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    Awful design

    The depth of the plug is so shallow that it is very difficult to remove this plug from the wall. If you have limited space (middle of a four-bar) or limited gripping power then this plug will be of no use. You will need one of the older ones where there is a grip.

    All Apple products seem to come with this poor low profile design ... form over function ... again.

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    Bad Quality

    I received ipad mini as a gift on the Friday, charged it once on the Saturday. Go to charge it again on the Sunday and low and behold the plug doesn't work!

    Ipad mini fast becoming a very expensive paperweight whilst I decide whether it is worth the hassle of seeking out an apple store or just bite the bullet and buy cheaper third party adapters that last longer than for one freaking charge!

    I wouldn't be so annoyed if it wasn't for the fact apple charges a lot of money for chargers. They shouldn't break after barely making it out of the box.

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    OK but!!!

    The iPhone adapter is difficult to pull the plug out of the socket once the phone is charged. The indentations on the side of the plug are not adequate enough for me to grip the plug to pull it out. The plug is too shiny and all attempts to get it out result in my fingers slipping off, I eventually get it off by twisting and putting an object between the plug and socket to ease it out, Most unsatisfactory!!!
    Other members of my family agree with me on this.
    I have emailed Apple to advise them of this, but have had no reply, I suppose they probably do not want to admit they have got it wrong!!!

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