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    Five Star or One Star, iOS version dependent, watch out!

    Have been using one of these for a few years with an older iPad (the first retina display model) flawlessly, until I did an update over Christmas '15 that moved it beyond iOS 8 to 9.x. Then I was shocked to find it intermittently stop/starts working. As there is no way to roll back the OS to fully functioning, now I'm left with a frustrating routine of plugging/unplugging until it works. I've done a little experimenting with a couple of iPhone 4S's and it works well with the 64Gb iPhone on iOS 9.0, yet does not work at all on a16Gb iPhone 4s with either of the currently signed versions of iOS 9.2. So, thanks for that Apple.

    I've a good half dozen, well engineered and functioning older apple products that apple seem intent on crippling - obviously some bug has been introduced but will it ever be sorted? Should come with a warning along those lines. If you've an older iOS 7-8-9.0, this is a great product.

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