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    Great quality

    As I seen so many 1 star reviews, I thought I might make a mistake buying one, but after a few months of use I can see that people are "bad quality" and not the product instead... So for those who are looking to buy a longer cable then the one provided in the devices boxes, you can surely get this one as it is the same quality!

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    No issues with my 2m cable

    I actually never had an iPhone until the 6s came out. Too many said screen cracks and cables are expensive to buy when they break.

    For me I haven't had any troubles with my 2m cable and the cable that came with my iPhone. I'm buying a second cable because I left that at my aunties. My phone is charged perfectly fine, the cable hasn't even split considering I have had it 6months almost. There's been no problems with my battery life and I'm quite happy to purchase another one. I didn't even read the reviews before I purchased my first one.

    It's called trial and error. For me there are no errors with this cable. Just look after it as you would brushing your teeth everyday.

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    Its a great cable

    This is a really good cable as far as i can tell. It charges devices as well as you would expect and because its official you don't have to worry about those charging problems you sometimes get with 3rd party accessories. I use it for charging my iPad, the cable is long enough to go behind my desk and run across the top giving me lots of space to use my iPad. The build quality seems fairly good too although time will tell how long it really lasts.

    Don't be discouraged by all of these low 1 star reviews, if you take a closer inspection they appear to be fake and probably made by trolls.

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    Great Cable!!

    After seeing so many 1 star reviews I thought I need to write a 5 star review.
    I brought my 2m charger lead 2 years ago and still working now, it goes everywhere with me, around the world, to work and back, in my car and still works perfectly, looks as good as new.
    Will 100% buy a new one when the time comes to change.

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    Pricy but they last

    I always use genuine Apple cables now. I have had a few non-Apple ones that just didn't last.

    I've had this cable for a couple of years and it works perfectly. I use it every day at work and it is showing no signs of wear.

    I'm buying another today ...

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    Mine has been absolutely fine.

    I was worried about wasting money on paying for the name but, having bought a 1.2 m Belkin cable which was cheap and a two metre Apple cable which was expensive, I am now in the position that my Belkin cable has stopped working and the Apple one is fine. I am now about to buy another Apple one. I think you get what you pay for.

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    A good cable

    I am also puzzled by the one star reviews for this cable. I purchased it from the Apple Store in Reading. If anything, it's more robust than my original 1m cable. A good product, I'm pleased with it. My only request is - please can you make cables in more than one colour to save arguments about which cable belongs to who.

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    Perfectly good cable, no issues

    A longer version of the standard lightning to USB cable which comes with all current iOS devices. I have experienced no issues with this cable, or the standard length cable. It puzzles me there are so many highly negative reviews about lightning cables. The only explanation I can think of is people have purchased counterfeit cables from places other than Apple -- I once purchased a 30 pin cable from eBay which turned out to be fake and it did cause glitches when I used it with my old iPhone 4S, or they are mistreating the cables, in which case of course they will break. If you stick to genuine cables purchased from Apple and don't handle them like a ham fisted moron then I don't envisage any problems.

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    The Strange Case of the One Star Reviews

    After reading the many one star reviews condemning this item as the "worst quality cable you will ever find" I bought two of them, one to put to every day use and the other to examine in detail.

    I am an electrical engineer and I took one of these cables to the workshop to be tested for quality, functionality and durability. My conclusion is that the more than 40 extremely negative reviews have no basis in reality. This is a well made product likely to give good service for a long time if used properly.

    The only conclusion to be drawn from the noticeably extreme reviews is that there were written by people more likely to be hostile to the Apple brand than with any genuine evidence that this product is of poor quality. Those who are open minded and looking for the advantage that a longer charging cable provides can buy with confidence.

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    It's all in the wrist.

    Purchased this cable having read the reviews on here and also taking into account the number of cables I've seen that have obviously been mistreated. This is a delicate piece of equipment and needs to be handled as such, don't pull on the cable, grip the plugs when you need to remove it and you'll be fine, don't try towing a car with it and if it does breakdown - try fixing it yourself for a greater understanding of how delicate it actually is.

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    Great Product!

    Purchased this cable to use with my new iPhone 6 Plus as I wanted to be able to use the phone whilst I am in bed.

    The cable is great and does the job its designed for.

    I'm a little confused with the reviews saying that the cable is too expensive. If you think about the price of the iOS devices that you use this with, £25.00 is nothing to spend on a cable. If you looking around at cheeper cables, yes you can get ones that cost less but they won't last as long.

    And if your one of the people who says they have had to keep buying new ones, then your clearly being too heave hand with the cable.

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    Good enough

    I never had to change one. I nearly always disconnect grabbing it by the connector, in rare cases I pull the phone off in a hurry. I still have pristine lightning cables from my iPhone 5 and iPad 4.

    Besides using it in a construction zone or in an oily auto shop I can't imagine how you one could break it with Norman use every night.

    It's up there with turning on an empty microwave or a call to attention by smacking your iPhone screen-first repeatedly off a hardwood table.

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    Poor reviews

    Does someone pay you people for posting these reviews? I have my cable for ages, it works just fine as any other cable would. I guess you have nothing better to do than trying to damage Apple's reputation, or who knows what you guys do with these cables. You know that the purpose of the cable is for connectivity with your Mac or PC and for charging your device?

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    Great product providing you don't stretch cable

    Everyone complains about these cables, works very well. I charge mine in the kitchen and have two iPhone's and the original cables 6mths later.

    For all those complaining use common sense when plugging in and you will be fine

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    I've had my cable for over a year now, and it's still in mint condition, I here a lot of people complaining about Apple's Cables breaking a lot, but my is fine and I think this is down to the fact that I look after it, and the people who complain don't actually look after thier own cable; unfortunatley I cannot tell people how to think and do things!

    Overall pretty good cable and I would buy another one if I have the money!

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    I really cannot understand all the negative reviews

    I used the same cable that came with my iPhone 5 for over a year and it was still like new. Nothing broke on it. In all the time I’ve owned Apple kit which has come with a USB cable, I have not had a single issue with any of them.

    Admittedly, the cable on this lead is not the thickest, but all of these leads are the same, they don’t need to be thick cabled.

    I think a lot of negative reviews are due to heavy handed use, I think these people are pulling on the cable to remove them instead of pulling them out by the plug/connecter. I’ve seen far more negative reviews on 3rd party cables than on Apple’s cables. At least when you buy Apple branded ones, you know the thing is going to work, a lot of the 3rd party ones are not licensed and as such will not work or some are dam right dangerous.

    A bit expensive, but a good cable all the same.

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    Seems robust to me

    I have several of these and none of them has broken. I am trying to imagine what kind of use causes them to break. I travel a great deal and wrap the cables in tight spools for efficient packing. They get rough treatment. As I say, they all still work fine so I have to ask what people are doing to break them.

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