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    Brilliant idea

    I use the micro USB cables for charging various things HD, PS4, Mi fi , so being able to use these cables to charge my iPhone / iPad etc is very handy.

    yes it's tiny but that's why it's attached to a micro USB cable at all times and kept for convenience in my iPad case so know where it is at all times.

    Great thing to have if you don't want to drag a load of cables with you on holidays or for trips away.

    Overall a must have and it's not horribly expensive either.

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    Awesome little device.

    The amount of times i've forgotten my charger cable and have been stuck while the only charger i've been able to find has been a Micro USB / Android charger. This little device is a life saver when you need to use someone else's cable, i keep it with me in my wallet at all times now.

    I've read lots of reviews on this and to be honest i can't see what everyones problem is. You pop it onto the end of a cable, plug the phone in and charge like normal, can it be that hard? I've used this device on a cheap £2 micro usb cable from eBay and I've also used it on my xbox one remote cable and I've never had a problem, even charged iPhones (5's to 6's) and iPads with it and never had a problem.

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    Please stop saying it doesn't work with iPhone 5 / 5s!!!

    To all of you people who are giving this product 1-star saying that it is incompatible with your iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s, Did you ever stop to think that it may be your cheep Chinese eBay Micro USB cable that doesn't allow sufficient enough power to charge an iPhone 5 or 5s?

    Well - That's exactly what the problem is!
    It works perfectly with a Belkin or equivalent good quality USB cable, but doesn't work with those super cheap eBay cables!

    Works a treat for me on both my iPhone 5s and my iPad Mini Retina when used with my Belkin Micro USB cable.

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    Great Product

    A little bit pricey, but because the micro USB cables are much cheaper than lightning (especially ones that are direct connected to power) it is a great option and should last longer than the cable itself.

    I find it worth the money, personally - as I think it will save in the long run.

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    No problem using it with the 5s leather case and seems to work satisfactory with a 1.5 metre usb cable from Maplin.

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    Great product

    Prefer it to the 'Lightning to 30-pin Adapter'. Very small and useful as can be used with any Micro USB cable. Can also sync with iTunes using this adapter with a Micro USB cable.

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    Allows for longer cable!

    With the introduction of ID chips in the apple lightning cables, its unlikely a longer, reliable 3rd party cable will be available any time soon.
    This adapter when used with a long USB cable means you'll no longer be chained to your wall outlet!
    The connections are very sturdy, when you pull the USB cable, it pulls the adapter out of the phone and leaves it on the end of the cable, I have no complaints with this product.

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    Verry small!!!

    Like Marc M from London said, this thing IS tiny, about 1mm longer and wider than the one you get on the end of the usb lead that comes with the phone luckily i only intend using it with my travel battery that comes in a case, so fits in perfectly with that.

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    Charge & Sync

    Yes i worked with me, even when i try to build an app from xcode to my iPhone 5.

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    Lightning to Micro USB Adapter review

    Agreed with the previous review - this thing is tiny. Other than that it works perfectly with my Blackberry(r) charger!

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    Whilst tiny, this is (as you would expect) a well-made adapter which fits snugly and securely to a male micro USB connection. The description states that it is both ultra compact and durable, I think it delivers on both. In terms of use, it does exactly what you would expect it to. Of course, it's a little pricey for what it is, but it's value for money if you don't want to change USB leads over all the time.

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