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    Works.... Then doesn't

    I got the iPhone 5 for a couple of week thes original cable worked perfectly until the bit of wire towards the lightning adapter starts to crimple, eventually it just doesn't work after more weeks off the cable working and not working constantly vibrating when trying to sleep, can drive someone mad!, I then bought a new offical cable and yet it worked perfect and the same problem occurred, I am sick of paying £15 each time the cable fails to get it replaced!

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    I have had 4 of these in the past month and have had the same problem with each. They work fine until i suspect a wire comes loose in the top of the cable (where it enters the device), then it will only work when it is pulled or pushed into certain directions, until eventually it will not work at all. Im sick of wasting money on these cablels. A new cable must be brought out.

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    £45. Yes. £45! I've bought THREE Apple cables in the past 4 months! I'm absolutely disgusted with the quality of them. They just seemed to break! I'm always, always very careful with things I buy and these cables are just expensive and nasty. I'm just utterly disgusted with Apple. Horrible quality and far too expensive! Get it fixed!!!!

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    sort yourself out apple.

    this has got to be the WORST purchase i have ever bought in my fifteen years of living on this planet. i have bought 5 Lightning to USB Cable's in the space of 3 months. in other words, piece of rubbish. you would think that because apple is such a good company they would actually make something that would CHARGE your ipod/iphone/ipad instead of it breaking instantly, my recent Lightning to USB Cable lasted four hours, your products are not reliable in any way at all. you should definitely make some new sort of USB. i will stick to banana's from now on. i am now going to buy a docking station (THAT IS NOT APPLE) to charge my ipod because apple is this unreliable, if you don't put my review up you obviously just can't face the truth, goodbye. oh and i had to rate this a 1 star or it would not let me do it, so don't think for one minute i wanted to make it one star. YOU MADE ME DO THIS.

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    I'm going to say the same thing as everyone else - was great at first then started messing around unless it was at a certain angle, then just stopped.

    I will try to call apple to see what they say, but I'm going to Apple to buy a new one first just in case - then at least I'll have a spare because that's likely to stop working as well.

    In fairness to Apple, the problem is probably because it does charge very fast. Could be too much for the wires inside and this would make them overheat/melt. But I would rather it didn't charge at lightening speed but LASTED.

    Thanks for reading.

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    This item is the worst product ever! I'm sure i was not aware that I would have to go through 4 wires and now the charger has overheated and the top end of the plastic has melted and burnt onto my duvet, what if it was to damage the charging area of the iPhone 5? Not My Fault! I am not happy with the lightning cable, a new improved version must be brought out. And i am sure i speak for the majority of iPhone 5 users! Rubbish charger!

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    the i phone 5 cables are terrible and are NOT robust. What is Apple going to do about it?

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    I had a blackberry for 2 years and the charger never once broke, then I buy into an expensive phone and I've gone through four chargers within 5 months. It's a joke.

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    Poor quality

    Agree with the majority of the comments on here, I've not had my iPhone 6months and the cable has already totally broken from bending at the connector! My friend has an iPhone 4 and has not had a problem with the charger for almost 2 years so why is the new design even less robust? Very annoyed that I have to pay £15 for a new cable, apple should replace the cable for free, especially if its within 6 months!

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    Poor quality

    Had the ipad mini for 3 months, and the ipad end of the cable has pulled off. Cheap cable for an expensive product.

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    Absolute Joke !!!!!

    I am on contract with Orange for the iPhone 5 i got the phone in October 2012. Everything worked fine, i was made up with the phone. Then i noticed the wire started to bend and crack around the Lightening connector a week later the cable became faulty and i had to wiggle it to get it to work. I came to work and plugged it in went to put my phone on charge and a sparks were coming out of the part where the wire meets the connector and gave me quite a harsh electric shock! Called orange today who put me through to apple tech support and they have kindly replaced it. So maybe you should give them a call instead of wasting your money on a product that is clearly poorly manufactured! A lot of people are let down by this, it's quite disheartening coming from a company who prides itself as an idustry leader! Pfffttt.

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    Not Goodes enough

    Unfortunately to short, far to short! When my iPad is on charge I can't use it!

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    better of throwing away money than buying this

    Iphone 5 lightning USB chargers are the worst things ever .. break within two months of each other .. considering the amount of money we spend on our iphones, ipods and ipads and what not - perhaps they should provide us with better quality chargers!!! £15 each time and i find myself purchasing one about every 8 weeks !!!!

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    Poor wiring poor build

    i've bought this as a replacement for my original cable i got when the iphone 5 first came as the wiring has come loose inside the connector and now my phone doesn't charge all the time... shocked at the poor build quality of these new lightning cables.. i've still got a charging cable from when i had a iphone 3 that is still intact... sort it out apple

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    Ipad 4 cable

    The cable is useless, I'm on my second one in 2 months and they have both broken at the 8 pin end, complete waste of money.

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    Breaks constantly

    All i do is buy new ones, £15 every time it breaks, cant keep it up. Terrible, should get this problem fixed, it only works for a few months, ive actually bought two this time ot last me, absolute joke.

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    Not Impressed...

    I've had my iPhone 5 about 5/6 months & I'm now on my 3rd one of these leads... Absolutely ridiculous. Had my iPhone 4 two years & never had an issue with the charger. What on earth are they playing at? Makes you wonder if they're made flimsy on purpose so that they need constantly replacing!

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    I have purchased 4 iPhone 5 leads since upgrading 6 months ago and have had the same problem with every one, the wires continually come loose. Is this something your looking into changing as its very inconvenient and become a serious problem.

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    Great.... Its broken

    Had my cable since release of the iPhone 5 and it has already broken, need to wobble it around to get any sort of connection. Marketing will only mask low quality on these for so long.

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    Broke in 2 months

    I got this with my Ipod Touch (5th gen). It work fine until today because when I went to charge my ipod this just broke now got to buy a new one. Not happy with it. As owning a second gen Ipod as well my old charger lasted for 3-4 years. Needs work NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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