• 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Poor and overpriced

    Having recently upgraded my old iPhone and iPad to the new iPhone 5 and iPad 4th gen, I was advised that I needed this adaptor for my old apple accessories. This is very expensive for what is a simple adaptor and I feel should have been provided with the main items.
    It then gets even worse when connecting it to my old hdmi video connector I get the message that it is not supported and now find I have to buy yet another adaptor.
    Apple need to think these things through before releasing them (a bit like maps) and cease subjecting their loyal customers to buying overpriced adapters to do what their old equipment did.

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    lack of charge capability

    Hoped to get full function connectivity to existing Pure I pod dock.Everything works except charge-- Apple say that no current dock will provide that facility. I think maybe there is a problem with charge through lightning as our existing usb charge point smply distorts touch screen when connected- the device can only be charged via adapter provided not through this lead.

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    It works but unnecessary payment to do what a iphone3 did

    The cable works with all my docks, and you can still control the phone from the dock also (play, pause, next, previous etc)! I appreciate its a clever bit of kit and not just a lead, but just seems unnecessarily expensive to get back to doing what past iPhones did! A necessary expense but does the job well!

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    Works with bose

    Although this should have been included with the iPhone 5, it does work with bose equipment

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    No video support, why?

    Having discussed with the chap in the Apple store that I wanted to use my I-phone 5 in conjunction with the VGA projector in work, I purchased this with reassurances that it would work.

    The standard 30 pin VGA adaptor works splendidly with my I-pad, alas not with this attached to it.

    Very poor show Apple, especially when the Lightening to VGA adaptor DOES work with my phone.

    Can we perhaps solve this with the next iOS update?

    Apart from this it's another wise good addition to my Apple Stable, allowing me to keep one lead in work to charge both I-Pad and I-phone now rather than worry about losing the Lightning-USB lead.

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    Works great however

    it's so short and it just seems so over priced for a small thing that doesn't do a complicated job

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    All good

    Works well for all audio and charging needs.

    however as stated in the item details it will not play video so don't buy if this is what you want it for.

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    Lightning to video adapter FAIL

    In my car I have an Apple 30pin to RCA cable hooked up to my car entertainment system so that I can play video from my iPhone on the larger screen in the car. After upgrading my iPhone 4 to a 5 the new lightning cable meant I could no longer do this. So after about 2 months of waiting I finally got my hands on the 0.2m lightning to 30pin adapter only to find that it does not support video. Huge fail and a complete waste of money. The only thing it is good for is charging my phone which I can do by using the cable I got with the phone and listening to music which I can do by bluetooth anyway. So even though I am using both an Apple RCA/30pin cable and an Apple Lightning/30pin adapter they are completely incompatible for video. I am very dissapointed.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Very useful!

    Works perfectly with all the docks and dock connector products I have used, very happy, works in my car as well which makes me very very happy :-) I can now listen to all my tunes whilst driving! :-D

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