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    A good cable

    I am also puzzled by the one star reviews for this cable. I purchased it from the Apple Store in Reading. If anything, it's more robust than my original 1m cable. A good product, I'm pleased with it. My only request is - please can you make cables in more than one colour to save arguments about which cable belongs to who.

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    Mine has been absolutely fine.

    I was worried about wasting money on paying for the name but, having bought a 1.2 m Belkin cable which was cheap and a two metre Apple cable which was expensive, I am now in the position that my Belkin cable has stopped working and the Apple one is fine. I am now about to buy another Apple one. I think you get what you pay for.

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    I have had a phone 10 month and already 2 of these cables have not lasted the pace. VERY VERY poor apple.

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    Although the iPhone 5 chargers may look attractive they are far from durable. In the past year I have purchased over 4 of these chargers and every single one has broke, a complete waste of money and puts me off having an iPhone.

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    I am on my third cable since January this year. The wires either pull out of the end or simply snap. This is not to mention the fact that they are so riduclously short they are hardly usable. I have to place my ipad and iphone on the floor to charge them. Then there is the price of the chargers - £25 for 2 months use that equals £150 per year.

    TOTAL COSDWALLOP. Wake up Apple.

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    Very Poor Quality

    Apple, Don't get me wrong, I genuinely love your products and consider myself a loyal customer however I have to ask, what are you playing at with the lightning cable?
    Having within my family; 2 iPhone 5's and an iPad mini, I can safely say that the lightning cable is by far and away the worst product you have ever made. I'm not sure if it's the cable or the connector on the devices but I have to tell you that if you want to keep my custom in the future then something needs to change. After a few months use and many (to the tune of 6-7 genuine Apple cables!!) they all go the same way, I end up having to lick the cable, blow saliva into the connector and prop up the device in 'just the right position' to get it to start charging a device and then, if it's moved slightly, it starts trying to tell me this accessory may not be compatible...well no s*** it isn't compatible, the problem is it's your own product, supposedly designed to work with your products? I hope you see my frustration and where I am going with this!
    I do not expect to have to go through this spit fest/ balancing act every time I use your products...I expect them to just work as you usually make happen so well, hence why this comes as such a disappointment.
    Apple, please take notice of your customers, look at all the 1 star reviews for this product and re-evaluate your use of this inferior product on future devices. You generally make excellent products so please do not let yourself down on this small hurdle. I really want to stay with you for future devices but fear if you continue with this type of connection then I will be forced to look at other tablets and phone manufactures in the future.

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    Absolutely awful charger.

    I've purchased 5 of these since getting my iPhone 5 last January and about to purchase my 6th one, like someone said because it's a necessity. I've tried buying unofficial chargers but again iOS 7 has seen to that. I've gone through all the reviews on here which are all saying the same thing however Apple don't seem to be doing anything about this, or at least make the chargers cheaper knowing they are faulty. I am appalled I've spent £150 to charge my iPhone when the iPhone alone is so expensive. Come on Apple please fix this or at least change the charger when the next phone comes out!

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    Believe me when I say, I have spent the same amount of money it would take to buy a new iPhone on chargers. They are completely useless, they break easily and some of these chargers haven't even lasted a week. I can't even say how many I've been through in 18 months of my upgrade because I've lost count. Apple need to sort it out. I have been a dedicated apple fan from the very start, but the experience with these chargers and the iPhone 5 have completely put me off. I shall never have an iPhone again, I'm converting to Samsung on my upgrade, apple have lost a customer.

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    There has to be better

    The cable lasted less than a year. It's an insult to the consumer to provide a vital accessory of such poor quality and then charge so much for a replacement. I am not sure my next tablet will be an iPad.

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    Poor quality for such a pricey product

    Had this cable for less than 9 months and it has broken. Not willing to pay so much to replace it with one that will do exactly the same

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    Listed as charging iPad

    This cable doesn't charge iPads. Works fine with iPhones. Shambolic!!

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    Fragile and 80% too expensive

    Both the most delicate and expensive cable I've ever had the displeasure of needing to use (and replace, due to its quality). Believe the anti-hype.

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    Design fault of cables

    I am now on my 5th genuine apple lightning to USB cable, 3 one metre, 3 two metre. Every cable has split at the Lightning end, exposing the wires. So far I have spent £145 on cables! Absolutely disgusting. When are you going to design a cable that doesn't split, or cost a fortune.

    I am a very careful user, so it is not as if I am a rough handler.

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    Terrible quality

    I have had 6 chargers and all of them are weak and poor quality, then end up breaking so easily I want my money's worth and I'm not happy at all

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    Terrible quality. Not durable in any way.

    The cable jacket, that is the white rubber that goes around the wire of the cable, is simply utter rubbish. It is the thinnest of rubber, kinda like stretched chewing gum. All other wires are made of pvc, whilst Apple uses thin rubber. The cable will last, at most for 5-6 months before failing completely. The people that are saying that the cables last years, know as well as I do that this is not true. The cable is of the lowest standard of quality I have seen on any wire and for the price charged this is absolutely appalling. The wire is marketed for portable products, therefore, it should be designed in a way that is built to last. It should not be the case that a slight turn of the wire causes the rubber jacket to fray. I am starting to believe that the cables are designed in such a poor quality so that, along with Apples restrictions on third party wires, you have to buy a new one every since months. I find it simply appalling giving customers this wire with 600 to 700 products.

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    Absolute Rip Off

    £700 for my phone and £25 every time this product breaks. You all know the problem so I won't bore you. Just an awful design. I'm furious.

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    seems the reviews are right

    I bought this 2m cable despite reading the reviews, it becomes braided at the base of the lightning connector, it's tearing off the joint and soon will be desting for the bin.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    this is my THIRD cable as they continually break after having them for a very short amount of time! i will not be purchasing an iPhone when i get a phone upgrade simply because i am not willing to spend another £75 on cables!

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    Very disappointed

    I wish I could have given a positive review but unfortunately I've had the same issue as pretty much most of the other people who have posted a review. I brought my iPad Pro last November and it came with the 2m cable which I was very happy about initially. However that happiness barely lasted 9 months which was when the cable completely stopped working. When negative comments far outweigh positive ones you would think it would be a cue for Apple to do something about it.

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    Poor product

    I am on the phone with Apple just now arranging for the collection and replacement of a 2m iPhone lightning product, which is no longer working. Actually my standard length cable has just broken as well. Well at least Apple seems to be replacing them for free. Of course, I would rather that these products didn't break in the first place.

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