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    Does the job but....

    I bought this because I like to listen to the radio when I am running. Sadly Apple do not provide a radio which can be used when on the move so I have had to buy an accessory made by Roberts which is just the job. Sadly again these are no longer made and the fitting on my iPhone 5 is different from the iPhone 4. I bought this to convert the fitting but, like everyone else found that the case got in the way. I have therefore bought he wire which does the job and put this one on my dock. I am now running with , what feels like, metres of wire which is really really annoying.
    Why can't the radio be integrated like it is on my daughter's Samsung, it has cost nigh on £100 to add a decent radio

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    Works, but at this price, should be perfect

    OK, first off, it does work! I have a 2011 Mk6 Golf and this connects to the 30 pin MDI cable and gives me the same 'full' media functionality I had with my 4S (note product says no video!).
    I have cut 2 stars, not because of the outrage of paying £30 for something that should be free or £10 at most, but because it still doesn't allow for the fact that most phones have a case on and you have to remove it for this adaptor to plug in. Oh, and it only comes in white. £30 and no colour choice, that is poor.

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    Good but poorly designed

    Does what it says on the tin, but I can't believe you have to remove the case to use it. Really needs a redesign with a narrower top end. Might get the dremel out and have a go!

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    I purchased this to play my new iPod Nano in my car after my Ipod Classic died on me. Fiddly to fit on 30 pin connector in car but couldn't attach my Nano to it due to position and space in glove box. Not happy but using in the home with my JBL speakers which works fine for audio but does not charge! FRUSTRATING. May return as expensive for not doing the job I wanted it to and only half the job when I'm using it at home.
    It's cheaper to purchase a new iPod with 30 pin connector from EBay!

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    Need this for playing Nano in Mercedes

    This works perfectly if you want to play a Nano through the Mercedes media system. All the CD cover pictures, track info etc is as wanted, much better than using the USB cable and port.

    The price of the unit is truly ridiculous and adding P&P charges is an insult.

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    Great, but a rip off.

    Great, product and works 100% with my Parrot MKi9200 hands free kit so I can play, charge, select music, browse contacts etc just as I did with previous generations of the iPhone. However, it makes the connection flimsy and I am a little worried it may break at some point.

    Massively over priced, i think an RRP of £14.99 would still be steep but I would be much more likely to buy another if they were that sort of money.

    Overall I am happy with the purchase but do think it is too much money.

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    Feel ripped off

    I feel ripped by buying this but I needed it. Very useful product but expensive

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    glad it works!

    Having read a number of reviews on this item I was anxious as to whether it would work with my docking station. I did speak to someone at Apple and they said that the adapter doesn't work with all manufacturers but that they couldn't tell me which ones! Thankfully it does work on my Red DAB radio!

    I do have to agree with other reviewers that it only being available in white is a bit rubbish! Most docking stations are black/chrome and as such when I bought my new ipod, I chose slate so that it would go with my existing docking station, but as Apple had changed the connector I needed an adapter. With the adapter fitted, the docking station and ipod combo looks a bit stupid - as though there is a bit of lego connecting them!! But at least it plays!

    And, as othe reviewers have said the £25 plus £4 postage I think is pretty steep for this tiny little thing! It feels a bit of rip off really - it should come as part of the package when you buy a new ipod.

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    Works in my Mercedes - so does what it says on the tin

    Does exactly what I wanted, and everything feels nice and tight when plugged in.

    Couple of issues though -
    1. It's expensive for what it is - £15 delivered feels fair, not nearly £30!
    2. This bugs me more - it only comes in white - my phone is black, the cable is black and everything inside the car is pretty much black or dark gray so it sticks out like a sore thumb.

    Come on Apple make some black accessories and give the option.

    Other than that allows charging and full music control through the car stereo, so am happy. 3stars only because of the above 2 points.

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    Works but....

    Although pricey it does work, but with a Bose Soundock II it only works if the iPod is mounted back to front with the display hidden. The adapter can only go on the 30 pin connector on the docking station one way. As far as I know the lightning connector can be plugged in either way round, but with the iPod mounted on the adapter with the display facing forward it will not work, no sound, no track change, nothing. Flip the iPod round so the display faces the docking station and it works fine if impractical. Others have reported the same thing.

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    Works ..... but ....

    Come on Apple, a bit more thought on this one please. Ipod Nano 7G has the Lightning port right over on the right hand side. when you plug in the adapter to use in a dock it just looks .... rubbish. Ipod hangs off the side of the adapter. If you are going to force buyers to use an adapter that you sell for £25 at least make it a dedicated fit. it's probably fine for the iPhone 5 and the iPod Touch 5 but it doesnt work aesthetically for the the Nano 7G. Sloppy

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    Decent accessory for what it is just very expensive.

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    Useful but why....

    make the body so high? When using to adapt on items like my alarm clock, it feels risky to have it resting just on the little pin. If the body of the adapter was shorter there would be less pressure on it...

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