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    Works with bose dock

    Just updated from iPod touch 2 to iPod touch 5 & required something so I could still use the iPod dock with my Bose equipment. This works perfectly, my iPod seemed to charge whilst connected & the cable length was fine. It is doing so far all I ask of it.

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    Great product, be aware of the fake ones!!!!

    Bought the same product from another online famous retailer and tried it on, was suspicious about the packaging to start off, there was no leaflet with instructions (in many other languages) and most importantly the 1 (one) year Limited Warranty for Accessory wasn't included (as it does with the original Apple product). Well I returned the fake one and bought the original from an Apple store, the VIDEO is not supported and it was clarified with a Apple personnel but AUDIO is definitely supported as I have tried and tested it on my car stereo and many other home appliances!!

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    Perfect and as a (DAC) excellent value

    It's not widely understood that Apple lightening adapters also contain a DAC - DIGITAL ANALOGUE CONVERTER. The device entirely responsible for converting the 1/O digital stream into an sound we humans can understand. Ounce that sinks in you realise that these little units are really excellent value for money. Value is something other reviewers have slammed, thinking they are nothing more than an adapter or in this case 30 pin socket, cable and lightening plug.

    I bought mine from an Apple store last month to connect my iPhone 5 to my Mercedes. It works very well, allowing me to access all of my music and it displays the artwork on the car system. But here's the shocker. The sound quality is frankly amazing, great tight base and clear vocals I've never heard the car stereo system sound better. . . A real upgrade to my cars HIFI and the best £35 I've ever spent!

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    Great, just gotta be a little careful.

    The one i got with my iPad sadly broke but that was due to my poor care for it. I took it to apple and they were happy to replace it for free and ive just gotta be a bit more careful now. Very good charger, and im happy with apple. :)

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    Works in car

    Just thought i would let people know that my car stereo had a built it ipod 30pin lead, and with this adaptor it charges and works for the music.


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    All good

    Works well for all audio and charging needs.

    however as stated in the item details it will not play video so don't buy if this is what you want it for.

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    Very useful!

    Works perfectly with all the docks and dock connector products I have used, very happy, works in my car as well which makes me very very happy :-) I can now listen to all my tunes whilst driving! :-D

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