audio output through the displays speakers as well.

    So what used to run miles of cable and use the national grid now sits unobtrusively around one desk which I can reclaim for paperwork whenever I want it. The display even works nicely with Parallels. Stupidly expensive but the concept of a single hub adds glory to what is already a very sharp monitor. Those concerned about the gloss screen: Don't use it outside, then.

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    I have it connected to an 11 inch Macbook Air and all I can say is that the display is stunning. Surprisingly it has given me more room on my desk as the MacBook Air is in a cradle now and the display has such a small front to back footprint. When I got it home I did think it may be too big but it is just spot on. Also it gives me additional powered USB ports for a backup device and an external disk. Bluetooth keyboard and trackpad connected with no problem at all. Pricey yes but when you know it will work perhaps the premium is worth it. I hope so. Also I see this as a way to keep an excellent display and will only need to upgrade the laptop as and when - just hope the Thunderbolt connection remains standard.

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    Having bought a 27" IMac (Aug 2011), it was always my intention to expand & get a Thunderbolt display as well. I primarily use this set up for music production (Logic Pro). With applications such as these, I find screen real estate a necessity.

    Personally I love the glossy screen. I can understand why some don't, but you really have to take into consideration the environment you're going to place one of these devices into. If your environment has a lot of light reflections, your asking for trouble. It's important to do your research carefully.

    Pricewise, sure it's quite a hike. But I was always dead set on getting one & improving my working environment. One of my top reasons as well was for the Thunderbolt technology. In a music studio, there are so many peripherals that 'hang' off the back of these things. A lesson I know very well ;) The data bandwidth is absolutely crucial for this. As an early adopter in this case, you do pay a premium for this. & as a combined investment of £3k, I believe I am future proofing my working space & aesthetically speaking, it doesn't hurt to have something sexy to look at while you're working/creating ;)

    All in all, I can't recommend this product highly enough. It's not for everyone, but please do your research. Personally it's not everyday I spend this kind of money. But if & when you, you owe to yourself to make absolutely sure it's the right thing for you. Just as if you were buying a car or purchasing a house.

    Consequently, I'm a very happy customer :D

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    Thunderbolt display vs iMac

    I was stuck deciding between the 27 inch Thunderbolt display (for use with a 2011 Macbook Pro) or a brand new iMac, and what made it more difficult was knowing that Apple could be about to release an updated Thunderbolt display. I use a new iMac in work, which makes the Macbook's screen feel very cramped (despite being the now-discontinued 17 inch model).

    In the end, I went with the Thunderbolt display. I get the display size of an iMac with the occasional portability of the Macbook Pro, without the Macbook Pro becoming more or less redundant (even though the iMac has target display mode, no doubt the iMac would put the MBP to retirement). There is no performance slow down in general use, and games take a surprisingly small performance hit compared to playing solely on the Macbook Pro. The Macbook Pro's screen becomes a secondary monitor too.

    The USB ports and connections on the Thunderbolt display help keep the desk tidier - there is less cabling running around the desk which would otherwise route to the Macbook, and the display size forces you to keep the display towards the back of the desk.

    Note that the small envelope that comes in the box also has the Magsafe converter for newer devices.

    Though a small feature, the display's ability to power the Macbook makes it noticeably convenient when taking the Macbook on the road - everything else is already in the bag.

    I haven't noticed any display problems which others have been reporting - no differences in brightness across the screen, etc.

    In short, iMac's supreme display quality and size, but for less than a grand - providing you already have a Mac with a Thunderbolt connector.

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    Stellar Product

    I bought the Thunderbolt Display to work at home with my rMBP.

    The item was delivered next day, excellently packaged and arrived in perfect condition. I was amazed at just how gorgeous the thing is before I even switched it on.

    Hooking it up was a cinch and I have made full use of the available ports. I have my Airport Extreme Base station connected to the Ethernet. A 2 TB HDD connected by Firewire, Thunderbolt to my rMBP and USB to my iPhone dock and Lightening cables for my iPad Mini and iPad Retina.

    The result is an elegant and efficient workspace that is both functional and un-cluttered.

    The display looks fantastic when connected to the laptop and I really could not be happier.

    Sure, i could have paid less but for functionality, aesthetic and simplicity, I am glad that I went with another Apple product.

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    Great Monitor and Dock

    I bought this shortly after discovering its ability to connect to the Thunderbolt port on my Mac and I have not been disappointed. Even though I would say it's a little on the pricy side, I was not sorry about my purchase.

    The hardware quality of the screen feels solid and acts as the perfect dock compliment, only requiring me to plug one Thunderbolt plug in after coming back from using my laptop away, to access all my desktop accessories which are connected into the back of the monitor. The integrated webcam is a lovely touch, and the image quality is superb - sharp, crisp and colourful. The MagSafe power adaptor is also a lovely touch, meaning I no longer require a separate power adaptor.

    My main gripe is the the lack of USB 3 connectors in the back as they are all USB 2. It would also be nice if there were audio out adaptors (the screen has inbuilt speakers, but no audio out ports). But these are minor, and I would still recommend this product.

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    Fantastic Display/Docking Station. Use it with a MacBook Air so have limited ports. I have Firewire, thunderbolt and usb hard drives permanently attached. A superdrive, external microphone and speakers. Together with external keyboard and trackpad I cannot really fault it, just plug in the Air and I have a desktop.

    Only criticisms if I had to find some could be the old USB2 ports and not USB3 plus a little remote control would have been nice for when your further away watching a film on it.

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    Really Grate Display

    Use it with my 13" MacBook Pro , works really well , suburb graphics, really good for watching videos or editing photos because of the large display, also have my MacBook Pro by the side of it to use as a second monitor so i can do 2 or 3 things at once, only thing i had trouble with was when i first got it i couldn't get it to work, so i phoned apple support after about 20 mins on the phone we realised i had to do an system update on my macbook to update the thunderbolt software other than that no problems at all, would recommend it to anyone even if it is a little on the expensive side , but you get what you pay for ! !

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    i use this display along side my 15" macbook pro with retina. All i can say is WOW. if your thinking of buying one...do it. ok its a bit expensive but so is anything apple branded and you pay for quality which you definitely get with this thunderbolt. Amazing display, decent 2:1 speaker underneath and brilliant camera for Skype. Just perfect.

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    Brilliant and versatile!

    I bought one of these to be the primary monitor for a Mac Pro, a second monitor for an iMac and for occasional use with a rMBP. It has more than repaid what I forked out for it in terms of ease of use: just unplug from one thunderbolt port and plug it into another. No setting up and no messing. I haven't had any issues with brightness or sound quality either. Yes, it is only USB 2.0 and Thunderbolt, not Thunderbolt 2, but it still does what I want it to do until such time as an upgraded version appears in due course.

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    Great Display

    Absolutely love this Display, cannot find any fault with it, works great looks great!

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    Amazing bit of quality hardware

    I bought this (admittedly expensive) display to use with my 15" MacBook Pro and was not disappointed. Absolutely everything is hooked up to the display; Ethernet, USB extended keyboard etc, leaving the Macbook with just a single connector plugged into it: Thunderbolt. The display shows perfect uniformity in colour and brightness across the whole width and height, plus there is the benefit of the built-in speakers and iSight camera - very useful touches along with the ambient light sensor. And of course the build quality is superb. Worth splashing out for.

    Reviewers who gave a 1-star rating either had a (very rare) dud - eligible for immediate swap - or they didn't do their homework before. Who buys anything like this without a good test-drive?!

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    Pricey, but great!

    I looked at a whole raft of other screens for my mac, because the price made me cringe quite frankly! However, as good as many of the other screens are, for nearly half the price, they just don't look the part. Call me shallow, but the appearance of the whole matters to me, and this display looks awesome. I use it in a work environment and the impression it gives matters and has already started many conversations since having it - something with intangible benefits.

    In terms of the performance, I actually received a dud first off. It was replaced next day for me and all was fine second time around! The display is gorgeous, and mine is used in a fairly bright environment without glare issues. If sunlight was shining straight onto it though, I think you'd have problems. It runs quite warm, because it actually houses some processors within the case, but nothing untoward. The bank of ports on the back have come in handy too!

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    Best display EVER, and I was paranoid about screen glare

    Reviews are meant to be helpful! lots of the reveiwers here really put me off buying this display.
    Screen glare is terrible etc...

    Hey, I have 2 x 23 inch Apple Cinema Displays, NO screen glare, which made me even more dubious about buying the Thunderbolt Display!

    Anyways, got it yesterday, plugged into my Macbook Pro 15 Retina, WOW!

    This must be the best display ever! I checked it in the Apple Store first, almost no glare, you should check for yourselves!
    I am sure if you sit with a window behind you, then the glare will be apparent, as its a glass screen.
    But the same with a TV .

    Anyway, its great, don't be put off by reviewers, like I was, go and check it in store first, theres loadsa light in there and no problem with the display glare, or lack of it.
    Don't stick your screen with a window directly behind it, then you are fine.
    As for the sound, amazing, deep, crisp and plenty low end.

    I am looking around for another one now, as I need use two for music production.

    Great that the Thunderbolt cable can carry the video and usb and Firewire signals from the ports on the back! magic!

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    This is a fabulous display / dock. I now have 4 at home and I have 2 more in my office. They are gorgeous to look at, fantastic to use, easy to connect to our Macbook Pro Retinas and Macbook Airs. Don't buy an inferior product. Some people are having problems with older Macbook Pros, easy solution, buy a new one!

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