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    Awesome Possium

    I bought my Iphone in April of 2015 and i have yet to have a thing go wrong with it. my charger cable works fine (when i can find it ). I dont pull or tug it out of the socket when i am finished with it. My cable is a tough little thing as it has had juice split on it, fallen out of a window and left out in the rain and it still works.

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    No Problems Here

    No problems after a year with this cable to my iPhone

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    Good Product and it does Last

    As you would expect from apple the cable looks and feels of high quality.

    Lots of reviews saying the cable doesnt last, but Ive had an Iphone 5 for 2 years, and currently an Iphone 6 and never had an issue (I take it to work and its travelled to several UK destinations and been in 7 countries and is still going!)

    I think if you try and look after it then it will last!

    Only given 4 stars as I would price the 1m cable at £10.

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    Seems fine what's the issue

    This product perfectly exemplifies why average star ratings are pointless. If a product is less than perfect (let's be honest this ISN'T the most durable cable in the world), you always have the issue where dissatisfied buyers are exponentially more likely vent their spleens than buyers who are satisfied, and so it's impossible to look at the average star ratings and get the real truth. As I type this, the average rating is 2.5 stars, but I'm sure a huge quantity of users have no problems with their cables, just like I don't. Treat it with respect and it won't break. My lightning cable is plugged in and out my phone several times a day and has been for two years. I'm still using the same cable. Obviously I'm doing something right that all the whiners writing one star reviews are not.

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    Works fine - don't coil tightly though

    I have two of these. My first one developed a split and stopped working. After use I was coiling it up to keep it neatly in the drawer. Despite being supplied like that, I don't think it did the cable much good. Since then I coil loosely and have had no further trouble with either cable.

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    take care

    never bend the cable with strain at the end (nearest to the device) because thats how they break. mine has, and still is, lasting 2 years+ now, thats cause i never bend it, pull it. its been through quite a lot to be honest, but just don't bend the wire near the device and your wire will last for ages. it isn't the best strain relief in the world, but i know people who've been through 3 of these, because they don't take care of the wire end. if u wanna save urself £45 then just take care of the wire.
    OR: someone told me a neat trick: BUY THE MICRO USB TO LIGHTNING MINI ADAPTOR, it costs £15 but u can get micro usb wires a lot cheaper and the adaptor won't break easily!! ;)

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    my cable is still going fine

    Ive noticed so many people have given this wire a negative review. Ive had my charger cable a little over a year now (when i got my iPhone 5) and I've noticed nothing is wrong, and this is still my first wire of course its a little bit more flimsy than the old 30-pin chargers. Breakage only happens if you, yourself don't take care of it, its your own fault it breaks and not apples, all you got to do is try and keep both ends straight when you use it and avoid bending it. Problem is then solved.

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    New Lightning Cable

    Bought an iPod Touch and iPad Mini for 2 of my kids in November'12, via Apple's online store. Both cables failed, one Sept'13, the other Oct'13. Went in to 2 different Apple stores in London and received a free replacement for each without any issues as they were within the 12 month warranty. Original cables were duff but the replacements seem far more sturdy and expect not to have to replace these again. Do not buy replacements for silly money if they are within 12 months of their warranty as there is no need to.

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    Works fine just expensive.

    I use this to plug into my sound system for my car and it works but is rather expensive for what it does.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars


    Fantastic, never had a problem with the cable and Ive had it for three months now. The only two things I can think of is:
    1) Discolours easily
    2) not long enough.

    Quality product by apple as always.

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