• 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Completely overpriced for the lack of quality

    Like many other people it seems i have also had numerous mac chargers die on me. £65 is awfully expensive for a chargers, especially one that has this many problems.

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    Cable way too weak

    The charger is nice in the sense that you can have 2 varied lengths, one where the brick is in the wall and one with the extension attachment. But the cable it self between the brick and the MacBook is way too think. The end closest to the MacBook wears out way too quickly, even if you try your best to look after it. And then they charge you £65 for another one!! I think when I'm spending almost £2,000 on a laptop, I would expect a charger that could last at least 3 years before any signs of wear.

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    wrong shape

    the actual piece of metal that attaches to the computer simply comes off too much. Because, due to the shape of the charger, the wire comes straight out of the side of the computer when the charger is attached, it is very easily unhooked or unhinged. I never experienced this problem with the second version of the magsafe 1 adapter, the one that was cylindrical. On the old charger the wire went out behind the computer and was never really knocked out. This design is flawed though. The charger does also get very very hot.

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    Charger has broke after 13months

    I absolutely love my mac laptop but after only having it for 13 months my charger has broke. Its not even a fuse that has gone in the plug itself, its the box onwards. It heats up a lot which I think is a main issue. Im really disappointed that I am now having to spend out on a new charger especially because I am a student, its very expensive for me.

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    Cable too fragile

    Charges in good time, magnet works great for not destroying the cable or computer if it gets pulled. The cable split open in two places near where it connects to the computer, after about 18 months.
    Definitely a bad design with how thin the plastic casing is, but Apple agreed to send me a free replacement immediately, so swings and roundabouts!

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    Giant step backwards

    I can't say how much I hate this new adapter. The magnet is so weak and it gets knocked out so easily. Not to mention that the shape just protrudes out of the Mac. It's terrible when you're working on the couch because it doesn't hug the machine. This makes it terrible because it bumps into stuff and exacerbates the problem.

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    Magnet ok, cords and heat are terrible

    I've not had an issue with the magnet strength. Under normal usage, it holds just fine. But I had my first adapter for 8 months and it's frayed at both ends of the small cord, with bare wires exposed. I just bought a replacement, and it seems that the heat it generates could fry an egg. I didn't notice that on my first one. It seems that for all the effort that Apple puts into usability of their products, maybe they need to spend a little time on making sure they can continue to be used safely.

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    Poor quality compered to the machine it charges

    This is my first Mac and I'm very happy with the move from my Sony Vaio. However the charger has always been a worry since day 1 and 12 months down the line it has failed.
    - It gets extremely hot - to the point where I won't leave the machine charging unattended.
    - It has a small power plug that makes it hard to remove from the wall socket, potentially exposing your fingers to an electric shock.
    - Fragile connection from the a/c adapter which has now frayed, exposing the wire.

    It has been looked after very well, and I'm unhappy that it should need replacing after twelve months.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Weak flex, seriously heat

    The body of the charger gets extremely hot and flex is so weak that it has broken after less than a year of use. This is a terrible product compared to the MacBooks themselves, the only redeeming feature is the magnet which was a great addition in 2006 but the lack of development since is a constant source of disappointment.

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    another split cable

    Apple why can't you make charger cables that don't split? I bought a 15" Retina MBP five months ago and already the cable is split. This happened with the last MacBook Pro too. C'mon!!

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    Loose connector, cable frays

    The new MagSafe makes a much looser connection and is easily bumped out if you're not using it on a desk, or move your laptop around at all. More concerning though is that within 6 months it has frayed dangerously at the brick-end. Very poor.

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    desipointed :(

    i love apple like nothing else but today i just noticed that my power adaptors' wires were wiped out and i will buy a new one, i hope apple get a new one and replaces this one with more flexibility on the wire

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