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    not enough power

    It does adapt the thunderbolt port to make it a firewire port, but it's not as good a Firewire port as you can find on any cheap old MBP from years ago. It lacks power, which means that some external drives and devices won't work and there is a limit to how many devices you can daisy chain.

    So we need an adaptor and this is the only one, but it's not Apple's finest hour..

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    Doesn't work with my Motu 8pre the sole reason for purchase. Rubbish

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    1 step forward, 2 steps back!!!!

    WARNING! Does not produce enough power to run high capacity mobile drives i.e. the G-Tech G-RAID Mini...

    Luckily I tested it is advance of playing a gig at the weekend using Serato.

    Complete JOKE!

    I can't believe that Apple hasn't considered the fact that the majority of creative professionals need high capacity fast mobile storage.

    I suppose we now need to wait for 2Tb Thunderbolt enabled SSD drives which by my reckoning will cost more than the MacBook Pro!!!!

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    Better to put the money towards a drive with FireWire 800 and Thunderbolt connectivity built in. That way all your old stuff will still work, plus you'll have a drive you can use when FireWire is no longer used.

    By the way Apple, as a pro user, FireWire is key to most workflows within the world of stills and video production, so not providing a FireWire connection on the new iMacs speaks volumes of how you now view users such as myself who have supported you through the years.

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    Seems to work well

    in response to the person saying it doesn't work with his motu 8pre..
    In case people are put off using this with audio interfaces, i have my retina MacBook Pro set up with this right now, using the adapter, with a firewire 800 to 400 cable going into the motu 8pre and it is all working perfectly using Logic Pro on Mountain Lion.

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    Pretty terrible

    I've been using this adapter for both my audio interface and external hard drive on a Retina MacBook Pro - It works, but it is REALLY sensitive to being moved. A tiny knock on the laptop and the connected device gets disconnected. Very frustrating on large import jobs into final cut pro x from a firewire external drive, it took about 5 attempts to move 90GB of data into FCPX. Using my laptop for performing live means that kit moves about a lot, and there is NO WAY i'd use this adapter in an important situation.

    A real shame, as everything else about the laptop and OS is off the hook awesome, but this really let it down from a professional standpoint.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    This is the Alfa Romeo of adaptors

    By which I mean it's flashy, and when it works, it works great, but when it doesn't... you're left at the side of the road feeling sorry for yourself.

    I've been using this with a brand new iMac and I don't know how it's reached production with such a design flaw - the male thunderbolt connector is just far too short. It seems to fit in fine, although not particularly convincingly, to the back of my iMac, but as soon as it's got a Firewire lead on the end, the weight of the lead on the adaptor means that the adaptor slips out of the back of the imac just enough... and it disconnects in the middle of your transfer / install.

    No, I'm not touching it. Yes, it's firmly fitted to start with. It just falls out.
    Very frustrating. And not exactly ideal for either of your drives.

    Transfer speeds are good enough, and there's no problem with the FireWire end (well done Apple), for which I originally thought I'd award two stars.
    But then again, there's the fact that you HAVE to buy this thing because of the introduction of Apple Proprietary Data Transfer Protocol #345 (the artist formerly known as Thunderbolt). One star it is.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Product, Does no more or less than what you would expect!

    Bought this adapter to connect a WD My Pasport Studio external hard disk to a 2011 MacBook Air. Has no issues powering the drive and works just as if a firewire port was integrated into the MacBook.

    The only "issue" is that is takes a couple more seconds to recognise the Hard Disk using the adapter compared to connecting to my MacBook Pro with firewire.

    Does get a bit warm to the touch, but not at all hot.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    FireWire adaptor for connecting DV camcorder to Mac

    This lead is a perfect way to import HDV or mini DV tapes from camcorder - mine is a Sony HDR - HC7 - to Final Cut Pro X or another video editing software on a Mac. Gives full control of the camcorder from the computer interface. Simple to set up and works faultlessly - recommended!

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    I'm very happy for the people (who seem to amount to less than half) who's adapters work fine but I've not been so lucky. Who would have thought luck would ever be a factor in an Apple product working or not? I use mine to connect my latest (as of end 2013) Retina Macbook to a MOTU 828 mkiii and I have to keep everything absolute still for it to stay connected, which kind of defeats the point of a laptop right? This results in me being in a constant state of terror while simultaneously mixing and performing live music (as if that isn't stressful enough as it is) and transferring data to and from my firewire drives. It doesn't fall out completely but it may as well 'cause the effect is the same. Thunderbolt end feels very loose when plugged in.
    I've always saved for longer to buy Apple 'cause, in the past at least, you feel safe in the knowledge that everything will work brilliantly. So I can't help feeling utterly betrayed after my life-long loyalty to the brand. What are you gonna do about this, Apple????? I would very much appreciate an answer and/or a replacement while I've still got hair please!
    Gutted! :(

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Bad Connection, could potentially damage your external hardware

    I bought this adaptor solely for use with my Macbook Pro 15" Retina mid 2012 and a Focusright Saffire Pro 40 sound interface. When it connects it works perfectly, however the connection is easily broken by any slight movement of the laptop - completely negating the point of the adaptor. Not only is this incredibly frustrating for creatives (imagine recording musicians mid session and this happens!!!!!!!) but potentially damaging for the hardware. I can only imagine the anger of people who's hard drives have been damaged due to this badly designed adapter.

    I should also note that my laptop was stolen mid 2013 and I replaced it with the newer model macbook pro 15" with retina - the ports are exactly the same and the same problem with the apple thunderbolt to firewire adapter continues to occur. I have a third party svga to thunderbolt adapter and funnily enough it's build quality is far superior, never comes out the port. Avoid this adapter at all costs if possible.

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    Falls out of port all the time

    The tip of the thunderbolt connector might be incredibly small, BUT IT DOESN'T STAY IN THE PORT. The amount of times it falls out in the middle of a transfer, popping up an error message about disks not being ejected properly.... GRRRRR. The tiniest movement is enough to disconnect. Connectors should be secure, not prone to being disconnected at the slightest knock. This must be a universal thunderbolt problem, not a problem with this adapter? BAD DESIGN.

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    Appalling product!

    Dreadful connection. keeps slipping out! Terrible design without thorough quality testing. Rubbish speed

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    Works but VERY sensitive to movement

    I use this with my Apogee Duet and it works okay incl. powering the unit. However, it is so sensitive to any movement of the Macbook Pro Retina that it will drop the connection in an instant. Then have to unplug - replug, wait for it to connect again. Apple should recheck the fit if this and adjust the manufacturing design by a fraction to make it sit more snugly. Wish I didn't have to use it...

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Thunderbolt disconnects with movement

    I use 2 of these on different macs to connect drives to the the macs.

    On a new 5K iMac if you tilt the screen the thunderbolt disconnects and alerts appear telling you drives have been disconnected.

    On a 2014 15" retina Macbook Pro exactly the same happens if you move the laptop.

    When using an external thunderbolt drive on another 2014 15" retina MacBook Pro the standard thunderbolt will disconnect if moved.

    Thunderbolt is useless Apple, you need to redesign to give a more robust connection.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    Crushingly slow at transferring data and the thunderbolt plug keeps falling out of the imac. I've gone back to USB to use Time Machine.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Very positive first impressions

    i was wary of buying this based on other reviews but glad I decided to give it a go.
    I am copying large amounts of data between drives and although my laptop has thunderbolt, nothing else I own does....!!
    I have managed to half my data transfer time by using this adapter with a Firewire 800 cable over the Usb 2 connection.
    I agree that the cable length is on the short side but i have not experienced any issues with the cable pulling out of the thunderbold connection.
    The price is high in my opinion but it functions well and does it's job (or at lease with the equipment i am using).
    Wish Apple would release a Usb 3 variant of this then I would have all my appliance covered for much better transfer speeds.
    In short; I would recommend this item.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    No good for external HDDs

    You may already have read that this adapter doesn't supply enough power to run certain external peripherals, but here's something else to consider: I have a Seagate Freeagent external hard drive, and even though it has a separate power supply, my 2013 27" iMac running Yosemite unmounts the drive on sleep when I connect it using this adapter.

    When it's connected via USB2, this problem doesn't happen.

    So, this is pretty useless for connecting your FireWire Time Machine drive, or any drive you want to keep mounted permanently.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Take care - not the same FireWire fitting as older iMacs!

    Like all Apple cables this is very expensive and short but stylish and well made.

    I bought it to use on my new iMac which has Thunderbolt only outlets so that I could still content FireWire devices that I used with my FireWire equipped 2009 iMac.

    However, the old iMacs have FireWire 400 outlets and this cable is the differently shaped 800 FireWire. So, a further cable or adapter is needed to connect to the device. A shame that Apple don't include this option.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Bit pricey but daisy-chain seemed to work

    Just hooked up (daisy-chained) three Western Digital My passport Studio drives using this adaptor. Two of the drives are 1TB while the other is 2TB. My first attempt placing the 2TB drive at the end of the chain resulted in unexpected ejection error message. Then I reversed the order placing the 2TB at the start of the chain (assuming the 2TB draws more power than the 1TB drives). It worked fine. For me this proves the concept as it will be rare for me to operate a chain of three portable drives together at the same time.

    One thing to note: the adaptor does seemed to get a bit warm at the thunderbolt end during daisy-chain.

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