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    Expensive but thought a durable alternative to an expensive cable

    I thought I'd buy this and use a cheap micro USB cable so when ultimately the strain relief fails on the cable I can just pay £1 for a new micro USB cable. instead of £15 for a new cable. I plugged in my £1 cable and the phone said "Charging is not supported with this accessory". I could see the phone in iTunes and sync worked, just no charge. I then tried a second cable i got with my Logitech remote control and that works fine. I tried the cheap cable with the Logitech remote and it worked fine. So whatever reason it seems this adaptor doesn't work with all cables.

    I think the idea is still sound, as the cables tend to fail with the strain relief at each end, so at least the adaptor will be more durable, if only I can find out what it is that makes some cables work and some not.

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