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    Don't understand what the problem is!

    Read other reviews on this item and was a little concerned about durability but having purchased the item I can't understand where the problem is. The price is somewhat OTT but the cable is much thicker than the standard 1m iPhone cable, in fact it's the same guage as the original iPad cable and I can't imagine what amount of abuse you would have it give it to fail within a year. I've had mine for 6 months with no issues whatsoever. Read into that what you will but I'm happy!

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    still good and running

    i got one of the cables with my iPad 4 when it first game out. the cables are fine, regardless of what the other people say, the only concern i have it that they are rather delicate and i broke one when i dropped it still attached to my iPad(got it out of the iPad though) but thats to be expected. just be careful and they will last

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    Had mine since 2012 until I destroyed it!

    I upgraded to iPhone in December 2012 and my cable was fine until February this year when I FORCED it into my phone following an accident with my phone and hot water which caused residue to block the charging socket. Other than that I have had no problems. So either (1) the manufacture of the cable post-December 2012 is very poor or (2) people are not looking after their cables. I NEVER wrap mine tightly. In fact I RARELY wrap it at all! It usually stays in one position where my phone is charged nightly.

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