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    Works with iPhone 5s to Arcam rCube, rWand and VW Media-in connection

    Just upgraded iPhone from 4s to 5s as don't like size/weight of 6. Hope I don't regret that too soon! Anyway this connector works fine with direct connection to the (now deleted) Arcam rCube and the phone is supported well enough unless you are going to throw your shoes at it! I can confirm it also works using the Arcam rWand over it's Klear streamed connection. I have just tried it with the 30-pin VW media-in cable in my 2011 VW Golf Estate and it works as well as the original connection ever did ( ie not perfectly but well enough). So I hope this helps all you rCube lovers as I could find nothing on this before now and I know this contradicts other reports about the VW Media-in connection. The Lightning plug is reversible in use, but remember the 30 pin end is not!
    Loss of one star as the price could have been sold at a loss by Apple even though I think it contains a DAC - for goodwill reasons; and I wonder if they considered a more stubby, strong adapter without a DAC but including a jack connection to the jack socket triggered to produce a line out analog signal through a 30 pin socket.

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    i was worried this will not work with my new docking station reading all the bad reviews... don't be fooled! the cheap version from ebay will not work but this one works perfect!
    still bit expensive for what it is tho...

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    It works !!!

    Reluctantly bought this after reading reviews, unsure it would work with my philips ds9/10 speaker dock but it works perfectly fine, I don't have to take my phone out of its case and it fits the right way around and charges and sound comes out of speaker and not phone. Bit pricey but cheaper than a new speaker.

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    Does the job

    Okay, so it's not the prettiest but it does the job. It works on my Roberts and my Bose and that's all I wanted it for. To all those who say it doesn't work perhaps you need extra attachments which come with the likes of Bose and Roberts. Note to Apple though - cut the price and get some new colours please.

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    4 out of 5

    A good product and I'm only knocking off a star because of the price, it does seem a bit expensive for what it is but I guess you get what you pay for. I've read a variety of reviews where some people say they can only charge their phone via the docking station or only play music but not charge etc but I got told its something to do with whether your docking station is capable of doing both. This seems to work well with my phone and docking station allowing me to charge my phone and play music so I'm happy. The only other point to mention would be depending on what type of cover or case you have on your phone, if you do have one, you might need to remove the cover to make sure everything connects up properly.

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    Expensive but compatible with Bose Sound Dock & VW in car

    I feel this product is expensive, however it has enabled me to use my new
    iPhone 5c with my existing Bose Portable Sound Dock (it both charges and plays music) and it is also compatible with my VW in car lead (again both charges and plays music). So this adapter successfully does what it is suppose to!

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    A necessary expense

    Just bought a used Jaguar XF with an iPod interface and wanted to connect my gen. 7 nano.replacing my 4th gen.
    Tried a couple of different cheap adapters from the auction site. A complete waste of time effort and money.Take my advice don't go there.they just don't work,It's not even worth trying to return them either.
    Just bought the correct apple one from John Lewis in Bournemouth. Works a treat ,exactly as it should.The assistant even said they would take it back if it didn't work (as you would expect)
    At £25 it is well overpriced for what it is. Apple should include this with their iPods /phones. They are pennies to make.Four stars not five due to ridiculously high price.
    Any way thank you JohnLewis.

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    Good but expensive

    The thing it's self if good and reliable but is expensive for how tiny it really is

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    Does exactly what I need

    Like many folk I wasn't particularly happy when I realised I wouldn't be able to use my phone on any of the 5 appliances I have. Initially I tried one of the "official" products off of a certain internet auction site and just got really frustrated when the only thing it did was sync and charged my phone.

    Thought I'd hold out a bit to see if apple dropped the price on this item but decided to bite the bullet and popped into the local apple shop and picked one of these up today (was re-assured by the lad in the shop who said they'd happily take it back if it didn't work), what can I say, should never have tried the alternative from the auction site, works in the car and all of the docks I have at home, really chuffed.

    I've only knocked it down a star due to the cost but hey-ho that's the world we live in today.

    It does exactly what I need it to do, great product.

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    Brought to use with the new Ipad and Ion piano apprentice.

    I brought myself a new ipad and wanted to use it with the Ion Piano Apprentice. The new Ipad has a lightning connection and the Ion Apprentice has the old 30 pin connection. I asked apple online and they suggested this product, I wasn't sure at first if this would work as the piano lights up to the tutorial on the ipad. So I thought I would save a few quid and buy a cheap one online. But I found after testing it, it didn't work, at all. So I decided to just spend more and buy the apple £25 adapter.
    I was really happy that the Ion Piano Apprentice did work with the New Ipad with retina Display.
    Great product, I just think its very expensive for what it is.

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    30-pin Adapter

    Very good adapter but very expensive at a cost of £25.00.

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    Not as simple as people seem to think

    Considering how small this item is, it's quite a clever bit of kit. To convert a digital signal from Lightning into an analogue output like you find in the 30 pin connector means this has a DAC (Digital Audio Converter) inside it, and it sounds quite good as well. I've not found a DAC this cheap, let alone this small. Only trouble is it looks a little tacky. More colour options would be nice.

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