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    OK: It does let you import photos but that is all + No Preview on the card

    This is a typical Apple product. On the plus side it is simple, small, elegant & does what it says it will do. The cable is a bit too long if you want to store in a point a shoot camera case.

    On the downside it only does what it says it can do (i.e. import photos from a SIM) & it does that badly, plus it is expensive for what it is. The main obvious thing it is missing is that you can not preview the pictures full screen while they are on the SD card. Most people will want to delete out the rubbish before you copy them onto you iPad, but Apple treats you like a little kid & does not allow you to do this. How can people so clever do simple things like this so stupidly?

    I can understand them locking down & restricting what data you they will allow you to import onto your IOS device i.e. you can not browse folders, load other non-picture/video files but this is typical of their obsessive control for no good reason, which is why so many people hate them. Got to be said.

    It will have it's place as a way of previewing pictures but the clumsy implementation means you have to load them all in & then delete them on the iPad, which is tedious given the poor controls in picture viewer. Shame, as they could have done this so much better.

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