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    Can some 1 please fix this dam cord

    I've been through 4 of these already. Y won't they redesign these cords!!!

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    No problems here

    Had my iPhone 5s for nearly two years now, and I'm only now having to replace my lead.
    Although I find £15 a hefty price to pay it lasts. Don't understand all the 1 star ratings, learn to care for your phones and it's accessories.
    I've had so many iPhones and never had any issues! I'd be lost without my iPhone!

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    Shoddy product -DO NOT BUY

    I ordered one of these and it arrived this morning, and didn't work straight out of the box!!! As I needed it, I took an otherwise unnecessary journey to my nearest Apple Store (Bromley) to try and sort it out. After a couple of tries, it became clear that none of the 1m cables worked on my iPad. The 2m ones did though. The store manager told me that the fault was with my iPad!!!

    He admitted thought that the chips used in the 1m and 2m cables were different, and therein lies the problem, as far as I am concerned. I was then put through to AppleCare, which apparently also doubles up as Apple customer care, and the person I have just spoken to was absolutely useless. The long and short of my review, is DO NOT BUY THIS SUB-STANDARD PRODUCT.

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    Not a 'quality product' at all

    Like others, I have a number of iPhone, iPads and iPods in the house and the only reliable cables are the original large plug types used on the original iPods and iPads - the lightning connectors are very poor quality. Appl have us over a barrel - whatever they do to stop cheaper clones working to charge and synch reliably seems to work. But charging us through the nose again after spending a fortune on the devices (compared to other phones/tablets) is just taking the mickey. I have to buy a couple more now, but will bind the part where the cable meets the plug at both ends to try to make it less susceptible to breaking. I wouldn't mind if I treated them badly, but I am careful. £15 for a cable that lasts just a few months is awful.

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    I have owned apple products for many years, I don't normally write reviews but in this case I will. I was going through my drawer the other day and found that actually I have 18 dead lighting leads, all with the same issues frayed at the connectors, terrible quality Apple really need to address this. I am also finding the same issue with my Mac book pro charger, I'm on the forth one in two years, same issue frayed where the cable joins the charger.Please apple sort it out.

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    Awesome Possium

    I bought my Iphone in April of 2015 and i have yet to have a thing go wrong with it. my charger cable works fine (when i can find it ). I dont pull or tug it out of the socket when i am finished with it. My cable is a tough little thing as it has had juice split on it, fallen out of a window and left out in the rain and it still works.

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    What a let down

    Good phones/tablets but the charger wires are terrible. They're probably this size and quality to squeeze into the shipping boxes, can't you copy Samsung with wireless charge.

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    Absolute ****

    I've been through 10 of these in 4 years!
    Fair enough my use is frequent and not always careful, however, at this price they should last a little longer than they have!
    Also, ones that have never left my room break just as often. It's as if Apple made them so they break automatically after a period of time.
    Other than the cable I think that the phone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch products are of great quality. It's a shame that they couldn't carry this trend through all of their products, being a loyal fan of the products makes me even more frustrated to see another stupid error from such a 'clever' company.

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    very weak product

    I agree with many others this is a poor product. The cable frayed after one week of use. I am starting to believe that Apple are trading on attractive visual design and marketing, but are falling short in quality and substance.

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    Second cable this year broken

    Rubbish! Such a shame Apple couldn't create a stronger cable that doesn't break every six months.

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    Please fix this issue

    I have a business with around 10 iphones and ipads and these leads are very poor, prone to fraying and breaking quickly. It is very irritating to have to keep buying them. It is not so much the money but the disruption this causes that makes me want to reconsider deploying further Apple products. If there was a more expensive but more rugged option available I would have no hesitation in buying it. In my opinion, this lead undermines Apples reputation for good design and build quality.

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    These break far more easily than cheap 3rd party alternatives

    Not sure how Apple justify how poorly these cables hold up to normal usage.

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    Cable broken

    Lightning cable broken even with careful handling. Will not buy any apple products again.

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    Absolutely ridiculous

    I've had around 5 leads in one year the price that is asked for these leads does not come anywhere close to the actual value of these. With 4 apple devices across our household this needs to be fixed.

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    Broken and Frustrating

    I've had my iPhone and charger for just over 12 months (just out of warranty!!!) and the lighting USB lead is broken. It started with intermittent faults and has now given up altogether. In response to those reviews inferring that this is down to lack of product care I disagree. This charger is kept in the same place, rarely moved and I always unplug the device using the plastic end, not pulling the wire.

    I think given the expense (and the fact that cheaper alternatives are not compatible) Apple should ensure value for money and make a quality product that lasts; it can't be that difficult.

    It is the second Apple product that I have had this problem with (iPad charger also broke) and it has put me off buying Apple products in the future.

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    This cable is utter rubbish

    You would think that with all the high tech and hype that goes in to every launch of an Apple product they could at least invent a decent power cable. This cable has to be by far the worst on the market!!! C'mon Apple you are selling yourself way short and in fact when my contract is up with my new iphone 6, I shall be considering a Samsung. I have a cheap £15 Nokia from work and the power cable I have for it is the original, I got it 5 years ago. It's either plain lazy or a cynical money spinning ploy by Apple either way it's utter rubbish!

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    Looks good BUT...

    This cable looks sturdy and reliable but all 3 of mine cables did not last even a year.

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    very poor quality

    Very poor quality and SUPER expensive for just cable!
    Old 20 pin cable was better quality

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    Poorest quality ever seen in a cable

    I have been an apple customer for years and have always loved their products that they design. I have no idea however what they have been thinking when they have designed both the lighting cable and other cables including headphones an MagSafe. The quality and durability is absolutely appalling, like terrible appalling, the worst consumer product I have ever seen. I am not sure what they make the cables out of, but it almost resembles a thin piece of chewing gum, and to charge such a high price for it is terrible. Apple needs to learn that if they are going to make robust, durable and reliable products, it must include the accessories also, they are part of the product. I have probably bought more cables from Apple than anything else. Terrible, terrible product. Shocking for Apple. Should be ashamed.

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