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    Not as bad as everyone lets on, but not perfect.

    The charger is fine. The people who are complaining must use their equipment in very strange (inappropriate) conditions. Melting power bricks and frayed wires sound like a user-related issues. If you are careful when you wind your cable up and keep the power adapter in a sensible location, it will last you a long time. That said, as an owner of a Summer 2012 Retina MacBook Pro, I've noticed a little bit of small cracking in the rubber cable shielding near the input point on the brick. This is the point that gets the most stress, as it is where the cable is pulled to its greatest angle when winding it up for storage. It would be nice to see Apple considering the potential for this kind of wear; a stronger, more flexible support point would be useful.

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    Great, just wish it was cheaper

    Very good design from electronics point of view, more then all required safety features - apple goes over and beyond what they are expected here.
    Loads people complaining about heat and such, but its a power supply - it will get hot. Live with it. Stop whining please.
    Cable wise, they got better over years - still a lot to be done I'm afraid.

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    It simply is not true that the connecter is too weak. It has the perfect balance and I much prefer the new magsafe 2 connecter on my mbp retina to the magsafe 1 of y old mbp...

    The only reason I am buying another, is that wires became exposed a the end nearest the transformer of the power supply…

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    Not weak ...

    I have been monitoring the magnet and contrary to the previous review, is not weak. I have two young dogs and this feature has saved my MacBook a few times. Under normal circumstances it does not just fall out.

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