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    Lightning to video adapter FAIL

    In my car I have an Apple 30pin to RCA cable hooked up to my car entertainment system so that I can play video from my iPhone on the larger screen in the car. After upgrading my iPhone 4 to a 5 the new lightning cable meant I could no longer do this. So after about 2 months of waiting I finally got my hands on the 0.2m lightning to 30pin adapter only to find that it does not support video. Huge fail and a complete waste of money. The only thing it is good for is charging my phone which I can do by using the cable I got with the phone and listening to music which I can do by bluetooth anyway. So even though I am using both an Apple RCA/30pin cable and an Apple Lightning/30pin adapter they are completely incompatible for video. I am very dissapointed.

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    Didn't last 2 months

    I bought this as I have a 30-pin dock and charging point on my digital radio and I have been using this adapter to connect my iPhone 5 to it to play music and to charge it. Exactly one month and 20 days after it was sent to me, this adapter stopped working completely. Now I am back to square one, not able to play my music from my iPhone 5 through my dock. Oh, and £30 out of pocket too. An expensive piece of kit that didn't even last 2 months. I will never understand why Apple changed the iPhone 5 to lightning.

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    Poor and overpriced

    Having recently upgraded my old iPhone and iPad to the new iPhone 5 and iPad 4th gen, I was advised that I needed this adaptor for my old apple accessories. This is very expensive for what is a simple adaptor and I feel should have been provided with the main items.
    It then gets even worse when connecting it to my old hdmi video connector I get the message that it is not supported and now find I have to buy yet another adaptor.
    Apple need to think these things through before releasing them (a bit like maps) and cease subjecting their loyal customers to buying overpriced adapters to do what their old equipment did.

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    not supported on iphone5s or ipad

    Product arrived today plugged it into my iphone 5s & ipad, then get a message on the screen "this accessory is not supported by this device". It's shockingly expensive & doesn't work, if zero stars were an option that's the score it would get

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    5s - iOS7 'device not supported' - farcical does not cover it!

    Upgraded from 4s to 5s and needed an adaptor to connect an apple 30 pin apple connector for the car. Opted for this cable but upon plugging this into my phone (nothing even connected at 30 pin end) I got a 'device not supported' message. Took cable back and apple guy was baffled as same on his own 5s phone. Tried a few cables and same for each. Seems Apple have outdone themselves and rendered their own adaptor cable as useless. Could really do with this cable but it's not working with iOS7.

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    Doesn't fit with a case - doesn't work either

    For those of us who think if we buy the 'real thing' that we'll have no problems..THINK AGAIN, and be very cautious before buying this.

    As you'll already know its ridiculously overpriced and extremely short.

    The plug on the lightning end is designed to be just thick enough to cause you trouble when trying to plug it into your iPhone when said iPhone is snugly encased in the official Apple leather case.

    If and when you do manage to get it in you're then immediately presented with a message saying it's not supported (this is before you even connect the other end to an accessory). Strangely enough the no cable adaptor works OK and does not display this message (although of course that too is cunningly 'designed in California' to not actually fit if you're using one of Apple's own cases).

    Only advice I can give is buy a cheapo generic one - hey that might not work either but at least they only charge you a couple of quid (i.e. what these things are worth)

    Apple - you're having a laugh - with the joke being made by your entirely disconnected design 'team' and very firmly at the expense of your customers. Pathetic really.

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    It's way too SHORT!!!

    Why is there not a 0.5m or 1.0m version or what ever the normal length of the charging cables are? Its way too SHORT to be of any use! Plus it's over priced too!

    Stupidly designed by Apple in California...

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    Avoid this product as it does not work.

    I have an Alesis IO dock for recording music. This unit worked fine with my iPad 3 thanks to the good old 30 pin connector. When I 'upgraded' to the iPad air, I did my homework, making sure I would still be able to use my Alesis dock. I could......if I used an official Apple 30 pin to lightning cable. Not a cheaper 3rd party cable because these don't allow digital audio to pass through. I paid my £35 for the privilege of digital audio pass through and guess what? It does not work! No charging, no sync, and no audio!!!
    Just to check, I connected this wonder cable to my DAB alarm clock, attached my iPad air and....intermittent charging and NO audio.

    I now have to spend time and money to go back to the Apple store, try and get a refund, and then sell my perfectly good Alesis IO dock to one of those lucky people with an iPad 3 or older. Many thanks Apple.

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    Frustrating in the extreme

    I understand that generic products may not always work but the Apple ones should! My iPhone 5 charger wire stopped working a few days ago. Yesterday I was walking the dog and the Apple (came in the box) headphones were crackling and very intermittent with my new iPhone 5. In the evening I put my iPhone on charge using my very new iPad Mini charger only to see that the charge wasn't taking.

    PLEASE do something about it. All I am planning to do now is buy generic cheap ones from Amazon by the bucket load and throw them out once they stop working.

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    This Lightning adapter to 30 pin DOES NOT work if you want to play charge your IPod Nano 7th generation to this model of Sony's mirco systems. SONY MHC -EC609IP - Ipod displays (accessory not supported) Booo Hooo sony - Unimpressed after spending hard earnt cash to listen to my Ipod.

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    Too big for iPhone 5S with new Apple 5s leather case

    Bought two of these hoping they would allow me to reuse the dozen or more 30pin cables I have around the house. Sadly the lightning connector plug is slightly too fat to fit in the snug hole in the new 5s leather case, as are 3 other types of lightning cable I have tried. Not very useful at all !!

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    Waste of money

    I bought this so I could use my iphone5 with my Bose docking station and it doesn't work! When connected it just says on my phone not compatible for the price of it I am not impressed

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    End connector (the lightning end) is too big for most iphone / ipad cases

    Please be aware when ordering this, as it isn't made clear in the product description - the lightning end is a lot bigger (a larger diameter) than the usb to lightning cable that comes in the box with new iphones / ipads. So if you have a snug case, then it just won't fit.

    I'm not sure why Apple have done it this way - it's possible that there are more electronics inside, but they should at least flag this up in the product description so you can make an informed choice. To be honest, I don't think it is extra gizmos making this thing bigger, just a flawed and careless design.

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    Does not work with any of my music devices that are 30 pin such as Bose or ruark

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    Waste of money

    What will apple do next change back to a 30
    Pin connection to be honest bought a lightning plug,
    to listen to music in my car it worked 6 weeks now it doesn't work.
    Plugged my nano into the car no problem. It's my first iPhone but i think apple
    Have lost the plot there's a old saying if its not broke don't fix it

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    It doesn't work!

    It doesn't work with any of my accessories... Card reader, vga, hdmi... Wasted my money on something that has no apparent use if all these are not compatible.

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    Worst product ever, if you buy this your crazy, Apple have completely failed with this product, it last no longer than a month, it takes all night to charge, and then loses battery in 5 minutes? That's crazy it's way to small, easy to break Ive been through 3 in 1 month biggest fail of a charger, shocking.

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    Bit dissapointed

    i bought a clip in adapter for my jbl doc but the ipod was too big to fit in so i decided to order one from apple but doesnt sync with my itunes or imac only thing it does is charges my ipod dissapointed i wasted £30 for a cable what only charges wanted a one what synces my music :(

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    Not really an adapter

    Bought this mainly to use my new iPad mini to VGA for teaching, using the 30-pin dock to VGA lead I already had.
    It doesn't work. "This accessory does not work with this iPad". Great. Works for charging only as far as I can tell.
    Apple store did reluctantly take it back and let me pay the extra for the Lightning-to-VGA lead, at an outrageous £39.

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    Disgraceful quality!

    so i got my iPad mini at christmas and since then i have been through 10 lighting chargers! so thats around 2 chargers a month! if they were cheaper i wouldn't care as much as this but they are way too over priced and the thing is that once the chargers break i have to keep boost charging my iPad which is ruining the battery so i will now have to pay for a new battery and a new charger! where as the iPhone 4s charger i have had for around 4 years and haven't had a problem yet so well done apple you've really let me down!!!!

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